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Ena Adventures of J 4 Walkthrough

Ena Adventures of J 4

EnaGames - Ena Adventures of J Escape 4: Opticals Shop  is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. After failing the attempt in preventing the crown robbery from the jewellery shop, Jack got information from the telephone booth regarding the robbery of X-Ray glass from the glass shop. As a player, you need to help the Jack to prevent the X-Ray glass robbery from the glass shop by looking out for the clues and figure out the puzzles needed to find the necessary objects. As you are a person of good problem solving nature, it is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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The slider puzzle with the shapes is impossible! I hate these things. Please, please add a Skip button if you MUST use these.

Took time to find triangle clue, good one

What is wrong with the red/green/yellow slider puzzle? It's VERY unresponsive.

phew,finally out !

Allivymar,click and slide

Tab works

I did Kev, but it took multiple clicks to get it to respond each time. Thanx :)

Need three colored wires on each number.

For 4x6 shapes match the ones in the far right column

in the first room, the code for the 4 digit puzzle is given by the glasses from the wall. Notice that are 4 kind of glasses.

you'll get a lever which goes in the 2nd room. Color code by light bulbs

I have prism, I need one more coin and 2 lenses (at least this I know now I need)

I need a screwdriver too and soon, a key and some hints for the puzzles from the room with the "Dining room" sign. I'm soooo alone in here :(

what's the point on having this place if most of the posters don't share their findings? I know there is a WT but then all the fun is gone, is like cheating.

I finished the game by following the walkthrough and everything make sense and has logic (in a way or another) but the part with the code in the mirror (in front of the window) makes no sense, at least i couldn't find WHY that lens+mirror must be placed there.
Also, as the in the 1st comment - the slide puzzle isn't quite easy to solve for everyone. It should exist an Skip button.
And not the last, the game is way too long. Still, was a pleasant one. Thank you.

TAB key works. Note on roof of car in first scene.

BRAVO! Five Stars! All puzzles logical and obvious. Not much running back and forth (usually only two scenes with active puzzles). If an item stays in inventory it is used again. Every location is used with the exception of the red, yellow, green paper on wall near end. Sliders were not easy, but by no means difficult (on a 1-10 scale, maybe a 3). BRAVO! My favorite developer, not the juvenile find the answer and type it in average game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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