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Escape From St Regis Florence Walkthrough

Escape From St Regis Florence

EightGames - Escape From St Regis Florence is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the St Regis Florence. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/27/16, 8:46 AM  

hi (again) all ☺

what, no more map...?! :-/

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 8:48 AM  

pin from glass table for

chest for

crown for


       Anonymous  8/27/16, 8:49 AM  

& loads of stuff to collect as usual

math after using sd doesn´t work for all possibilities?

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 8:49 AM  

map parts go on green board

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 8:53 AM  

key on seat from far right room for panel in scene with 8 black buttons board

My maths problem after sd disappeared before I could see what I entered, but I'm pretty sure I had 5 x 4 and 4 x 3

You can use key in any lock you wish.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 8:57 AM  

key from far left room for panel in scene bed with dress

can't look (of course ;-P ) if keys go in other keyholes poss.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 8:59 AM  

ah, LOL, we were posting at the same time Roberto ☻

Thanks methany! I solved it too, but could not see what I did either.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:01 AM  




Have a knife that maybe I need to sharp, Acid, 5 solving sticks, a lot of blue squares, and rings and magnifyer.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:05 AM  

use magnifier on knife

Found a pin on glass table.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:06 AM  

wanna clean my inventory

does anyone know, where cyan shapes & rings go?

Thanks AO.

Missing 1 switch.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:08 AM  

oh, yummy strawberries on balcony ♥

dip sword in acid, use on couch where 3 sliders are

If I had a sword....

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:10 AM  

colour hint from switches

some were from unlocked panels, some are just lying around but can't remember where anymore...

sword was maybe in 6 color safe ?

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:13 AM  

not maybe, but for sure sysin ☻

Six switches give 6 colour code which gives sword.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:13 AM  

where to use sword Roberto?

ok, pin used on trunk for a crown.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:14 AM  

3 coins for sliders in room left of office
(glass table with pin)

I am missing 1 map piece (right), 1 sneaky piece was under table in scene, where you put switches

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:16 AM  

POP dip sword in green liquid

Put crown on statue and got 2 more solving sticks.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:17 AM  

& use it in scene with sliders mentionned above

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:18 AM  

me, too missing (right) map piece

Don´t know what to do with rins, blue shapes, 3 sticks and szt.


where have you found acid/green liquid?

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:21 AM  

there is an empty hotspot in far right room...

Anyone besides me have trouble loading EightGames? Ghostery shows 40 ads, and I have it set to "trusted" site, and I have "ad-block" turned off. and I have "Allow Flash from this site." Nothing works. Haven't been able to load 8G for several weeks now.
Similar problems for Ena and G4King.
Any tips?

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:22 AM  

in start scene with (crowned) statue, on night table

I mean, the ads load just fine. LOL just won't load the game.

Sticks go in scene with the colour clue - just above the modern looking chair.

Rings go on sticks.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:24 AM  

ah, ring holders go in scene with switchens on middle table, but need 2 more...

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:25 AM  


missing 2 rings.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:25 AM  

LOL triple snap! ☻

That's odd. Placed one ring stick, no others in inventory, then placed a ring and two more sticks magically appeared in place.

green acid flask was sitting on a table somewhere

ok, thanks. that must be my blank/empty place in inventory (glitch).
I opened a new game, clicked on "resume" button and the green liquid appeared in my inventory!!

Are others unable to pick up coloured objects which might be rings? e.g. in champagne scene.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:28 AM  

same here methan - a shortcut LOL

my last 'solving stick' was under table in exit door scene

Ghostery shows 57 ads now, but game still won't load. Have fun EV1. I can't play this one.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:30 AM  

nice, a resume button, i.e. game is autosaved - well done 8G ☺

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:31 AM  

sorry for you Merridy... :-/

bf´d 3 sliders and got my 2 last map pieces.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:32 AM  

that one I missed - thx Hotz

Use stick on floor under chair in map scene.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:33 AM  

thx Roberto, but now would like to know where hint is...

my last stick/ring holder was on little table next to exit door

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:34 AM  

still missing 1 solving stick - they go in switch scene btw

maybe STZ?

Anyone used SZT? And if you can be AO, I guess I can be Methan or even Meth, lol

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:36 AM  

(re BFing sliders)

& hello robot c.r.@.p. thingy again...!!!


Have 14 blue shapes in inventory.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:38 AM  

LOL meth ☻ I meant we had a shortcut for the ring holders - now have found a ring holder where doesn't go anywhere LOL

6 rings on ring holders are the clue for 3 sliders..

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:40 AM  

they may go somehow in far right room where's an empty place, but we need sth else first...

Ah Hotz, that's why BFing the sliders didn't work before, but did when I tried it again.

SZT is for solving sticks

Yep! I found the place, but I think I´m missing some shapes? I have 16.


this the shape for "S"

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:43 AM  

also missing 3 rings & hint for sliders...

Can´t find my last solving stick.

AO I think you probably have all the rings you need for the slider clue.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:44 AM  

where you found SZT?
(still missing 1 solving stick...)

AO, you just need 6 rings, it gives the clue for 3 sliders...

AO, SZT comes from lamp on desk in first down scene

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:46 AM  

ah, ok, nice, thx Hotz

I'm not seeing where the switches go.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:49 AM  

where to use iron rod from map?

Switches go in scene where solving sticks go, Below the white circles. I'm still missing one solving stick

AO - zoom in on the floor in map room

Found it! Under white balls.

Don't know AO, I think I've hit everything with that iron rod.

I am also missing one symbol for the round puzzle

I can't understand 8coins puzzle in starting scene. some coins parts are movable and some aren't. what is the trick?

Tired of searching my last solving stick.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:53 AM  

thx miles

missing 2 halves for symbol circle, too...

I must also be missing a key. I haven't opened the black circle safe in room where you used the sword

What do we do with that spot on floor in room with 2 pink pillows?

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 9:58 AM  

I FHS can't find anything more going in circles thru the rooms... :-/

Thanks Roberto, I missed your clue about the iron rod.

I don't understand the ringholders. I have four, three of them placed and used, but can't find a use for the fourth.

Same AO. Roberto - I haven't figured that out either

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:01 AM  

in such games where we have to collect loads of stuff, a VWT isn't helpful at all - btw it's more than 15 minutes long...! :-o
(& I already played for over an hour till now...!)

I guess my game is glitchy. Cannot find last stick anywhere. Even using tab key. It works.

I am so stuck on 8 symbol coins puzzle, I will replay to find all solving sticks...

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:05 AM  

as game is autosaved, I refreshed the game to see if solving stick will appear - it worked for Hotz for the acid, but not for me for the missing items... :-/

I haven't found the third ring holder. Was there a particularly sneaky one?

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:07 AM  

missing also 2 halves for the circle in start scene & a key for slider scene...

Science Nerd, I just found a fifth ringholder in the sliders scene.

8 solving sticks:
- 1 under table in exit door scene
- 1 left of bed in scene where you use SD
- 2 sticks 1 scene right of start
- 1 left of bed with dress
- 1 on floor in 3 slider scene
- 2 from placing crown on statue

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:08 AM  

IIRR in sliders scene & in letter puzzle scene

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:10 AM  

I also started a new game to see if I can found the stuff there (& move it to the 1st game LOL ;-P )

Found it! It was behind sword in sliders room. Just could see a very tiny part of it.

Thanks Hotz!

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:12 AM  

thx a bunch Hotz

my last little bugger was hidden behind the sword already used in slider scene - doh!

Finally found it in slider scene on the right side table. Thanks!

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:13 AM  

so we had the same missing Roberto ☻

ok Roberto and AlphaOmega, please hurry up. I need your help with 8 symbol coins...

Watched w/t and the 8 coins seem to work as you expect. But after that is lots of picking up crap and a really nasty sliding tiles puzzle. I may just X it.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:17 AM  

working on it now Hotz, but don't get it yet...

Has anyone found a use for the black zoom on the red curtain above the dustbin/trashcan?

I can only move top and bottom disc?

The rings were a pain to get on the holders. Now stuck trying to figure out what the deal is with the circle puzzle.

Something seemed wrong about my ringholders, so I restarted and I am being given different things at different locations. E.g. I had two symbols from placing the crown first time, and this time I got two solving sticks.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:21 AM  

you have to turn centre, too...

My discs puzzle doesn´t work.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:23 AM  

:-o meth

AO, could you explain a bit more please. I tried every combination, but nothing works...

No matter what I do I can only move top and bottom discs.

Thank you Hotz!!

I can turn everything but nothing can be changed.

Same here Science. Not like in VWT.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:28 AM  

I think my puzzle d/w neither...
also can only move top & bottom tiles...

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:29 AM  


Waste of time playing this rubbish game. I give!

Same with me Roberto. I've wasted enough time on this game. Good luck!

Yeah. I'm out of ideas here.

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:32 AM  

resuming d/w either...
oh, alas, after so much work... :-(

I peeked in video-WT, and my symbol coin puzzle doesn't work like in video. I give up

       Anonymous  8/27/16, 10:35 AM  

bummer 8G - at least a nice tune

thx anyway ppl for a nice teamwork ☺

lack of sense not testing a long game like this before release it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

ugggg all that work and the last puzzle doesn't work! I consider myself out. BTW where did all those blue squares go???

Yet another bugged Eight Games effort.

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