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Tropical Woods Escape Walkthrough

Tropical Woods Escape

EightGames - Tropical Woods Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the tropical forest. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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need to do lots of things

knife is used on mushrooms and on sticks in inventory...

One colourstone is inside the 'pencil'.

took me ages to find the place for my last stone tool (some kind of pickaxe): on tree trunk 1 scene right of 'end'

very hard to spot feather bottom middle of a scene to right..

5 grey stones are the clue for pink sliders (3 scenes to the right of start)

Spear a fish for the wolf.

hart to find: piece of white paper/waste in far right scene (with hanging moss) and a piece of green glass in scene where you put fish bones

Thanks for the stones hint Hotz - I would never have got that! It's relative sizes, isn't it.

Haven't found anything to do with the waste and the glass yet.

Trying to find somewhere to fill the bottle.

Also looking for a clue for the wooden shape heights puzzle.

dip waste in water for 4#clue, where you filled bottle... (1 scene right of wolf and bear)

oh sorry, there are 2 water hotspots in this scene...

piece of glass for stone in scene with masks clue, that gives letter clue

Of course, the mushrooms are the clue for the wooden shapes height puzzle. Number of clicks.

Pour water on the 4 colourstones for numbers.

Out, mask clue was tricky

Take and place the numbered colourstones.

Another place to use axe in scene first right from start, on mossy tree trunk.

I tried it several times to put the fish to the wolf, with no success at all. Then read here to give the fish to the wolf. Very small hotspot for the fish …

Aargh, this shape position change puzzle at the end is driving me mad! I'm sure there must be a logical way of doing it.

Perseverance paid off!

Gave last two wooden picture pieces - and then ...key!

Thanks for the hints about where to use the waste and the glass Hotz - just what I needed.

last tool hammer hard to find placed on rock bottom of stream with stepping stones

last puzzle too easy lol eight games & out thanks for the hints guys needed a few of them for the round puzzle below

just put the one you want to place in the middle & move the rest round for space so easy

Where to use fish bones?

That took some perseverance!

That took some perseverance!

Almost done! Can't find the place to put the crooked gray "stone tool".

Hmm...my water bottle won't fill with water. I may have to call this one quits.

Eight Games has made some nice changes lately. The map is a nice addition.

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Great game! Love games in water and woods.

i don't have anything left in my inventory but I still need 3 round pieces with drawings on them and 2 tiles for the puzzle with "aging" tings - tree, moon and rose. No idea what to do next.

oh, and the 4# puzzle with Lambda signs, but I didn't see any hint for it.

I clicked everything and everywhere and I found a green piece of glass and thnx to Hotzenplotz I have now 2 more round pieces. One to go!

oh, where 4 pieces missing so I still need 2 more. Dying here, all alone :D

wow, those butterflies! One I didn't even notice that exist! So, we have to chase ALL of them to give us 2 more round pieces. Almost a perfect game.

what do i use the green glass for and where is it at?

green glass is in the scene with a trunk tree like bridge (2 scenes before End), down on the sand/ground. And IIRC you have to scratch something.

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