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Escape From Domicile House Walkthrough

Escape From Domicile House

Games2Jolly - Escape From Domicile House is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. A millionare lived with his girl child in his villa which is located in a place which is far away from city's disturbance. The villa is so ravishing and our millionaire doesn't like to leave the villa often. It was another usual day and he was resting in his couch. When he was about to go out to get some fresh air he found the door key was missing. He figured that his daughter have hidden the key somewhere in the house. Help him in finding the key by using the stuff in the house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape From Domicile House

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water is supposed to do what?

nothing lol

stuck there also bondslave...thought moving away, coming back would make steam on mirror for a code...nope


And out!

bondslave and Thrynn: it's part of a clue for something else

thanks spacedout

thanks spacedout

kitchen maths for cabinet in s1

why do we see G2R lions in a G2J game...?! :-o

blue ball under bathtub

pen heads for sliders

at position 0

1st slider on top
2nd click 1x

kitchen bottles for 4-digit code

tricky - taps with water for

3 colour code

very tiny numbers on scales...


dials like a clock



nice straightforward game - thx Jolly ☺

Two scales and 4 colored balls. I'm stumped.

it's for coloured numbers (see my comment above re scales)

Lately, some of the Games2Jolly games, You select an item from inventory, attempt to use it, release it and it does not go back into inventory. Sometimes it disappears forever and sometimes you can see part of it between the inventory section and the main screen

I know this issue Country
items disappearing like this will come back, when you use another item from inventory

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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