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Salar De Uyuni Escape Walkthrough

Salar De Uyuni Escape

CoolGames8 - Salar De Uyuni Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. Salar de Uyuni is the world's Reviews largest salt flat. It's the legacy of a prehistoric lake that went dry, leaving behind a desertlike, bright-white landscape of salt, rock formations and cacti-studded islands. Its otherworldly expanse can be observed from the central Incahuasi Island. A traveler lost here, and he wants to find a way out. Good luck and have fun!

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Didn't take me long to get stuck! Have green and red ball, opened number safe, put cheese in trap and in mousehole, put mouse in mousehole.

Have matches and mouse in inventory. One picture clue and the other picture is black. Don't know what to do with sofa, tried to set it on fire and also tried to sit mouse on it. Snake doesn't want the mouse.

Can't solve 4 letter puzzle with 2K3J hint.

Update - found ice cube and melted it with matches to get yellow marble.

Picked up a knife along the way, used on sofa. Got blue marble, now have 4 but can't place last one in egg. Need to solve 4 letter puzzle, would appear that there is a missing partial clue.

Also in. Where did you find the knife?

That's a good question, Mr. Techie....might have been the opening scene with the snake. I was clicking everywhere when suddenly it appeared in my inventory...sorry I can't be more helpful.

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It's ok. That's what I figured. I've been pixel hunting all over for it

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Ah, the snakes fang was the knife.

Maximon ,in the last game ,do you remember the abreviation of the frame with water? we had flower ,mountain etc...the first and last letter ? I check with that clue but I don't know this one ?

juliette58, I was thinking the same thing. I know CG8 has used this clue before so I am checking some of the old walkthroughs to see if anyone posted the solution.


Same clue was used in Wonderful Fantasy Escape

Very difficult to place the color balls, I think we need a clue for the color order....back to Wonderful Fantasy Escape!

Wow Thank you Max !

The hotspots for the colored balls are misaligned. aim above each spot by a bit


Yes that's it

Color order is correct, opens a new portal to a new scene....rats, I thought we were done!

Just had a magnifier pop into my inventory from somewhere. Window or rocks in new scene

Oh, look, it's the rest of the letter clue! Got a magnifying glass, need a place to use it!

I think it was on a window ledge, Mr. Techie. Seems we need a screwdriver.

i'm afraid to join in... i'm two cocktails deep and i can barely play these games with a clear head! i might have to wait and see if anyone actually makes it out first

Oh dear, just used mag glass on empty picture frame in snake scene.......need 3 words!

Screwdriver came from solving 4 letter clue in sofa scene. appears under roof on right side of building

leoinparadise, if one of those cocktails was a screwdriver, then we need you! :)

Thanks, Mr. Techie, just found it.

Word solution use the pictures and what they depict

Escaped, Yay!! Give pink diamond to snake.

I am really confused about the order of the clues. We should not have had to guess at the 4 letter word clue.

Also, there should have been a clue somewhere in the game to give the correct color order for the marbles because you need that to open the new scene. I obviously missed it if there was one.

haha! nice joke Maximom! i'm going in since the game seems to actually be playable. will most likely need the hints left by you and Mr. Techie :)

Maximon what's the first word ,I have the two others please...

Yeah, it was the lack of the ball color order that made it mixed up. I never did find that clue.

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juliette58, waterfall

For another time ,thank you Maximom !:o)

and juliette also! thanks for the hints! not very far along just yet

stuck already and not willing to waste my small buzz anymore. will play again later :)

Mini Walkthrough - hints have been previously posted above in more detail

(Note game is similar to Wonderful Fantasy Escape, tab key can be used to find hotspots)

Snake scene: Find knife, notice 2 mouseholes, painting of waterfall with hint _KJ_, blank painting

Go left (sofa scene): find 2 pieces of cheese, ice cube, 6 letter clue, 4 letter puzzle
Use knife on sofa and get blue marble

Snake scene: place one piece of cheese in left mousehole, get red marble

Go right (egg scene): Find clue paper behind egg, place 2nd piece of cheese in mousetrap and get mouse, open # safe using clue from sofa scene and clue paper behind egg to get green marble

Snake scene: place mouse in right mousehole for matches, use matches on ice cube in inventory bar, get yellow marble

No one was able to locate a clue for the marble order so we used the clue from Wonderful Fantasy Escape: YRBG

Portal opens to new scene

New scene: find magnifying glass in left windowsill of building on right, find picture of mountain with clue U_ _ D, notice picture with screws

Return to sofa scene: combine letter clues for 4 letter puzzle: UKJD, get screwdriver

Return to new scene: use s/d on painting to reveal picture of ocean

Return to snake scene: use magnifying glass on blank picture to reveal 3 word puzzle (solutions are what picture depict)

Get pink gem, give to snake, escape

Oh dear, i can't play this game cause there is a giant Ad at the left that covers a part of the game. I do have abp adblocker but it appaerently doesn't help... What can i do remove this ad?

On the upper right of the ad is there an X that you can click on with a drop-down menu? If so, select "Ad covers the page". Otherwise, I think they rotate the ads so you can wait a bit and see if a different ad appears. Also, you could try the Sniffmouse site and see if it is better there.

ALso, I don't think you need to pause Adblocker on Sniffmouse.

Thanks Maximon. I refeshed the page several times and suddenly I coud click on an x in the uppercorner of the ad. Before I didn't have that x. The only ad I still have is in the lower part. I can't click on that one. I do can play the game now, but the ad is anoying! No x there to click on. well, thanks again Maximom!

The ad on the bottom usually has an x in the bottom far right of the ad, barely visible, but when you try to close it you can end up opening the ad anyway.

Didn't care for having to guess words based on what the picture depicts.

Played twice and both times letter box did not give me screwdriver - just black hole...

tania, same here! had to use tab to find it. it was on upper-right of the right window sill. never was able to see the clue on the blank picture frame so i gave up right at the end

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