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Mirchi Escape The Keeper of Dark House Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape The Keeper of Dark House

MirchiGames - Mirchi The Keeper of Dark House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to find a key which helps you to escape from the keeper's house . Assume that you are stuck in the place of house keeper. you have to escape from their on your own. Try to find the way to escape. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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hi folks:)

symbols from jigsaw for drawer

stick beside drawer of shapes goes under couch

knife on table under the squares

spray from drawer of symbols: use on bucket first scene for fuse

candles go beside picture by stairs but need 2,one was by fireplace

paper hung by stairs for 4#, get hint for squares

flowers for vase in room left of stairs, SD for piano

handle in room right of stairs for cupboard, knife for doll for piano hint

bronze key goes last room right up, dark spot

There is a 5 digit puzzle on the panelling just to the right of the up arrow in the scene where you place the three gems.

Need just one candle to give coloured shapes clue.

took me time to find 5#, in scene of couch by stairs

pic puzzle


Use telescope to the right of the fireplace which has the round shapes to colour on the wall.

You need just one fuse for the piano - after you've undone the screws.

still no cartoon style...?!

The five balls are for the slider puzzle in the room to the left of the bicycle.

Clue for the 5 digit puzzle (see where that is at 3.18 above), from erasing the blackboard.

Absolutely LOVED this one Mirchi! Thank you.


Oh my goodness - I can't remember where the telescope was. It was from a succession of doing puzzles I'm afraid. It gives shape clues for one of the early rooms. I'll have another look....

can't find what to use on thing beside fireplace?

Dazz, check you haven't already got it in your inventory - it doesn't look like one!

Dazz, by that fireplace is where you use the telescope!

JACKPOT!! silly me Clodagh, I did not light the candle I already placed by the candelabra..

Clodagh: thx for the hint on the 5 digit panel (in gems scene) I totally missed that and was stuck there. Nice game Mirchi.

from that I got out, thanks Clodagh!

o-oh, the tune loop hung up itself ☻
(nice music btw)

Aha Dazz! Glad you made it - fun, wasn't it!

Hi Catqueen - I found that just by chance - what a relief!

Telescope comes from doing the slider puzzle in room left of bicycle.

needed the hints for the 5 digit panel & to light the single candle (was searching for the 2 others...) - thx ladies ☺

very nice game - thx Mirchi ☺
(looking forward to a cartoon style one...)

Fun game thanks Mirchi!

And with the hints from everybody out , I thank you all.. Super game !

Great one - Thanks Mirchi!

Wow Dazz
So nice to see u back
Sorry u were sick
Glad U are better

well Joey, felt better when I met you again:)
thanks dude!!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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