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Old Colonial Building Escape Walkthrough

Old Colonial Building Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Old Colonial Building Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are trapped in this old colonial building. You are at a loss now. You can’t seek outside help but if you try, you can find a way out for you. Try to utilize the things you can find in the building and solve puzzles cleverly to find the key to the main door. Good luck and have fun!

Play Old Colonial Building Escape

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Goin' in.

Knife, Stone, and wood, in scene 2.

Score the lattice in scene three with the knife.

Scene three drawer has a hammer. Use it in scene one on the circle.

The bottom left woodpile in scene 4 moves to reveal a piece of wood or a club.

Saw in scene 4 behind the trunk.

Sneaky shield shape on top of large hotspot to the left.

I think the shadows in Scene 4 are roman numbers for 4#code, but I can't get it...

Using knife gives a clue? for what? don´t understand!
Some roman numerals on floor I don't understand either.

Taking a quick break. bbiab

After using knife you get number 4713 to use in far right scene

Just realised that. But it´s a bit confuse.

Tricky game.
To Roberto and hotzenplotz: knife for the 4 digit code.
Roman numerals for the chest of triangles inside.


thanks smcart66, but how is it 4713??

Hotz, don't look at the empty spaces, look at the slightly different colored wood.

I put my laptop down and walked away - it was clearer from a distance!

Im stuck with the roman numerals, have tried lots of combinations

Those aren't roman numerals. They are a rectangle triangle hint for a later puzzle.

thanks, now (after I know the solution) somehow I can see this 4 numbers.

Use the axe on the door in scene one. Use the shovel in scene three. Put the toad on the ground in scene three to move the snake.

Thanks Bear I have been looking for the triangle/square solution too! I must be having an even more stupid day than usual

wheel, rope and hook are used above door in far right scene...

Put the round stone in the room off of scene one. Use the chisel in scene 4 on the big hotspot to the left.

Use the axe on the big log in the room.

Put the hook on the rope and pulley.

Scouring pad to reveal clue in scene 4.

thanks for your hints guys!! finally I am out

Didn´t like this game. We have to guess where to use toad? No clue, no fair.

The only help I needed here was that of Miguri's, thanks Mig dude, great hints guys:)

Gave up at the end with the wheel puzzle.

Dazz I'm just going in

here we go

Yikes tricky again

whats the triangle puzzle, anybody aeound

dont get this one with exploding birds

Oh I did it! The clues especially for the triangles Not being roman numbers after all were amazing. Thank you all and thank you AVM

didn't think at first to pull the winch on door need I shield or ball got hammer still & stone slab did all the puzzles & hawks still coming up

need ashield & where else to use hammer doesn't do anything to the slab

shield was left of the scoured puzzle thanks to Bears hint found it

the wheel took some doing & out very nice not easy game thanks AVM good hints guys

by the way the slab & hammer very useful to get the bird out

For the wooden disks, don't count the very thin lines. Opens large wood box.

it should exist a SKIP button for this kind of puzzles - the wheel puzzle. I hate it.

I'm so frustrated. I know that after this puzzle the end it should be very close. Very disappointed.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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