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Find the Escape-Men 174: A Typical Escape 4 Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 174: A Typical Escape 4

No1Game - Find the Escape-Men 174: A Typical Escape Game 4 is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by No1 Game. Solve some puzzles, find the 10 escape men and escape from the room! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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sneaky view up at table

One EM, teacup I can use endlesly, one paper hint and one remote. And no clue :-)

and down at door..

I have 3 EM so far (table, window, paper) and stuck...

christina, paper is clue for window (1. step: click window 5x...)

don't forget to check paper on backside

Thank you. Now looking for something to use on drawers and shoes. Remote battery goes in and out, but you can't take battery.

Dang, had a phone call, trying to catch up.

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Hi, not getting the window clue and Hotz's clue

       Anonymous  8/5/16, 1:00 AM  

8 now

Hello) I Have 8 men. Don't understand the code with the characters. There is an active TV remote.

The window seems to be 5 times to open. Then 3 times to pull the latch and then to open to close to open.

Window is knock 5 times, latch 3 times, open/close 3x

Yes thx it worked!

Man on the bottom of the battery.

But what to do after that? no clue for the 2 codes under the TV, have the remote but it doesn't work anywhere... and the tea

thanks clio. going on...

I'm up to you guys now. Thanks clio for the hotspot, I had been clicking at the top of battery a thousand times (as well as the lid).

language prob with the tv quiz

Does anybody know the Japanese numbers? Language barrier or logics?

       Anonymous  8/5/16, 1:13 AM  


Blue - red code ,need to count the colored lines on the TV line by line ,=blue and code red will be folded. Blue 13,red 35

Don't understand the right code. Didn't remove the person from the ceiling.

thanks Nafanja

Thanks Nafanja, I was still comparing the board with the wikipedia list of Japanese numbers...

Thanks Nafanja, would never have figure it out. What about the other code?

bravo Mig, u really helped

Tuba, that's nothing new.

Stuck now. Those were the days with that other developer from no1game!

shame on the people who say "out!" and go

Well all I see is on TV there's pictures of a man, a woman, a boy and a bear, must be the hint but...
I checked the letter available and 2 of them means bear but don't know what to do

I've still only got 6 men. I might have to come back when i can cheat...and then pretend i found them on my own. lol

clio, have you checked left upper corner of cupboard under tv, and sole of blue shoe?

oh, finally found the hotspot to plug the water heater in and got the 7th man from the steeped teabag.

I'm pretty sure the right drawer is connected to the 4 players in quiz. But its still a language barrier

Thank you beeve716 for inside the left cupboard. 8 now. Whee.

Ah beeve, that's my 8th man. So there seem to be two pixels left in the hole game I haven't checked. :-/

For other code... just number of strokes of each character in order... 1 stroke, 2 stroke, 3 stroke, 4 stroke

hole -> whole

Has anyone got the one hanging from the light? I assume that's the 9th and the right cupboard with be the 10th?

As far as I remember.
1-under the table 2-the battery in the remote control,3-in the left Cabinet,4-boots,5-reverse side of the sheet,6-window,7-tea 8-TV .

thanks SteUrba!!

Well I guess I'm done, what's the point for a game to be translated in english if some puzzles aren't in english and apparently can't be done???

thanks for all help, and check stool...

SteUrba ,does not work in the right door of the Cabinet 1,2,3,4.

aridza, I've been asking that for years and still have no answer.

But I don't get SteUrba's hint, sorry. Which strokes are meant?

Works for me Nafanja... くこかき (if I remember correctly)

First the character which is drawn by 1 stroke, second the one which is drawn by 2 strokes.... Check TV for number of strokes.. use second row as a reference

I'll try to explain the code:

1 stroke - L-shape
2 stroke - C-shape
3 stroke - t-shape
4 stroke - # shape

So, the code is LCt#

Hope it helps.

Okay, out now. Thank you all for helping. To be honest: I've been missing the EM-games but if we only can get crap like this they might as well stop developing new games. Sorry for these hard words.

Thank you very much)came Out)

Thank you all so much for the help. After getting called away, i am back and now out.

The puzzle in fact is nothing to do with Japanese language. Different color is used for the stoke to count.

I can't figure what I'm doing wrong with that window!!! And I see one EM on the ceiling lamp but I cant take it. Kind of frustating.

stupid me ... you can't reach the lamp from the table but you can from the stool. LOL.
I'm giving up with that annoying window.

alcaro, click 5 times on window, then 3 times on lock, then 3 times on window (open-close-open).

Stuck with 5 EMs, a cup with hot water, and a remote. Don't know where the stool is

Walk through:

open cupboard, take tea cup.

Click on left sidF of water kettle, plug it in.

Fill teacup with hot water.

Click on bottom of door, click on middle blue shoe twice and take #1 green man.

Go right 3 scenes and take paper from table. Click bottom right of paper take green man #2.

Click left rear leg of table, take green man #3.

Go left once. Looking at paper we can see to click on the left window 5 times, then click on the latch 3 times, then open, close and open the window again. Take green man #4.

Go left once more. click on TV take remote at bottom of TV. It doesn't work, better check the batteries. Click on bottom right corner and then on the battery compartment lid. Click on battery then click on bottom end of battery. Some foreign green stuff there. Click on it and take green man #5.

Use remote to turn TV on. Notice that there are 12 strokes making up the characters (differentiated by color) in the first line equaling 12. And 13 in the Blue ? line. And with some addition 35 on the Red ? line.

Now wait for Green man #6 to show up on the bottom left of the screen and grab him.

Now click on the left cupboard below the TV and enter the numbers you got from the TV. Red 35 and Blue 13.

Take the tea bag, better check the top left corner of the cupboard for Green man #7.

Make a nice cup of tea, after a refreshing tea break, remove the tea bag and open it for green man #8. Better check the top left corner for Green man #7.

Click on the right cupboard and see that there is 4 squares with Japanese characters. 1 to 4 must be strokes again, so choose the characters that have that many strokes.
(http://imgur.com/a/A2dQA if you need help.)

Take the stool, turn it over just in case. Yep, take green man #9.

Go right and set the stool down in front of the table. Click above the table and take green man #10 from the lamp.

Well, this is a toughie.
Struggling with the window-clue here.
A lot of determination needed at the beginning of this weekend.

Thank you Rwill.
Hadn't refreshed, your explanation helped me.

You only missed one thing in your walkthrough ... where is the stool?

arrie, the stool is in the right cupboard.

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