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Golden Oak Tree House Escape Walkthrough

Golden Oak Tree House Escape

EightGames - Golden Oak Tree House Escape is another point and click escape game developed Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the golden oak tree house. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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First in?

I can't seem to get any of these clues to work for numbers, colors, or clocks.

use knife on wooden pieces

Hi, @Bear. I'm heading in now.

Having to use brush everytime was annoying, out

use remote on tv, to get first clockclue. Remote come from clue you get after the bread in micro.

Hi, Seraku. Good to see you. There is a sneaky key chain in the far right bedroom scene on the bottom left near the glass door.

Normally I don't play EightGames but I gave this one a try. Collect stuff (I don't remember everything but you should have a toast, some jam, and finally a spoon. Make a jam sandwich and put it into the microwave. This will give the hint for the four symbols in bedroom.

This gives the hint for the yellow clock and then the blue clock.

Oh - no, first clock from TV. Sorry!

That key chain was keeping me from progressing. Now I placed the puzzle pieces and made a rectangle but nothing happens after that.

I must be missing something that is needed to put on the blank picture frame.

@Bear, same spot. Just finished that puzzle.

No paintbrush for the buckets yet. Also, four colors do not appear to work on the cabinet.

I'm stuck now. I have four pots with paint and a (maybe) according 4# clue which doesn't work at the drawer below the sink.

I have four pentagons I don't know where to use.

I have a sheet of white paper and scissors, don't know what to do with them.

And I have collected all paper puzzle pieces for the kitchen but I can't solve the puzzle. I can make a square and have left two lines. Hm.

Good, eh? ;-)

Rectangle is hint for door (zero)

@Bear...read that square as a single digit number

Do you guys know that moment when you realize you are a moron? Thanks for the rectangle hint...

just going in

@meritneith, I know that feeling all too well. (:

Now I have some tape, but I can't seem to use it anywhere. Figured it would go with the white paper or be cut or something.

Thanks, Bassen and Rainbow.


Ugh! The four colour hint... I have two possibilities (afaics), The order given on the board in the kitchen, and the order of the paint pots in inventory. Neither works! No paintbrush either :(

Seraku, I think we've been to that before, LOL!

By the way, in the far right kitchen I had opened a kind of frame to the right of the curtain. It didn't give an item but nothing fits there either.

There's also a hotspot on the door next to the bathroom that I can't do anything with (yet)!

Tape is for room, left for starting room, between fireplace and window.

In the room with the vertical red buttons there is a sneaky spot on the left wall, place the tape there and cut it for a number clue.

How did you find THAT???

Not that I knew where to use that number, keypad left side of puzzle doesn't work.

Rainbow, I have already opened that panel but I can't remember how, sorry!

The vertical red buttons can now be pressed, but I don't have the order figured out yet.

You superstars Bear & Byassen! That's got me moving again! Thank you!

Numbers from tape go to the 5 buttons in the same room. Just press each button the specified number of times.

This gives a box that the pentagons open. Inside some cleaner that goes on the white paper. White paper goes on the empty frame in one of the right-most rooms.

Whew, that's a long number!

Tape to apply over the stove with a pipe. Paint with the brush to apply on the wall under the wall lamp(the place ing)is com

@Bear, the writing from the tape can be read as five numbers. Then see my comment at 4:24.

Code to press the red buttons 68942

I see the numbers 68294 but the 9 and 2 are in the same spot.

Too much clicking for those buttons and it still isn't working.

68942? The 4 is the bottom number, that makes no sense at all.

I read the numbers as 68941. At least, I only had to press the last button once, so I think it's a one.

In any event, am out now. Thanks all for the help! Thanks, EightGames.

Oh, I had 68241! I won't ask how you got THAT idea.

Have paint cans, scissors, paper, colored shapes. Stuck

I am seeing a two that isn't there. :( It is 68941, I see it now. Thanks, Seraku.

Irene, have you found all the key chains?

I don't know where to use the paper that has toilet cleaner on it.

Bear, that was the frame in the kitchen to the right.

@Bear, there's a picture frame that you used the knife on... Should be one of the right-most rooms.

Oh, place it in the far right kitchen in the picture frame.

But I'm still looking for the place to paint. Nafanja, in which room is that lamp you mean?

And just to save people trouble... the 10-key pad follows a telephone layout, not a computer keyboard layout. So its:


Finally out! "Just" 42 minutes, lot of frustration, lot of ads! Thx for hints, good people.

@meritneith, the paint goes on the wall to the right of the doorway to the bathroom.

Byassen, you can get adblock for firefox or google chrome. It works really well.

Got it by chance! That was the hotspot Rainbow meant. Hadn't seen that before. Thanks!

My key doesn't work on the door.

All that work, and I can't escape because the key won't work. grrrrrrrrrrr

where to use paint brush after dipping it into the paint cans

Bear look left of exit door

Oh, out now. Did we ever use that 2341 hint? Don't think so.

Well, thank you guys very very much for your help. I'd never made it out on my own.

@Bear: Try the key left for door, on wall.
First time I have ads while I'm playing, not just before the game start.

Funny part of this game was a open sliding door in scene were tape was used. No key needed LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

Irene, to the right of the door to the bathroom, nearly far right scene. There's a hotspot, blurry scene when you zoom in.

Irene, in the far right bedroom scene. There is a hotspot on the wall just to the right of the bathroom doorway. Paint the wall.

Thank you, Byassen and bandy. I never would have seen that "keyhole" on the wall.

LOL It was Tiny

sneaky keyho;e next to exit door above flowers

stuck put 2 clock times in got a 3rd where next

I can't play because I am not going to allow you to store information on my computer eightgames!

Great hints here, but a frustrating game!

Yikes 1:45 but good fun and Out

Why is it that I have to reload every single Eight Games game before it will work properly? I'm about ready to give up on them altogether.

had to leave it for a while clock for 4#, strange clues a square for 0 & red buttons not really logical had to peek at video out anyway

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