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Escape from the Room with a Gimmick 1 Walkthrough

Escape from the Room with a Gimmick 1

YominoKagura - Escape from the Room with a Gimmick 1 is another Japanese point and click type room escape games created by Yomino Kagura from Room's Room. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

wow, a YominoKagura - LTNS!

him puzzle

count on paper

RBY button box bottom of cabinet

count on door

lights off after unscrewing

color code was tricky, clever game

A Kagura - how long has it been? :-D

Hi Alpha, same site, same people...

For the box in the upper cupboard (star box) count the right angles in the symbols in total, not only the angle that is shown.

That gives LR hint but doesn't work on star picture. Strange.

oh, thx merit
I thought, they were mirrored upside down numbers ☻

try the opposite

No problem but now I'm officially stuck. LR hint doesn't work, and I'm staring at the colour pattern when I switched out the light. Can't bring that together with the colour paper.

And the robot thing is back again. Annoying!

Now that you say it - the clue stars were upside down. Thanks.

it was the right star first (looking from location of stars - like the right hand of a person)

I have that robot c.r.@.p. thingy almost all the time - it slows my posting & playing so much down...!!! ç&ç&${$%&*&%!!!

divide the pattern from lights off in small squares, then colour maths will work

Haha, the more I stare at it the less it makes sense. I'll give it another try.

or not LOL

I have

R+G=Y 3+4=7 (squares)
R+B=P 3+1=4
G+B=C 4+1=5


Well, there's pure red, and yellow and pink contain red. So I should take off pure blue, pink, and cyan from the pattern. That makes no number! Or should I count the little squares?

but what's for the white number?

Counting doesn't work, red has already ten squares. Dang!

I divided pattern in small squares like this


red has 10 squares? what are you counting? LOL

maybe we're way overthinking - YK games are clever, but not too hard...

Sorry, now I'm staring at your link and feel even more dumb. Something is blocking my brain, and I suppose it will so damn easy when you know how.

Well, three squares pure red and seven squares yellow (which contains red plus green) makes ten.

Well, at least three and seven makes ten. Can't guarantee the rest.

let's take a break then, for me it always worked to get a fresh mind & there are way more games I didn't have played yet... :-/

Okay. I'll have to make a cake anyway, and it's 10.15 pm here. See you, and if you decipher it leave a comment! Thanks so far.

the colours on paper are spectral colours RGB btw

color starts with 9
hopelessly stuck on final code (0345 in wood in glass circle)

Try looking at the squares which do not have the colours on the buttons. It'll give you the code.

After that, it's easy out.

The 03 54 34 refers to the arrows. Look at the top figures (circle, triangle, pent and square) and draw a directional line from triangle to circle (03), pent to square (54) etc. That's your arrows.

@Christina: Each arrow will point from one number to another. Compare the shapes with the numbers you have.

Ah thanks Christina! So we have to substract for the red number the pure red squares, for the pink one the red and blue squares, and for the white one red, blue, and green numbers!

Going on. :-D

Rest was easy. Thank you all for helping. This proved it's not good to wait too long for a new YK game.

I meant circle to triangle (03).

Thanks @Albin, that was the thing I was missing. Didn't work first time even, so had to zoom out and zoom in again. Nice game, good puzzles.

@ Merit and Alpha. Was trying to just give a hint, been fiddling with the colors a long time myself before I got how I got it ;-)

back but still brain eclipse here - which hint is for which puzzle & I just don't get it... :-/

Great these games are back, love them.

can you help me in my trouble to understand the colour maths plz...

I'm here, cate ☺

hey alpha, i'm here...going in. :)

alpha...where are you stuck?

with the red, pink, white number behind star pic as first

gawd, i'm an idiot...had the right answer for ages for right angle box, but didn't click the button...expected it to open like the other box.

i'm up with you alpha, hold on and i'll crunch.

alpha, the rpw puzzle is solved with the paper clue and the lights turned off. if you look at the blocks unit, all blocks minus red make a nine and so on...the answer is 937.

thx a bunch cate
I see it now, but how did you figure out that you have to substract the red blocks (for 1st number)?

pink is made with blue and red, so look at block without those squares and you get 3...white is made with red, green, blue, so look at block without red, blue, or green and you get 7.

because the button input is red, pink, white. so i just subtracted those colors and what makes them each time i was trying to suss out the digit. you kind of have to visualize or squint. when looking for red, make the red block disappear in your head, when looking for the pink, make the red and the blue disappear...when looking for the white, ignore the red the blue and the green blocks and simply look at what is left.

finally I could finish this clever game - thx YK ☺

& thx cate for your company ☺

would you be so kind & explain then the notes in AVM?
(as this is one of the last puzzles, it will take some time to play I suppose...)

@alpha...i think it is a bit misleading, as what you're looking for are simply the shapes that don't contain the color, when the note they give you has all of this color info and what they add up to, but i hope that helped you get out.

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I'm glad the guy's back. I've always liked his games.

This one though... is not amongst my favourite ones, to be honest... Not bad by any merit... just not one I liked particularly either.

There is no maths for the color blocks but shape. It took me some time to understand.

I accidentally brute-forced the color buttons before solving the star box, so I was stuck for a while wondering what I'd missed. Thanks for the hints to get me back to what I needed to do.

Sorry AO, went offline after that, didn't see your post till now sorry

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