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Royal Estate House Escape Walkthrough

Royal Estate House Escape

Games2Rule - Royal Estate House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to say in royal estate house for your holidays. But unfortunately you are locked inside this royal estate house. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this royal estate house by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Royal Estate House Escape

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Circle of symbols puzzle (various stars, heart, clock etc) not working even after seeing hint.

Lots of secret panels, click everywhere.

Use vases on bowls in start scene

Knife is used several times

Hi Zu :) symbols worked for me

Symbols puzzle working now - swapped two squares-with-circles.

Hi yvonne : )

Still have dress in inventory. Wonder if we're meant to do something else with it?

Have # clue from clock, a candle, a colour clue from kitchen, but no idea where to use and key... anyone found one?

Hi Chrissi M. no key yet, game crashed, starting over

What to do with the lamp?

Don't know... also no idea where to use candle

Still in inventory: plastic bottle (cleaning fluid?), candle, knife (already used), dress (one use so far), pencil, lamp, rolling pin (used once), pliers (used once), 2 vases (used - need 3 more, pendant from necklace.

Yes, candle is the problem too... Stuck

Now have book (from left room with long table) form which you can take 3 pages.

Used fluid, paper and pencil, but don't know what to do with the hint I got

There is a book in start scene, I think. take 3 pages and put them on the table in dining room, one by one

Put each page from book on blotter on long table. Use plastic bottle to drop ink onto each.

Thought pencil would write on the pages or the book, but no.

Its for puzzle in dining room

Hi Zuleika, use the pendant in starting scene left bottom under the clock

Hi Milena, put paper on pics with 1 cent and use pencil, look at background colour and circle colour, use on puzzle

Put papers on pics with coin and then use pencil

Hi Yvonne. Did that, but which puzzle?

Milena, the one in far left room, at end of table

Lol - all that for a vase of flowers : )

Oh, got it! Thank you, Yvonne

The puzzle in dining room... the 4x3 grid puzzle... look at the coins... the outside ring is the colour in background and the circle is the colour for the strokes...

Use crow bar on clock

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where is the crowbar?

Running circles... no idea where to use candle, clues or where to find any key... its frustrating

I think crowbar came from flowerpots in bedroom, if I correctly remember

It is, thank you, Chrissi, found it, and now stuck again

Milena, the numbers left after using crow bar on clock use on stars in kitchen

You're welcome... I think no we stuck all together at same place...

Thank you yvonne... I never try that

A key!!!

Chriss M. I'm like a mad woman trying everything everywhere LOL

Take the candle back after you have lit the match, you need the candle another time at iron

LOL press buttons till something happen... me too :)

Poke a lighted match into a socket!!!!

Great, now have 4 lamps I can't get rid of!

There's a hot spot on the green pillow, but nothing in inventory works on it.

Where to put red swans or lamps and where is the second peacock

Something was hidden there

Use candle or math on upside down funnel thing to get pendant - placing pendant you get blue thing to open safe

need 1 more pendant..

Lol got it after putting the sponge on soap and after that cleaning that, what looks for me like a frame before bedroom....

i need one more plant

Me too Jason... also I want to know where to use the long hook

Chrissi M. did you use the candle on the net, right room?

nvrmnd. got it with the hammer tx!

spoiler - long hook under the table in the room with the yellow and green lamps

Thank you Jason...
Yeah, got that one yvonne, thanks

Hi guys - where did you get the fluid/ink?

OUT! Thanks at all

Hi Monica stair scene far right

I think the fluid came from the grey tin in dining room...

Or so... LOL yvonne, can't remember

Chrissi M. game has crashed twice, know downstairs off by heart now LOL

Ho hum - How did I miss that fluid?!!!!

Monica, easy to do, dark item in dark spot :)

where is the last lamp, please?

My last lamp was from hitting that plant stand near the staircase with the crowbar.

Some of these clues are really out there. Putting a match in an electrical socket??? It took forever because there really wasn't any logic to this at all. 3/5

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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