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If You Can Escape

Games4King - G4K If You Can Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have been kidnapped and locked inside an abandoned farm house. As you can’t communicate with others, you can’t seek any help. So you have to escape yourself from the farm house. You have to solve few puzzles to open few doors which help you to fetch some clues. So use your skills to collect the necessary items to escape from the abandoned farm house. Good luck and have fun!

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and stuck with an iron ball a clue the says "be a rainbow in someone else's cloud" i thought that might be for l/r buttons but it's not

Iron ball goes into the right tree in the leftmost room

green diamond in that same tree

Sliders on right door are clock time

now i have a blue square

Ah 4x4 grid in house is a match 2 game

Grid in house is also clue for puzzle in right room

How on earth do you get slider positions from the clock time?

Someone please explain clock for sliders?

11:35 so put first slider at 1 second at 1 third at 3rd position etc

Tyvm, It looks more like 10:35 but okay

I agree, Aera. I guess game developers these days never learned to read analog clocks!..

Still stuck after opening that door though.
No idea about anything. Feeling rather stupid today.....

I have 3 chinese star looking things and an 8 round thing. Stuck!

I'm stuck too, I can't even figure out the dang smiley faces :p

The 8 goes on the very small number circle in scene with 2 purple arrows. Other than that, I'm stuck there, too.

Pop! Stones in water are for l/r arrows

arrested with three SQUARES

Brandi, set the face to the same face from the grid. Match colour and row. (So the red face on the top of the puzzle should be the same face as the red square on the top of the match game).

Gotcha! I feel dumb today lol

Great find, K Stevens! Now in the new room

TY K Stevens!!!!!

stick used in left tree hole, gets a cannon ball

Now stuck with a brush!

Bottom of right tree Milena

Use it on the tree!

Oh, thanks

Bears from large to small (or small to large dont know yet) Hmm where to use?

I have a hat hint and a teddy bear hint and I'm lost again, obviously shouldn't have skipped my coffee this morning.

And where to use the hint with baseball caps?

So all stuck in the same place..?..

I thought hat clue was for 8 buttons in stones/pilar room but didnt work

That baseballcap hint is for 3 digit code...

You can click the faces on the pillars but I haven't gotten anything from that yet.

Yeah, me too

Caps are 3 numbers

Got it, thanks OOGGRR

How are the hats the three digits?

How, Oooggrr and Sansan san?

Count how many pointing left then center then right

Yep, got it, thanks!

Thanks, never would have thought of that!

Don't believe this game! I'm stuck every two minutes!

Giving up now..... Too many weird clues/non-clues

Well I have nothing in inventory, and I'm missing the top diamond. The only thing that looks like a clock is the numbered wheel in the start scene that doesn't zoom when I click on it, and it only goes up to 10. No idea what I'm missing.

teddy bear clue is used on the card with the bars.don't forget to press the button on the bottom

I am thinking the sign at the beginning is for the 4 arrows (N<E<S<W) trying to put all the e,n,w,s in the phrase. Am I even close? lol

I think all the diamonds were laying around.

I've been trying n.e.w.s too but I can't get it to work, I thought it might just be me lol

K Stevens, trying the same, but can't get it to work

The name of this one is waaaay to accurate!

Ok, replayed and the cannonball that goes in the tree in the left scene seems to be glitched. It didn't bring up the blue diamond until the THIRD time I restarted.

Brandi, you are right lol

Don't worry, smokehalo, it gets more frustrating yet!

From the letter on the tree, I tried the number of NSEW, and the number of RULD, both separate and together but none of it works.

Well, that's enough guessing for me. Good luck, everyone.

I took a 15 minute break to reset my brain, let's see if it did any good lol. going back in!

Need a little help here G4K!!!

Tried the directions with the angels, since the quote is from Maya Angelou...no luck.

pulled up the letter from tree....tried to use numbers on tree(2964) for letters, got e n n e...didn't work

click this order


Its working

Thank you Lerol. There is usually a puzzle where the clue is just a little different than the answer.

Lerol...how did you come up with that?

Wow, I don't even know if I want to finish now. Assuming the directions actually were based on the quote, that's outrageously stupid and a complete beginner mistake.

I've been playing G4K less and less lately -- the quality has been going downhill over the last year or so. This pretty much clinches it.

Thanks, Lerol!
But why the last 4 letters are not ESES?

nvm.....got it after you gave the answer...thank you Lerol

I am so far behind. How do the stones in the water work for the L/R puzzle? I have tried so many ways and none work. Can someone spoil it??

First one is r
Spoiler Jenny


you're probably missing the first stone, it's a right.....I did...lol.....RLRLRLL....

It's a little hard to see the one at the very front, Jenny. It starts with R.

oops forgot the last R :{

Bear goes on right chair in Office

I bf'd the red yellow green slider once I had the clue I didnt understand. SO I know green is all the way up but cant remember red and yellow but its easy to figure it out

Thanks everyone. Got it finally, I did miss the first R. lol

Hint for blue buttons to get bear, press in numeric order

6 2
7 5
1 3
4 8

I dont understand glue U D

I am thinking it has something to do with the 4 columns we can click on their faces?

U D D U-clue is for four stone statues in room with water.

If statues have numbers

1 2

3 4

so, click in order: 1432

And an annoying final puzzle for a disappointing finish. Time for me to go back to hiatus on G4K.

BTW, the artwork is mostly from the Dream Chronicles games.

What is paper with

Angels Jenny, its the way they are facing, do each row

Crow bar on ceiling with safe in it, do easy dumb number puzzle and out.

the angel statues, keep clicking till all the light are lit Jenny

What about place for use iron stick ?

Tree hole(left one I think) Nikolai

Thanks again.
I am now stuck with the chart paper with the GYR on it.
AND I am giving up.
Not having fun when they clues are so weird I have to keep asking. Enough of feeling dumb for today.
Bye all.

giving up too, Jenny.....have a crowbar and tried to pry, beat and smash everything in view....outta here....have fun y'all

K Stevens , maybe i was wrong , I mean last one after all _/ ???

thought I'd try one more time.....in right scene, inside room with 3 numbers, use crowbar on ceiling next to chandelier...(remembered the light was one thing I missed smashing lol)

Hi guys i missed two last number 4 and 7 for complete game. thanks for help.

Thrynn Thanks a lot !!!!

It's complete BS that the clues do not match the actual answers. I wish I could vote zero stars, because that is exactly what I would do.

When clues have no logic or they are partially or entirely wrong, people should vote accordingly, without bias or sympathy toward the developer.

You dropped the ball on this one, G4K.

Forced the RYG clue since I couldn't figure out the clue: I think it was middle, down, up

       Anonymous  8/10/16, 5:39 AM  

good challenging game,thanks

100th comment.

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