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Family House Escape Walkthrough

Family House Escape

MouseCity - Family House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Mouse City. You had been planning to visit your parents for a very long time, but you didn't really have the opportunity because of having very much work at the workplace. At a weekend you decided to finally jump into your car and visit them in their family house where you grew up. You called them that you are going and they said that a mind game will be waiting for you when you arrive. When you got there, the door was open, but closed right after you stepped in. You went in, but you didn't find them. You got an sms saying that they are outside in the garden and you can only join if you find a way out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi Robert, just starting now.

Hi! Start now with apple, 123 clue and some letters

coloured 1223 numbers are used twice

Wood in fireplace lit with matches from 231 clue gives 4# code

last apple from using hammer on mirror

x marks the spot on the camel (ignore other animals)

nice one,out

for the three letter code, what letters are left 'between' A-J, i.e. don't count the A and J letters

I am stuck. found 2 apples and opened colors cabinet and green key cabinet.

I do not like this game at all. Why do 3 camels open the fridge? What 3 letters are we supposed to use.
Crappy game, Red X for me.

use the letter G

Robert Palmer Williams, give us the spoilers, we don't want to think anymore.

hi (again) all ☺

only 1 letter remains
(see Robert's comment at 6:40 AM)

use it 3x at puzzle

Jenny's right

why 3 camels & ignoring the other animals...?

MouseCity's logic it's not my logic as it seems...

Hi, AO, and thank you:^)

Yuck. Really wish a cool story escape game would come around more often.

also don't like the graphics in the new HTML format - thx anyway MC ☺

but liked the tune btw

YW nomelted ☺

I think the logic is:
- we have 3 cards with animals
- only one card (with camel) has X mark
- X mark means "USE THIS IMAGE" (and ignore others)

I'm with Jenny. Quitting the game, makes no sense at all.

Good music, nice graphics, feels promising, but the puzzles were so poor and uninteresting that I think I don't want to play these games in the future. Only for the tune, but I have many good records here to put on the player, so...

Anyway, this GGG was one of the worst puzzles I've seen in the history of the escape games. Sorry.

what's wrong with camels?

And out! You don't have the 3 apples. Use the colours of numbers to open the colour lock at the "kitchen", and you will get all the materials that you need to exit.

Spoiler: ignore the letters.

Most of the time for these, even though the puzzles might not be perfectly logical in my eyes, I can follow them and understand them well enough. This one just had very little sense to it that I could see. Terrible.

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