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Yolk Saturday Hangover 1 Walkthrough

Yolk Saturday Hangover 1

YolkGames - Yolk Saturday Hangover Escape I is another point and click escape game developed by Yolk Games. Drunken Johnny found himself helpless in a friend's home after a saturday night party. His friends left him alone. He needs to go home but he is still in hangover, can’t come out from there. Help him to make it. Good luck and have fun!

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LOVE the domino puzzle

Shapes go on pipe puzzle under sink

Dominoes were easy enough, but I haven't figured out the one on the door. There's a pink clover shaped button that I found and added to it, but still can't get any more movement than what I started with.

Pry mirror with fork from yable

Hot spot to right of table

Ah, you drag that button around.

Where to use green bottle?

Gak! when you land on a different pattern, those gates are controlled; you lose control of the others.

Behind mirror is 14-7-5, that isn't what I counted for first number.

Use green bottle after solving pipes puzzle

Use bottle in hole to the right of the table, after you get water.

Out, a puzzle game instead of a find-the-clue-and-type-it-in game. I like that!

Yep, interesting all around. I never related the numbers clue to the count behind the mirror, just added a few to the count till it opened.

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I like that the puzzles don't reset when zooming out

bummer, expected a real puzzle behind mirror, but you only have to click the next indicated dot...

btw, pentagon from mirror puzzle

sink puzzle is pretty easy

just connect the 2 blue corresponding shapes

door puzzle

click the corresponding direction arrow on pink button & drag

finally got door puzzle

before changing to red, leave the yellow barriers horizontal

you can then pass thru the top red barrier, then the bottom one

interesting fun game, sth different - liked the puzzles, esp. the domino one - thx Yolk ☺

(just the music I had to mute - sth more subdued would have been great...)

btw, where was the hangover guy? ;-P

i wanna see that hangover.. guy... i have seen the text in the end that hangover guy ll be seen in nxt series...

Hi Game Lovers,

This is from YolkGames

You can see the hangover guy in our upcoming Hangover series...and he can do more funny things to make excite you...

Thanks for your support ...

How do i refresh the door-puzzle? I didn't put the yellow back to horizontal and am stuck now.

Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen: You cant refresh ... but it easy to finish..

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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