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FEG Medieval Princess Escape Walkthrough

FEG Medieval Princess Escape

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Medieval Princess Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume yourself as living in the medieval period and you are at the market place now. The princess of the kingdom was taken captive by some outlaws. You want to prove yourself as a hero and win the heart of the princess by helping the princess escape from her captivity. Make use of the objects you find around and solve puzzles to free the princess. Good luck and have fun!

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To get in door left scene use the order of balloons on gears

4 friut boxes is for 4 colors left scene

* fruits LOL

I thought the balloons are for the chest inside the house. haven't figured out the order yet

Casual look at door and use that order

The five star shapes go in a barrel just to the right of the well in the market.

Fruits in first scene is for the chest in left scene

What is that blue thing from barrels soap?

Metal rod can scratch the indoor wall, and blue stone reveals the 4# code.

bandy :) where you been? are you ok?

LOL I just been in the back ground for awhile

I don't get the fruits thing - I have tried clicking in that order. Please explain

bandy, as long as you are ok, glad to "see" you :)

Monica: start with the pruple gears, red, green, yellow and cyan.

Monica Yellow, Green, Red and orange

Hi Monica, y,g,r,o

Hi ev1 - joining late : )

I am fine yvonne Thanks for asking :)

anyone solved the chest inside the house?

I am stuck with a Cyan (Soap ?) and one arrow and bow?

HI bandy : ) Which barrel did u get a 'blue thing' from?

@Casual... not yet. I was thinking the bow and arrows would let us shoot the balloons outside which might give us the clue to the sliders. Haven't found the hot spot for those items though.

bandytrc, look at Seraku's post from 8/2/16, 7:43 AM

Yes, I have clicked YGRO several times. I have tried all sorts of permutations thereof. I cannot zoom in on fruit any more to get a better idea of what the clue is. Nada. Please help me.

@bandy, see my comment at 7:43am

@Seraku: you are probably right. I only have two arrows and the bow. Missing 6 digit code & can't find anything else.

@Zuleika, the barrel is to the right of the well in the market.

@Monica, the fruit is just for getting the colors... you input them in the box next to the wheelbarrow in the other scene.

OHH I got it LOL Thanks rub soap on scratched wall

Monica: forget the fruits. You are looking for the colored gear code in the view with door, right?

(...or I guess it is more of a cart.)

Casual - now - I have opened the door and am in the room. I am trying to open the chest with the YGRO but nothing is happening. Nothing. It is extremely frustrating. are they supposed to be up, down, what? I have done them up, down, in the middle. I haven't touched the other colours. I am stuck

Monica: that's where we are all stuck

Monica no one has the clue yet for that

So what is the YGRO for then?

YGRO is for little box beside cart left scene

And I don't have any rod - I have a halberd/sword thing from the wall but it won't scratch the zoomed in wall. Am I doing that wrong too?

aim the bow and shoot arrows at coloured lanterns

The sword thing is used on barrlles left scene

Aha - halberd is for barrel in Left scene

the bow goes at the bottom of the screen where the colored lanterns/balloons are then you can shoot your 2 arrows for the code

FORGET ABOUT THAT! you already used YGRO on the little box beside the wagon in left scene

thanks Jo-Ann!

The metal rod looks almost like a drill bit.

I have 3 eagles and 3 stars - can anyone remember where thy found the fourth of each?

@Jo-Ann, great find! The wheelbarrow makes an impromptu ballista.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Bandy - I must be really dense because I can't find any little chest near any cart .

Ty Seraku - I guess the 'blue thing' from the barrel must come from placing all 4 stars then.

Monica just below the balloons slightly right side of cart

hint for the 6 digit code:
(33-17)/2 = 8
(29-5)/2 = 12

Finally got last star. Some of the hotspots are quite pixelly.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Bandy - are you talking about a small chest that has the eagles entered into it? Because I have used that. But it had no colour code

ZU 5 different type stars ( goes right side of well )

On no - there's a space for a fifth star - didn't see that , lol

Zuleika, my fourth eagle came from smashing barrel with axe (axe is on wall inside house)

Monica there is a 4 wheel cart in left scene left side of screen, just in front of right wheel

@Casual... I'm not sure how you worked out that math that fast, but thanks! (:

Not sure how I feel about a "to be continued" ending. FEG's games a usually just a tad too much pixel hunting, made especially difficult because the game does not scale when zoomed in.

- 1st scene bottom center below barrels
- 1st scene below fruits
- left scene from 4-color box next to wagon
- left scene (use axe on barrels)

- 1st scene, from fire (use water)
- 1st scene on left side slightly above arrow
- left scene from 4-color box next to wagon
- Gate (right side on steps)
- left scene, door view (on ground)

I don't get scroll hint I see the math but how does that relate to 6 digit #

Bandy - I am SO sorry - I am having a very very senior moment - I had done that already...I just forgot. It wasn't until I closed down and started again that I remembered!!! LOL

bandytrc: 13XX10

@bandy, enter the final line into the code.

OHHH Thanks !

LOL No prob Monica :)

@ Casual - ty so much! So I'm needing to find axe and the water in order to get last star and eagle...

black axe is on wall inside house, top left corner...

Zu - axe/halberd is on upper left wall in room with large chest.

SO having bowed and arrowed...what do you do with the colours that are left - I have tried entering into the big chest but nothing ..... feel like I've been here before LOL

@Zuleika Smith: both are inside the room. axe in top left corner and bucket for water left of chest (use bucket on well)

Monica look at balloons up and down for chest in room

Red is down and Cyan is down rest is up

Finally worked it out!! Thanks guys...bad day for me.

But how do I get inside house...?

Coloured gears puzzle: thought it might work according to coloured balloon sequence - but the gears do not change colour. And there is no 'orange'.

@Monica, the positions are just up and down, nothing will be left in the middle position.

ZU connect green first ECT

The gears all spin when you have it right

@Zuleika, the gears puzzle is one of those where you play "connect the dots" so-to-speak. Click the gears between the two green gears to get started, then move to the next color of balloon. (There are only four gear colors, so you'll ignore two balloons.)

@ Seraku and bandy: - of course (facepalm)! Thanks again guys : )

Ten-digit number on floor of house - use thing like crowbar (sorry if this is already posted above)

bandy, you beautiful rc...you're back! you have been missed. :)

in the room got 3 eagles & 4 stars need 1 star & 1 eagle plu bow I have 1 arrow slider hint not working

just found a hatchet on the wal left of the shelf thing in the cog room

is there another house can't use the crowbar thing

lost the game restarted done it in a few minutes it then made sense great hints anyone want spoiler middle nos in 6 digit



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