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Ena Magical Myth 1 Walkthrough

Ena Magical Myth 1

EnaGames - Ena Magical Myth Escape 1 is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. This is the first level in the scary world. As a player, you need to help the boy to escape from the scary world. You could take the boy to the next level only after lifting the curse of the monster. Good luck and have fun!

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Hmm odd game so far LOL

hi (again) all ☺

it's been a while since I played an ENA, so let's see this new series...

like the graphics

made slingshot??
cant pour magic yolk?

vine behind boy
(tab works as usual to find stuff)

scary skeletons & more creepy stuff when clicking on it ☻
(but way too much, so more disturbing...)

indeed, Leroy, an pretty odd game so far...

gday I need help LOL
moved 3 beetles start scene..

where are the puzzles...???

ah, finally a first one

colour skull square differently & turn till pic will match

sword for knight

yeah think I gotta find egg to put in flask??

hammer chest open for heart

btw fitting tune & biting sound when moving forward is scary, too

ah, make slingshot with antlers & vine

(darn robot c.r.a.p. thingy...!!!)

Use slingshot in third scene where the green spiral is. Put egg on slingshot to get yolk

Where did you find an egg?

Hmm not really scary but I got heart now LOL

ah, open other chest with magical horn that took glitter powder from bugs in 1st scene for egg
(found out by using everything on everything ☻)

now where to pour yolk...?
(seems there aren't hotspots for such actions... :-/ )

(have it already in jar)

Pour it into the blue lamp-looking thing.

although I hate to leave game unfinished, I can't be bothered anymore to hunting invisible hotspots
even Wow or G2R have visible ones...!

GL ppl & thx anyway ENA for the game ☺

yolk goes on red flower..

use grub on green ball gives book clue for fan..

KK I quit at 9 arrow debacle...

For those who wonder what to do with the heart, you put it in the gargoyle statue where the fire pit is. That will give you a torch that you will use on the cauldron. Still stuck with the Feather and the yolk potion in the blue bottle

Put the yolk potion on the flower.

For the 9 arrows, quickly click the red dots to block the arrows.

OK arrows ya gotta do 9 in a row..
click on red dots as they appear..

The lousy thing is, if you miss one arrow it resets back to zero.

Thanks for the hints. Now out

Beautifull graphics, but a lousy game. @ arrow scene I escaped by red X.

Well this is a really pathetic game. Clicked bugs in first scene and they disappeared before I had anything to put glitter in. Can't make the slingshot.
NO STARS for this mess. going to a better game.

Jenny - you can go back and scoop up the glitter in your horn later

But once I got past the arrows I had no idea what to do next....nothing left in inventory and nothing is reacting to clicks....no hotspots showing.

Aha - I leapt from the arrow scene too quickly! You need the pink gems

Monica, go back one scene and click the glowing orbs.

arrows were a pain,but not a bad game

Just starting, absolutely love the graphics and mood of the game. Looking forward to this series!

Loved scaring the boy! Not exactly intuitive item uses, and everyone hates a skill game in an escape game (though this was quite easy once I stopped trying to use the shield and just clicked the red dots). The hidden vine in the first scene was only findanble by using the TAB key for me. Fantastic graphics and very appropriate music. Tough game to rate. I look forward to subsequent episodes in this series.

I don't have a vine but a climbing plant. I can't make a slingshot from this and the deer horn. Am I missing something?

yeah, I just found the 2nd deer horn and now I could make the slingshot

why putting the magic yolk on the flower and not on any other place? Doesn't make any sense.

at the arrows scene ... what to say ... was AWESOME with my laptop! I had to search for a mouse. darn

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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