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Fair Oaks House Escape Walkthrough

Fair Oaks House Escape

Games4King - G4K Fair Oaks House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you were inside an old farm house. The farm house has huge beautiful houses, mysterious cave and farmers hut as well. So unlock few puzzles in the houses to fetch the valuable clues which would help to escape from the house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the house to escape from the house. Good luck and have fun!

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Click cows tail for key

hello you, was just about to post the same thing. dropped you a line. :)

cate :) great minds eh ;)

pink ring goes under nest

Hi cate and yvonne : )

3 lock math puzzle, click each lock and then a number to make sum total of the lock number.

SPOILER first lock is 2sdsd23sdsdsd13

hello zuleika!:)

Matches and knife behind picture right of staircase

Key from locks puzzle is for safe upstairs

Hi Zu :)

Solved colour puzzle in start scene but nothing happened...

nothig happens when i enter lock numbers?



Oops no - blue cushion (?) appeared behind wall.

My locks not opening?

@Zuleika... I got a blue pillow from colors on tree

the sevens (7) each go on different numbers Unknown.

I assume the test tube colors have something to do with the rainbow musical instrument/typewriter thinger. Tried top to bottom/let to right. Maybe something goes in it first.

Zu did you see clue?

TY Tiny Apple Slices...

@yvonne: there wasn't a clue for locks. Just remember to click lock each time b4 you enter each of the 3 numbers. There should be a yellow line going from each number to lock.

hi (again) ev1 ☺

do I have a chance to catch up? :-o

Not sure yet Jack, but noticed the cursor changed to a hand over the middle testtube. maybe we add something.
Stuck now w/ match, knife, musical typewriter, and circle w/ black center.

give me a second and i'll run through the lock thing again.

7s? Rainbow musical typewriter? R we in same game : )

Ok have finally managed to do locks :)

Unknown, for the second lock, I did 19, 11 &7.

I thought that key was a musical instrument lol

In view 2 on right side on the rock. the twoo wheels with symbols you can exchange:

it seems that around the ring are matching pics. Like the fish goes on rights wheel at bottom?

Havent figured it out yet.
Does it make any sense?

17, 7 &1 for the 3rd lock

Using ABCD hint box for circle segments in room with flashing light. No joy. Anyone got that working?

ZS, it's for the ABCD puzzle in the fountain scene, gives rainbow typewriter.

Omg ty JackAttack - I missed that puzzle completely, lol

Not sure if rainbow keyboard Is connected with test tubes. There in only one blue shade on the keyboard...two in the test tubes

aw coming in late Hi all you ppl

for the locks...

38= 23, 13, 2
37= 19, 7, 11
25= 17, 7, 1


OK iwas right...sorry went too fast
view 2. match the wheels

IIRR left wheel: top clockwise: white bird, tree, flower, mushromm, green leaf

right wheel: top clockwise: eagle, mouse, shell, fish boat

Hi joycy :)

gives you 3. cushion

is there a hint Unknown?

fish Tip where is go

Ty Unknown - and hi joycy : )

POP I see, the pics around the wheels ☻

No. No hint. Just try to match them...

you need this puzzle to move on...

Filet the fish, gives LR clue.

the pics around the wheels ARE the hint how to place the animals & col

TY Unknown!
I never would have figured out those wheels

just the eagles looks more like ducks LOL

Fairly straightforward for a bit but if you are looking where to place frogs:

SPOILER :bottom of stairs

flowers go to keyboard

@ alpha I meant no hint or clue has to be found b4 you can solve it...

Need one more flower...

What's this abut a fish? U r making me hungry : )

you seem to be ahead of us...

ah Flower colors placed musical keyboard tips

ditto here Zu

the 3rd from left flower I'm missing

r/l fish hint for tweedle dee and tweedle dumber in the new scene.

bars in window, new scene, clue for 4 spears in start scene

No I'm stuck with 2 frogs, coin and teddybear

Well I'm now stuck, with a reference to something called a "HoneyBottle" and a bunch of coins.

views are still numbered btw but it still disappears pretty quickly...

what do you suppose we do with the three pushy things above door in stair room?

key from 4 color puzzle in scene 7

Frogs, fish, teddy bears...? Yes, I'm definitely lagging behind, lol.

ditto here Zu LOL
did you found the last flower? is it the same I mentionned?

Hm forgot about that 4-colour puzzle in view 7. Hint to solve?

WHat to do with bear?

Hey Alpha - no I'm missing same flower as you...

POP - got last flower. From panels about RH door inside house

@LeAn you will find a clue for that after you find all 3 cushions

have you used the 3212 no above the door before you go upstairs?

Bear goes in room with russian dolls/window bars

(gives puzzle, solution is test tubes)

Hint for 4-colour puzzle upstairs is from rainbow keyboard.

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok plz help
have skull button, knife, match, musical instrument, 3212 hint in inventory - what come's next? still missing flower 3rd from left...

How do I get the abcd puzzle to work?

which scene number re flower Zu?

Enter 9 buttons for each clue Yvonne.




Hint for sliders (start scene) in room with l/r dolls

you have to push all buttons as per hint, that you have to look on all sides first

bear for view 6, then the color bottles view 7 make sense

ned one cusion got match don't know what for coloured musical thing and 4 flowers & knife

Sorry Alpha - view 3. Use the 3212 hint.

ah, that buttons above door for 3212 hint - view-3

darn slow motion with that robot thingy...!

5x3 grid in view 6: tried colours from concentric circles on tree. No joy. Anyone got hint for this?

Noooo. Missing 1 golden coin. The number 2 coin :-(( Jack? You got them all?

grid window in s6 for spear sliders

test tubes for 5x3

honey, butterfly bee egg, I have 3,5,6,4 but it's not working. Anyone have something different? or maybe i'm entering it wrong...

@joycy: u will get another cushion from 4 colours puzzle in start scene (clue is flashing light in view 7). Third cushion from the 2 circles puzzle (boat, fish, shell, etc) in view 2

I'm stuck with 6 coins, a honey bottle and a clue for the 4 piece pie puzzle. Pretty sure I can count the items requested but can't get the combo right.

Unless the coins go somewhere?

my frog won't sit bottom of stairs in s3

@ Tiny... wrong numbers. Butterfly is wrong
check view 4... (the six flowers scene)

frogs go on banister poles

@Alpha... its the knob on handrail...

Need one more frog and hint for grid in view 6

ah, ty unknown.


Check all view 4..... (the gate should be open now to enter view 5)

desperately need last (9th) coin....

Tiny, AO thank you moving on now :)

pop view 5

under left butterfly

don't miss the sneaky coin in final scene.

enjoyable game. thank you g4k.

oh, suddenly found the fish in s4 (fountain)

sneaky coin in fountain scene.
shovel used just in front of fountain (scn 5)


Thanks tiny Apple slices - just saw your comment re test tubes : )

how to read the fish for l/r?

top -> bottom

@ao, top to bottom...i think it was rllrlrl.

i think fish was rrlrlr if i rememeber AO

Have honey jar but it won't open. Also one coin in inventory. About to work on circle of symbols in view 6 - checking back for hints....

@unknown, what order for coins?

@zuleika, don't open the jar...simply note the number for later puzzle.

the coin will be 1 of nine for final puzzle.

where are you?

oh, RATS! refreshed the wrong tab & this one has no autosave like the previous...! :-(
can't be bothered to restart just right now...

tiny, you'll dig up a number clue in scene 5 that will give you the order.

you should already get a paper hint

maybe from shovel?

stuck got to cue 32212 figured the box for flowers test tube same colours hmm

Oh! you can take the coins once 0you flip them!

Ty cate: I've completed grid in S6. Next up 9 I think) is the symbol circle beside it - no hint for that though.

All I have left in inventory is honey jar and a coin

@joycy, the 32212 puzzle goes above door in foyer of large house.

the test tube colors will be used in the little shed after placing teddy bear.

@zuleika...have you done the 4 spears with the clue from window in shed?

ty everyone for the hints! ♥

@cate - yes, did spears puzzle

Tiny thank you too :)

got a red flower from door top from 3 number clue

@zuk, i'm replaying to find out where the hint is for the symbols in shed, but it may take a few minutes.

could really use some help with the fish hint... i see people are saying top to bottom but can i please get a little more of a hint than... with the circle which is what I'm assuming goes with the fish hint.

the fish is the right / left clue to pushing tweedle dee and tweedle dumb in the shed. once you get the fish, cut it open w/ the knife to reveal a series of lines. Starting at the top to bottom (from memory)= right, right, left right left.

oliveya22, the fish puzzle goes with the 2 weebles in shed and you count from top to bottom...rllrlrl.

zuleika, did you make it out?

Ty cate. I haven't got access to S5 yet. No shovel that I hear people mentioning...

No cate - I'm totally stuck, lol

what's in your inventory ZS?

@zuleika...ha! ok, so have you placed all of the flowers? or maybe the better question is, where are you?

@zuleika, have you posted the 4 colors on tree in first scene?

Thanks where the key to the shed? and where do i find tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. and whats the clues to the circle thing upstairs then?

@oliveya22, have you collected all of your flowers and do you have the colored keyboard?

Yes cate - did the 4 colours in start scene ages ago, also the flowers, rainbow typewriter. I've done everything else. That stuff is all old hat, lol.

If you look back you'll see all the stuff I've done. Like I said I'm at the symbols circle in S6 with no hint.

i did the flower thing by the water fountation haven't found a clue for the colored keyboard yet?

And now game is asking me if I'm a robot - argh!

ok, zuk...let me figure out where i found the paper.

@olivia22: use the order of flowers in fountain scene for coloured keyboard.

@cate; I really appreciate your help but honestly - I don't expect you to hang around all this time just for little ol' me : )

It's pretty late here and I think I'll just leave it for now. have enjoyed getting this far. Hope to see u soon : )

nooo, zuleika, just found it again. put the two frogs on the foyer stair knobs.

Only have one frog : (

Lol - never mind. It must be fate that I don't finish tonight.

Take care and see u soon : )

This comment has been removed by the author.

we can play together tomorrow from scratch Zu ;-)

Have one frog and paced it on bannister. Opened safe upstairs way back when - no frog from there.

It's funny - I keep saying 'bye' to you but I can't close down this tab....it's stalling. This time I'll just switch off my pc completely. Bye for now, cate : )

lol, zul...i keep thinking i'm not going to play again, and i'm too lazy to write it down, but i keep coming back...alpha will be looking for you tomorrow and maybe in the interim, i will be inspired(or someone else, perhaps) to write a walkthrough of sorts.

thanks! where does the teddy bear go?

got all 6 flowers only 1 has gone in fountain sc5 no wonder I'm stuck

now finally got the flowers in I thought they went in the musical thing done the 4 colours upstairs got a key dunno what to do about fish bone


View 1
Pet the nice cow, pull its tail. !!! It craps out a KEY! How lovely.
Pick up a PINK FLOWER and head through the gate.

View 2
there's a CIRCLE thing hiding behind the tree, grab it.
Notice 2 wheels with pictures on the side of the shed. Match'em up (see Unknown's spoiler above: 8/29/16, 2:38 PM) Get PINK PILLOW.

View 3
Switch on wall. KNIFE and MATCHES hiding behind a picture on the wall.
Number puzzle on the landing.
In case you don't math SPOILER:
38= 23, 13, 2
37= 19, 7, 11
25= 17, 7, 1
Up the stairs to

View 7
Unlock cabinet for GREEN FLOWER and clue to door in

View 4.
Notice test tube colors (for a later grid puzzle). Also a couple other puzzles you need clues for. Place for pillows. Note the blinking colored lamp. That's the clue for 4 color puzzle in scene 1(RGBP), which gives BLUE PILLOW.
Heading back out and left to

View 4
Enter clue to door for COLORED KEYBOARD. There's a PINK RING that goes on the tree in View 2, and the third ORANGE PILLOW. Grab it and head back upstairs to view 7 for a MAKE-UP CASE which holds the WHITE FLOWER and a clue for View 3 above the door, which gives RED FLOWER.

Back to view 4 to enter flowers for colored keyboard CLUE. (GPkRPuWY) Enter that and get clue for upstairs view 7. Before you go, pick up a stinky old FISH by the fountain.

Once you cut that open with your knife you'll get a left/right clue which will be used in the shed. (rllrlr).

Head to view 7 and enter 4 color button clue (from keyboard) and get a KEY for shed in View 2.

View 6
Here you can pick up a CANDLE and light it for a CyAN RING and COIN 1 (of 9). Enter 4 numbers from VIEW 1 for RED CIRCLE and GRAY CIRCLE SYMBOL which goes on wall above. Input the left/right fish clue here on the 2 weebles for KEY and BLUE RING. Note bars on window are clue for spears in view 1. Enter it for FROG 1 (of 2).

Use Key in View 3 for GREEN RING and TEDDY BEAR, which goes on table in shed (view 6) for grid. Use colors from test tube in view 7 to solve for HONEY JAR and GRAY SYMBOL.

Place remaining colored rings in view 2 for 2nd FROG. Frogs go in View 3 on top of stair railing posts for KEY, 2 COINS, and CLUE to symbol puzzle in shed (view 6). Enter it for COIN 4. Use key on cabinet in shed for COIN 5 and 6 and CLUE to quarter pie puzzle in view 7.

Heading back to View 4 you find the spikes have lowered, leading to

View 5
By the fountain is COIN 7, and a sneaky COIN 8 under a butterfly.

Count up all butterflies, bees, and eggs and do quarter pie puzzle in View 7 (3764) for SHOVEL.
Use shovel in view 5 for COIN 9 and COIN CLUE. Place coins and you can flip them to reveal numbers. Take coins back into inventory (i suggest in order) and replace according to clue.

Gongtats, you've escaped!

put the teddy on the draws gave me a colour cange thing

thx Tiny for taking the time to write such a nice WT in the spirit on EGDAWT (every game deserves a walkthrough) ☺

we see such creations only rarely already for a pretty long time, that's somehow really sad...! :-(

I'm sure I can use it for my replay tomorrow from scratch (as I accidentaly closed the game & this one hasn't an autosave...)

so here is an abbreviated walkthrough...keep in mind that there are many great clues from gamers above to give you the nudges you might need.

scene 1:

note beehive.
click cow tail for key.
collect flower.

scene 2:

collect flower.
collect grey disc.
note rotating puzzle in back right...switch out the symbols to correlate with the scenes around each circle. this will give you pink square for scene 7.

scene 4:

collect pink ring for bullseye, scene 2 and orange square for scene 7.

scene 3:

flip switch on left.
click upper painting on right for knife and matches.
click on number puzzle on landing. you want 3 numbers to add up to the 3 larger numbers below. solution is in above comments. collect key and flower.

scene 7:

note test tubes against wall to the middle left.

note flashing light and place colors on tree in scene 1. collect blue square.

place the three colored squares in crate in middle of room. collect compact and use number within above door on right downstairs. collect flower.

use key on safe on right and collect flower and 4 sided diagram for puzzle in scene 7 on right. look at the four sides.

scene 7:

input the 4 designs and collect colored keyboard.

place flowers.

click on keyboard according to flower order. note marble order for puzzle in upstairs scene.

collect fish.

cut fish with knife to note directional l/r clue from top to bottom.

upstairs scene. solve marble puzzle and collect key for use on shed in scene 2.

scene 2:

plug in 4 digit number on wall from scene 1. collect grey disc and red dot for bullseye.

light guord and collect ring for bullseye and coin.

apply fish clue to weebles. collect bullseye ring and key. use key in foyer on right door to collect bullseye ring and teddy bear.

use bear on drawer top in this shed scene to bring up a grid on wall. within this grid, input the colors correlating with the colors found in test tubes earlier. collect honey and grey disc.

note window close up for arrows found in scene 1 above cow. apply clue and collect a frog.

place 3 grey discs you have collected on ring of symbols over weebles.

in scene 2, place 5 rings on bullseye symbol for second frog(i'm talking to you, zuleika ;) )

place 2 frogs on stairwell knobs in foyer for key, clue, coins.

this clue(yes, again, i'm talking to you, zuleika ;P) solves the dreaded grey disc puzzle in shed. and for all of that, you get a coin.

the key will open cabinet in same room. collect clue and coins.

note this clue is for segmented circle upstairs...but first, mosey over to scene 4 and watch spikes fall. enter scene 5.

scene 5:

collect 2 coins. one is obvious. one is sneaky.

note butterflies for count. note nest with eggs on the way back to the upstairs scene.

go upstairs and click appropriate number count for each segment. collect shovel to be used in final scene by fountain. collect coin and clue.

go to final scene 5 and do such...then, apply coins to gate. spin. collect. replace in the proper order.

giddyup go daddy.

now i feel pretty silly...thank you, apple slices, for your far superior walkthrough. it wasn't there when i started. ;) i'm leaving it up for a bit, as i don't have the heart to immediately trash it.

wow, thx cate, to you, too for the nice WT (see my comments above)

2 WT in a row, that's even more rarely - different WTs for different tastes ☺

no, don't trash it cate, it would be a pity for all this work...!

ha, alpha...more like thorough wt and lazy wt. it's simply not my forte, but i felt bad for zuleika, as she is often the one leading me out. and, thank you for the kind words. will leave it unless someone complains.

I don't think that someone will complain, they'll thank you, too, for sure ☺

and, that would be "gourd".

where can i find a clue for the circle thing upstairs?

there are 2 WTs above that surely will help you ☺

whats a WTS?

I couldn't hold myself back & had to play the game, although it's way late for me here...

but all went pretty smoothly with the WTs I used when I was stuck once or twice

now missing the last coin... let's see if I can figure out with the WTs where I can find it...

WTs = walkthroughs

I looked at them both and still can't figure it out.

could really use some help... i can't wait till someone does a video walkthrough... I'm a visual learner. lol

the first time playing, I had a glitch - I couldn't apply fish hint on the the moving dolls, nothing happened after correct code
this time playing I'm sure I didn't take coin under BF in s5, but there's no coin... I checked the other locations - still no coin

well, alas, as this is the final puzzle, I'll consider myself out

thx G4K for a very nice game, liked the swapping puzzle with animals & co.
& I forgot: re previous game I thank you for mentionning my nick in the game ☺

oliveya...in the shed is a small chest of drawers. with the key you received from placing frogs, open it. look at it and it is divided into 4 segments with words. those words correlate to a number...ie the honey jar is 3...how many bees are there? eggs? butterflies? use those numbers and click the amount of clicks for each appropriate segment.

This comment has been removed by the author.

where can i find the other frog? i only have one. .

coins...a total of 9.

1 in gourd.
2 after placing frogs.
1 upon solving grey disc puzzle.
2 small chest of drawers in shed.
2 in scene 5. one in the open and one is hidden in mound below butterfly on the left.
1 after using shovel in scene 5.

oliveya...ya gotta read the walkthroughs...everything you need is right there. especially tinyappleslices...hers is very thorough.

wheres scene 5?

i give up.

POP's always the best ☻ - in frustration not to be able to finish game properly, clicked around below left butterfly & suddenly hidden panel opens for my last coin - yay! now I can finish the game properly - great!

@alpha, yay! ;)

thx anyway cate for the coin locations

CU later in another game... ☺

btw cate
did you play the new Yomino Kagura? I'm stuck there, too LOL & would appreciate some help there...

also couldn't understand the notes in new AVM...
did you play that one?

@alpha...no and thank you for turning me on to it...didn't even know it was there...as to the yomino, i haven't played it. give me about 10 minutes and i'll head in...do you have a preference?

which scene do you find the hidden panel?

cate the Yomino one plz ☺

in scene 5, cate described the particular location in detail above at 6:29 PM

i don't know where scene five is?.

up from spikes (don't remember then scene number, already closed the game, I think it was scene 4...)

there a way to get past the spikes? or to open them.

as I already closed the game, I don't remember anymore...

do you have problems to understand the walkthroughs?

yeah i do. sry.

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is it a language barrier?

Hey Oliveya!
Haven't played this one yet. I am opening it right now. If I can catch up to where you are stuck. I can help you

finally finished it. :)

well done oliveya ☺

Glad you did Oliveya.

Well I will try to finish on my own. Thanks everyone for the detailed Walkthrough I am sure I will need it soon.

Thanks! and thanks for all the help!

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