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Escape Game: Abandoned Building Escape Walkthrough

Escape Game: Abandoned Building Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Escape Game: Abandoned Building Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that someone locked you up in this abandoned building. You are stuck inside the building for hours. At last, you have decided to make a way out on your own with the things you can find around you. Escape from the abandoned building by using objects and solving puzzles to unlock the door. Good luck and have fun!

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sneaky hammer in large vent s2

use hammer on wall, lower right s3

L/R clue is bassackards.

Blade in S3 used in S2

hi (again) ev1 ☺

don't have time to play just right now, so plz leave clear hints - CU ☺

Use hook in S2

Ah. The circle thing spins around.

Saw is used on the fan & then the vent in scene 1.

Out! Put ice in freezer and wait some time to take it back.

where did you get saw?

I have only razor blade and cutters. Used hammer twice then it disappeared.

After the 33, 35, 37 clue, snip the wire. Then cut it & shave it with the razor for color clue in last scene.

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I need color code, and can't get 33,35,38 to work. (3,4,5?) Lizzie, are we counting the number of circles in the candle smudge?

wire colours RBYG don't work for me...

Spoiler please, for 33,35,38 on side of what looks like a kiln in scene 1

for 33,35,38 just count how many circles are in the last right scene


Aha, had to do the RL clue (from wheel) on upper wall first. That gave me the rag to wipe clean the 33,35,38. Yes I had counted spots

Hi Merridy, for the 33 34 35 to work you have to do the puzzle first, to get a cloth and wipe off the smudge

Red ended up being pink for me.

Thanks. I moved on to the color code, which also is not working. Short copper? Long copper? front to back? Again, there are various combos I've tried.

Yes, pink. Not fair.

colors: first is pink - thanks Lizzie

Finally out. Anyone still stuck?

The spanner has no's top and bottom use them, then use spanner on tele screen

Like most FEG games, once a hotspot is done you can't click on it anymore. So if you can still click on it, you're not done with it (sounds obvious, but this game had a LOT of multi-purpose hotspots!). Same goes for items in inventory. They don't disappear until you're done with them, and then they do.

Nice game!! :)

Stuck with hook thing.

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Well, that's stupid, everything where you can interact, there the cursor changes in a hand, except the second place for the saw ( namely the pipe coming out of the sealing in scene 1).

This was a well-done game. I agree that having a hot-spot for the 2nd place to use the saw in scene 1 would have been preferable given that every other place to use items was a hot-spot, but other than that this was a solid game.

I'm also liking the trend of less places to go and just putting all the puzzles in 3 or 4 scenes. It makes one of the major gripes of some games a non-issue (namely, navigation) and it just saves time. Also, if you need to find 20 hot-spots or so, it is much easier to do on 4 scenes than 20.

Where is the saw, please?

Bee Have, the saw is behind the panel of the 33/35/38 numbers. Use the screw driver x 4 to open it.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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