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Knf Forest Trucking Escape Walkthrough

Knf Forest Trucking Escape

KnfGame - Knf Forest Trucking Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. Assume that you are in a holiday and so you went for a trucking in to a forest with your car, and there you was enjoying the beauty of the forest. But when your packing all you things to get back home, you noticed that you have lost your car key. Now you have click on the objects to interact with them and solve the simple puzzles to find the car key and try to get back home soon. Good luck and have fun!

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hoping for some help... have long red stick, carrot, knife, rope, clue, lighter that doesn't work yet, and axe stick.

missing a flower for logs and clue doesn't work for car

Hi Leoin,Knife will be applied on red baloon on pool

@leo, just heading in... (:

thanks a bunch jeba! hi Seraku :)

i better start leaving hints also

paw print clue on rocks right of car, input on rock upper left of car

open compartment behind gear shift in car for animal hint

oh my! lighter does work lol!

hi dude i am fnish this game knife and car key have i am long time but wery impress game.

Lighter works on top edge, to open and Fire

shoe from under car with long red rod, but bug? shoe doesn't show on screen when it enlarges

Where to use this Fire Lighter - leoin

I get key from that Shoe, Its Working Fine

there is a spot near first tree stump in 2nd scene where you put the stones and then the logs in order 1-3. put pot from tent then you can light the logs

leoinparadise lighter left side duch on the fire

Getting same bug as @leo... the shoe is not visible when zoomed in.

Carrot used on bunny that you can find via a hot spot just to the right of the tent.

restarted to get shoe to work! one piece missing still. have axe handle, clue, carrot still

thanks Seraku! what i needed! fixed axe and have arrow clue

Finally Escaped...Nice Game, Thanks KNF

Seraku dude long red stick for car down side click from the shoe

carrot wil place near right of the tent @Seraku

blue paper clue for spot under steering wheel, resets if you look at clue while entering code

out now :)

seraku, shoe give key for glove compartment. you might have to restart like i did to fix the bug...

@leo, yeah, I had to restart the game to fix the bug with the shoe.

Oh, but that last puzzle with the symbol in the hex grid was just a right pain in the ol' hind section. Why did the designer think it a good idea to require folks to click so many times just to clear the board?

leoinparadise you finesht this game......
how to i am finesht that game 10minutes for 36Secant only

sorry! hungry baby had to be fed :P

@dinesh, didn't time myself! went quicker after i restarted

seraku, i sat there stunned the entire time i was clearing the board! what a pain and a bad idea lol!

where do I use rope?

for others also wondering, rope to tie axe together once you have handle and blade

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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