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Escape Room with Water Walkthrough

Escape Room with Water

MouseCity - Escape Room With - Water is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are stuck in a room full of water. Look around, see what you can find to help you escape. Good luck and have fun!

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There is a sneaky wrench at the bottom of a pipe in the start scene.

Thanks for that Bear.

I really miss the Self Defiant asylum escape games. :(

notepad for 1-6 buttons

Me too, Jenny. I love the dark and creepy SD games.

When you do the buttons it turns on another clue. I think for the colored number pad.

Nice game, Self Defiant. Pretty straightforward on this one.

Short one

took time to find 3# behind a barrel, hint on 3 pipes beside cupboard

what to do with stick?

Bear, where is the hint for the coloured # pad. I did the buttons according to the paper in the locker but nothing happened that I can see.

Dazz Ley! Hi! I missed you!
I am stuck with the stick and missing one wheel.

I also have no idea where the 3#'s go.

Jackpot! one more button behind crate with arrows

missed you too Jen duddette! get all the buttons first

What buttons?? I have no crates, I can't get rid of the water.

Jenny there is a crate behind left barrel but you gotta push them all first, one button behind right one

Pop finally found the spot for the 3#'s moving on now.

Nope still stuck. Paper and slider do nothing. Just have broom stick. What now??

you're missing a button, did you check the crates with red arrows on them, push one aside

Thanks Dazz, I call those switches LOL, no wonder I couldn't find another button.

Out finally.

yeah, that's I meant

see you later duddette:)

Maybe the slider buttons didn't turn on the color code. But I don't know what they actually did because I never saw anything open once I put them in the correct order. I made it out without that puzzle actually doing anything so I just figured that it activated something else.

Thank you for the wrench Bear, and Dazz for the 3 number safe.

I keep getting the Update Chrome scam when I try to open the game. Do not open the Chrome warning!


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