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Escape Dark Manor Walkthrough

Escape Dark Manor

MouseCity - Escape Dark: Manor is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. After a long day at work, you were headed home. A horse ran in front of your car, you swerved to avoid hitting it and you crashed your car. Your leg is broken, your car is broken and you are 39 miles from home. Thank goodness there's a manor up the road. Go explore it and see if you can find a way home! Good luck and have fun!

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I can't get the colors to work. tried from left to right, right to left, mirrored... nothing seems to work.

screwdriver in scene with fireplace.
lighter in room with books.
crowbar in front of car (use on X in staircase view)

Screwdriver near fireplace to the left.

stuck with a fire crystal and a lighter.

Thanks for screwdriver-hint. I should refresh the page sometimes.

Took lots of pain medicine. Still don't see colours. Hmph.

For colors - flip them up, 1st one is


Stuck with two crystals and still have lighter left (lit 3 candles but that didn't seem to do anything)

Also looking for one more candle for the last gem.

For colors, imagine what those squares look like up on the windows.

Theres another candle on piano. Where do crystals go?

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Found it. Tab works. There are two candles in the piano scene.

Crystals go next to the colour hint on the right.

Lookes ultimately into the wt for the word-puzzle, no clue where the hint for that is.

Finally out. Room with colors has suitcase for gems

you have to light 4 candles. 2 in scene with piano, 1 at fireplace and another one in bedroom.

thanks @Janet for the color hint!

Ah - there are two candles in the piano room

@Nomnivor: click the books and read the clue

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Ah, thanks Casual and Cam C.

lol - should refresh more often

What was the pain med for? I clicked on it about 8 times, but nothing happened.

@Zoe: if you tried going up the stairs before taking the pills, there was a message saying your leg hurts and you can't get up the stairs...

Oh, thanks Casual. I guess I took enough meds to fly up those stairs!!

Where is last gem...have the one from the candle and color code.

Did you use the crowbar on the X in the brick wall? Stairs view

Thanks SD, another good one!

cant find black key nothing left to do :-(

Todd...black key is in letter code box on dresser in bedroom below kitchen.

Todd Val black key in down room word look at books for clue

What's the letter code for the box? I am stuck.

I got it.

you can use tab to find cross in wall

are you ok najb

nice game thanks Selfdefiant miss your longer games

Yes, joycy, like everyone else I need to refresh. Thanks for asking!!

Nice game! The colours threw me for a while, but I should have known they wouldn't be as straightforward as they looked, selfdefiant does like to be tricky. ;)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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