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Old Legacy House Escape Walkthrough

Old Legacy House Escape

Games4King - G4K Old Legacy House is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you were inside an old farm house. The farm house has huge beautiful houses, mysterious cave and farmers hut as well. So unlock few puzzles in the houses to fetch the valuable clues which would help to escape from the house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the house to escape from the house. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi everyone. Hope you all join me soon. lol

Annddd I am stuck!

I have only a mask in inventory. Need lots of clue.
flowers are hint for colours in left side room to open door.
first one is purple.

Anyone here??

Now have a star and a mask.
Still no hints for anything though.

Just got here.

No mask....have a star left in my inventory and stuck.

Do you know what to do with the coloured balls slider in the 2x daisy scene above the centre door?

Oh - mask.....I picked that up quite late - it is for the room in behind the left door in the far right scene

I thought the hanging flowers in the far LH scene might be a clue for the sliders in the RH door far right scene, but no.

Got an arrow clue but no-where to use it.

Oh - missed navigation arrow R in scene with eyeless cave

The arrow clue is used after you open the door in the left hand scene.
Mask give arrow clue, very dark and hard to see.

One eye is in left scene hidden behind panel left side.

There is a paper hint for the six sliding colours over centre scene door further on.
Also a paper hint for the #'s all must add up to 12 but no matter what #'s I use it won't open.

Yes, arrow clue and place for stars after the eyeless cave scene! - 2 new scenes to right of that

Where did you put the stars???

NVM left and right of big gate.

I have tried the 3142 hint on the red circle where we put mask and on the sliders but no luck.

turn 6 color clue over for another 4 # clue

Yay! thanks Tiny! that give red green clue from the sliders.

Now if I could just figure out the #'s one.

LOL 3142 does work on red circles it gave a new 4 digit # on the chest on the side.

=12 puzzle--have to get it in the right spots. From memory:
top #s
5 5 2

bottom #s
6 6 3

Did not realize I could use same # twice.

I don't get the math - I have tried various ways of getting all lines to add up to 12...I hate when there is only one correct answer and various actual correct answers

Whew, lots of back and forth on this one but finally out.
Thanks for the help everyone.

Monica, I agree, if not for Tiny apple slices spoiler, I would have been there all day!

Where did u use the sythe? I'm stuck needing the 5th gem.

Actually the 4th of the 5 gems..

also need 2 birds

Used the scythe in right scene from start on left green Log in middle of screen.

TY Jenny. Hmmmm... must be missing something else. nothing left in inventory.
There's 4 windows that open but nothing behind. Was there a clue to open in a certain order that i missed?
Still looking for 2 birds.

scene were you put 3 diamonds.

The windows were never used.

The last 2 birds came from placing 6 stars at exit gate.

Tiny - get last 2 birds from GGR puzzle

Sorry - my mistake - Jenny is right - from stars

Don't miss the sneaky star in the right side panel where diamonds go.

That was it. :) TY again. I'm FREEEEEEEE!!!!

if you look at the star room after you open windows the last birdie

where do you use the shovel?

1 star cause I cant play cause I have adblock, upon disabling adblock I get a spam popup that tells me something is wrong with my PC and won't let me away unless I click OK to install, go fsck yourself!

Making the game so dark that you can't even see where to place things (even with screen brightness all the way up) does not make you clever. Other than that it was a good game.

Dark but not bad

Ginner, most left scene, rockformation on the left. Gives eye and stone

Good game except I wish they would have more than one solution to the math puzzle. Also, being able to use digits more than once was not obvious. Would have made more sense to have unique digits.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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