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Jigsaw Happy Hour Escape Walkthrough

Jigsaw Happy Hour Escape

Amajeto - Jigsaw Happy Hour Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Amajeto. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hey, it's one of those TomaTea clones! Like them, going in.

Very nice and easy!

Yep, very easy, but it is like a dumbed down Tomatea :)

Oh dear, I had 11 puzzle tiles and went around more and more hectically searching for it. Finally I hit a picture corner by chance and realized I had totally forgotten about the second TV hint!

But a nice game. Not a TomaTea but much better than many of these daily crappy games.

Out, lovely game

Where is the clue for the stripy left right buttons

Got it, always the way after posting, straws

Good but it's starting to be repetitive.

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How about the word hint? I see all the words on tv, but still...

Forgot about the second cabinet on the right side of the couch. Still tried to make a word that wasn't right before I got it lol. I guess I need these "dumbed down" games. :)

Fun game!

Lovely game
Its a R /L clue per the straws in the window

Always like these.


zoom in on long drink glasses, lift them to see the shapes per colour.
Take pp.
Use clue one sidetable = remote + pp.

zoom in on three glasses with straws, note the direction of the straws. Take pp.
Use clue on top drawer left of the door, pp.

zoom in on long painting, do the picture-it, take pp, also a pp on the couch.

zoom in on bottles between paintings, note the places of the red ones. take pp.
Use the clue on the other sidetable, take pp and glasses.

zoom in on tv, take pp, use remote.
zoom in on the green bottles, click them one by one, add their years.
use this clue on the lowest drawer left of the door, take pp.

click tv screen, note the corner clue. use this clue on the painting left of the bottles, take pp.

click tv screen, use glasses on letter grid, the 4 purple ones form the word 'palm'.
use this clue on the middle drawer, left of the door, take pp.

place pp's on drawer left of tv, do the puzzle, take the key.

Lovely fun game - thank you!

Great game.

Enjoyable game.

Enjoyable game.

I used PALM because was on TV. I didn't realize that I didn't use that clue with 4 words x 4 letters until I was out and i checked my notes.
And, btw, what any purpose for those red/blue glasses?

red blue glasses was for the red blue 3x3 grid. I like these games. I wish everyone would give credit where credit is due and not compare it to other games or developers. My opinion.

and, I love these games :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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