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Old Venice House Escape Walkthrough

Old Venice House Escape

Games4King - G4K Old Venice House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you have to escape from the old venice house, where you have been stuck. You need to get hidden rings and keys to escape by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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4# in shovel

oopS! I mean oar not shovel

Just in time to save me from the garbage that is GamesBold.

hi (again) ev1 ☺

yeah - a G4K on a Sunday - let's see...
(it's hopefully better than the previous one...)

grid: click the green buttons

Hiyo dudes!

paper for colored 4#

mallet for right wall in left room

positive - views are numbered (top left)

not so good: view numbers disappear after a little time...

magic stick from symbols go on hat

Hi guys!

windmill for left panel with colored arrows after opening door, word clue from hearts

Use the cane on the top hat.

Hiyo Lupp!

hoops for columns

animals for holes under 3x3 grid

oops, wanted to make a screenshot from pic puzzle, had 2 last tiles odd deliberately, but pic zoomed out anyway... :-/

ok, boy with maroon hair bottom left, girl with cap bottom right (hope that helps)

that jigsaw was long! got code for 3x3 grid

The willow tree goes on the left hand side of the picture.

green key for drawer under the jigsaw

made small pic bigger in paint anyway, it's a bit blurry, but I think you see enough to be helpful


code for 3x3 grid


(have trouble posting, slow internet here atm... :-/ )

Which columns for the hoops, Dazz?

I have the clue for the animal grid, but can't get it to do anything.

Rudigger, the columns in room with DOOR OPEN in right room of the left scene

The colors of the symbols are for the color code in the room before the jigsaw

I've tried that - doesn't work .....

my last duck was from colour code in view-6

hint on signpost in view-2, BUT

cyan is white in puzzle, red is orange, top to bottom at hint is clockwise from top left at puzzle

get scroll from captain

Colour clue from scene one (pirate) use on right column scene 6

ah, ok, seems so...

Pirate gives scroll for animal grid but it's not working yet

same here sweet...

Still need one animal head

Where to use the signpost clue

I thought the signpost clue is used for the number code in the right doorway from the courtyard but nothing I have tried is working.

AO, can you spoil the Color code from scene 6 - I don't get it at all - need more coffee ...;-)

we surely will write games4king in view-8 with the letter buttons ☻
(but they don't go in yet, maybe we need to have all first & the hint...)

Cant get the animal/home grid to work even though I have the clue? Still missing one animal head too................

Colour code scene 6 w/pp/o/r
for right column

Red x for me,

colour code right pedestal in view-6



So did I, geroffmeland!

Bear, I'm trying that too but cant get it to work, getting a bit frustrated with this one and think all those that have finished have left .............

Thanks AO; I've done that, but it didn't work and the hoops as well - there must be something fishy with whatever ....

I don't think anyone has finished. They just left out of frustration.

Stuck with S G E and N and the scroll.

Sue, I don't think that anyone has finished. Games4King put in the first vote which was 5 stars, and someone who got annoyed put in a vote of 1 star.

I have S G E N, the scroll and 3 animal heads I don't know what to do with.

Signpost with colours is also clue 4 numbers in View 5

Sweet the animals go in view 3

How, Skeleton? I've tried that a million ways.

for animal grid: click animal, just path corners and the home.
eg for lion: 1/6, 3/6, 3/4, 5/4, 5/2 and 6/2
position 1/1 is in bottom left corner (frog)

Thank you Skeleton. Where do I find the fourth one? I have a pig, mouse and rabbit?

Bear, spoiler for view 5


Ugh, I was so overthinking it. Thank you, Skeleton.

I still looking Sweet myself. Have the same myself.

ah, thx Hotz

(very odd way...)

this is complicated, thanks hotz

Hotz your a star

The animal puzzled doesn't light up or anything to indicate that you've done something correct or incorrect?

& thx Skeleton

(for me + only have 2 strokes, not 4...)

i cant get it to work as well Bear, no indication your getting it right.

if done correctly, animal will disappear

nope, not working

btw, diagonals are not corners

Bear, click the animal first

Thanks Hotz, finally got the animal grid. Need onw more ring and a solutiong for the 4 numbers in V5

pour water in hole in view-2 for hoop hint

and out :) very nice game, thank you G4K!!

and thank you guys for signpost clue!!!

I finally got it to work. It took a dozen times to get the chicken to work.

I can't get the bee?

very nice game, tricky animal puzzle - thx G4K ☺

i cant get it to work as well Bear, no indication your getting it right.


bee, 2nd row/4th column, 5/1, 5/3, flower

for bee click positions: 1/5, 5/5, 2/2, 4/2 and 6/1

bug: zoomed out and thought I'd have to repeat the thing, did the bee and it worked.

Thanks to whoever made me a wish, bet it's Bear dude:)

(took only empty squares, so only 4 columns, 6 rows)

pitcher for hole in ground, gives for hoops

out, thanks guys

hoops were annoying, drag each to the right side of your column

Thank you Skeleton. Where do I find the fourth one? I have a pig, mouse and rabbit?

Is anyone still here? I'm stuck on the 4x4 grid, clue in start scene

I must agree with Bear and gerrofmeland, this is not a cool game with the fact of the hoops placing, and that animal grid should've given a sign that it works after getting the clue

Hiyo yvonee!

click the position of the green ones

I'm still here Yvonne. The grid in Start scene is the clue for the grid in View 9, but it took me a few goes to get it right. If you cant get it by pressing the darker colours, then zoom out and back in and then try the lighter colours. Cant remember which was right. Have you done the 4 number puzzle in View 5?

Hi Dazz Ley :) I have, is it rows or columns?

Dazz, have you done the 4 numbers in V5 yet?I'm struggling here :)

rows duddette

Hi Sue, just done it, by rows!

Sue, the symbols in the signpost, count how many lines you draw for each symbol:


Oh for goodness sake LOL thanks Dazz


the only thing I don't get it were the colors on the signpost, didn't use them for anything

would like a cup Sue please!!

I used colours on signpost for view-6...

(see my comment at 3:51 AM, spoiler at 4:07 AM)

ahh but I used the hint from the symbols in first scene behind the pirate

Dazz Ley wasn't that the clue for the colours, AO posted 4.07

yeah, which hint to take is not clear, I took the one unused yet & not from a solved puzzle

I don't seem to be able to get the rings in order

put rings more right of the stick you wanna place it on

pffft!! whatever:)

Yvonnee, drag a little right to the column you want to place your hoop

AO, thank you :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Dazz Ley thank you :)

I liked the game, needed Hotz's hint for animals, wouldn't have got that, thank you Hotz :)

       Anonymous  8/21/16, 5:52 AM  

Can't geht the Animals to there home because I don't see if I click right. Don't no where to put the Hoops or the Letters.
I have the Scroll with the Animal Home Code, the Letters S, G, E, N, G and 8 Hoops.

Red X for me. The animal puzzle was ridiculous. and the sign post for 4#'s makes no sense.
No stars this time.

hoops go in scene with grid on the floor, but you have to solve grid first
(green hint squares mean click)
then 4 sticks will appear for hoops

letters go in animal puzzle scene, but you need to have all letters first & seen the hint (games4king)

animal puzzle


Might be a repeat
2 4
2 2

Nope on the animal puzzle.

       Anonymous  8/21/16, 6:23 AM  

Thank you
Now I'm out too. ^^

HUGE red x - the animal crixcrox puzzle is so buggy - sometimes they go in, sometimes they don't. I'm quitting

The game is definitely complex and requires time. I wouldn't be able to pass it without the clues here. I personally like complicated games, so I liked this one. I don't think it's buggy. At least I didn't experience any bugs. Everything worked for me. The only thing I would say is that there are too many similar puzzles, such as color puzzles. Hard to keep track of all of them when you see a clue. Loved the graphics.

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