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Mirchi Escape Little Pony 1 Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape Little Pony 1

MirchiGames - Mirchi Little Pony Escape 1 is a point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this episode you have to help a turtle to reach the mountain where little pony is kept as a hostage. Assume that a little pony was stuck in the floating mountain, turtle needs your help to go to that mountain. Once the turtle reaches their this episode ends. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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I hate in-game adverts

Yeah a live Mirchi!Start robbing the place....

hi (again) all ☺

yay another cartoon style!

groovy reggae music, can't hold myself to shake my a$$ ☻

Place chesspieces on board like hint on 'calender'.

put digged out skull on stump

colour filled bottle as per book hint

number hint

on tree

move butterfly as per paper that's

wet with 3x coloured bottle

there are fish in the water

placed crystal & 6 diamonds will help

Hi there! Few minutes too late.

don't miss paper at fish for


Don't forget to pick up hint for mushrooms in fish scene. I just flew away with a fat chicken LOL. To be continued...

wow, what a fat chick! ☻

yeah, to be continued...

thx Mirchi ☺ - that was great fun! colouring water bottle has me stumped for a bit...

That end scene makes me wonder if the mushrooms were somewhat more than you buy in the supermarket ;-)

how are chess pieces moved they only move forward & back

that's right joycy
adjust chess pieces as per calendar hint above bed

Who dares calling me when I'm playing a Mirchi! :-o

Going in...about 5 minutes ago lol.

of course...where else would you put a skull. Doh!

LOL merit ☻

Ok...wtf was that? lol..very easy but a nice sound track.

Nice and quite easy, only hard thing was finding the number hint on the tree. Thanks Mirchi, and hope we can make it together through the next game.

nice little game

Fat Chocobo to the rescue!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In this game, they sure did "flatter" Esklavos a lot.

I still miss the Mirchi Fact of the Day, but maybe it's just me....

Fun game, though!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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