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Mirchi The Keepers Room Escape Walkthrough

Mirchi The Keepers Room Escape

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape The Keepers Room is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to find the secret code to unlock the keepers room. Assume that you are stuck in the keepers room and you have to unlock the electronic door which is stuck. Try to find it. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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Ah, our daily Mirchi!

And it's a cartoon style one, yay!

Phew, harder than it looks at first sight...

out! fun game

Finally out now too. It seemed so easy but turned out to be quite sneaky. If you get stuck at a certain point like me, try every number you have seen...

That would be a lot of numbers.

How to get into the freezer? I thought I tried every number

Me too, najb!
Can anyone pleeeeease give hint for the freezer?

Year on calendar hint for safe above fruit. Stuck now with everyone else.

Got it - the hangers in the warderobe are giving the clue for the fridge .....
Hard one this time, baut good game!

Finally! Count the fruit in the basket. There is one orange, two apples and three bananas. Click the colors on the front table in that order.

My key doesn't work to get into the wardrobe closet.

I'll come back to this game later. Good luck, everyone.

I had to leave for some time, otherwise I would have helped earlier. Glad to be not the only one having some troubles.

Bear, the golden key is used later IN the closet. You'll need a silver key first. Look at najb's hint from 4:47 for that.

By the way, the point I was stuck was the year hint for the wall safe. I didn't have the calendar in mind as I had already used the coloured days for the fridge.

Orange,apple, banana thing does not work for me.

click 1x orange, 2x red, 3x yellow

Lilly that does not work.
I finally watched the walkthrough. Just click 1x each.

oh, sorry. i didn't remember that well...

Nobody said anything about the door pad, it has 2 fives, stuck but trying every# to avail, by the way thanks everyone for always helping and old soul like me, lololol

outttttttttt, thanks for the hints.

I opened the fridge but can't take the bottle. I put the towel into the wash but now nothing happens. I opened the wardrobe but I can't take the paper from the pocket of the red shirt.

Oh, the bottle was just a clue, never mind.


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Mig Uri,

You have rapidly become the most infuriating poster on this site.

Your repeated 'out' messages and your total lack of support for other players is not welcome here. Please feck off to somewhere else!

Good call Siobhan

Thank you Mirchi for the nice design. I missed that the last weeks. And thx ppl for the hints. This was a tough one but very good.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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