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Old Bengali Palace Escape Walkthrough

Old Bengali Palace Escape

GamesNovel - Old Bengali Palace Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Novel. After studying for the exam, you go to sleep and you are now sleeping peacefully. Then you are having an exciting dream that you are an adventurer and you are in a old bengali palace. You are having an adventure in the old bengali palace, but you are trapped in that place. You found a door, but you can’t open it because it needs some special key to open. In order to escape from the old bengali palace you need to find that special key to open the locked door and escape from that place. Good luck and have fun!

Play Old Bengali Palace Escape

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Crazy pic puzzle right off the bat. -.- I'm glad it's not a slider.

I thought I had it then..... nothing happens.

Finally. What a nightmare.

For the vrgc, color puzzle in the left doorway. Pay no attention to where the colored numbers are on the grid, just use the color and the number themselves.

flags for 8 color buttons

here we go

I have five number clues and can't figure out where to use any of them.

plant-63 code for green bush in church scene

Stuck like Bear. I've tried using those numbers everywhere.

The color of the numbers in scene one, opens up the right three color panel in the scene with the 8 color buttons.

Missing 1 heart.

Same, Kevin. I have tried everything with those 4 yellow dots left of start scene. Nothing is working.

Any ideas on where the 2 jug things or the ninja turtle are used?

The jugs must be used at the barrel, but we need to find a spigot first. Where did you get a turtle?

Sneaky in start scene amongst white flowers

Raphael. Thanks, Tech. I never would have seen that.

and to start that puzzle gave me a headache!

and jeezz I am not a robot

have you guys found the faucet for barrel???

and there is a sneaky number clue top right on scene with barrel

missing 1 heart

Um... ok. Random brute-force of the 8-color-dot circle puzzle using the 4 waving flags (from start scene) eventually worked. Wasn't in left-to-right order either. Ended up being:

sky, green, red, yellow

on that left scene of barrel. Click on the blue panel and use that number clue that you got from scene with barrel. just click on numbers. and you will get a orange ball


got last heart

that pic puzzle was a toughie!


played it some days ago already (but can't remember anything LOL) - thx GN for a fine game ☺

btw, nice soft music ♥

why do they give you a clue and then it doesn't work when you want to use them?

There is a hotspot on ceiling in scene with 2 round lamps where you place black jugs(ball).

Ok. Too buggy for me. Clue for 5 characters puzzle in barrel room doesn't work. I'm guessing the flag order for that other puzzle was out of order by mistake as well.

Mr Techie----it worked for me...but the 4th one is the same as the 2nd and 3rd.

i had to keep changing the characters in order for it to work.

got the faucet for barrel by placing turtles on wood (scene with pink box)

put the spray bottle that you got from the characters in the barrel and then place that green ballon. you will get color clue

and I am out...!

escaped after clue from last key and arranging the color frogs!

The head puzzle itself may work, but if the 4th head in the puzzle is the same as the 2nd and 3rd, then it doesn't match the clue and therefore the clue doesn't work.

The flags, by the way, were in order from smallest to largest. Doesn't make up for the rest of the nonsense though. 1 star.

the cyan penes are direction arrows btw ;-P

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