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Mirchi Secrets of Murder Hospital Escape Walkthrough

Mirchi Secrets of Murder Hospital Escape

MirchiGames - Mirchi Secrets of Murder Hospital Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game, you have to find a virus which is more harmful to human being and kill the virus using medicine. You have to solve some interesting puzzles and find different keys to unlock the cupboards. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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Three games posted at once? I guess I'll do the Mirchi one first. (:

paper piece is in scene with colored number box...

Hi, Hotz. (:

Eye dropper (for ink) can be found in scene with the clipboard and half note. Hot spot is right of the right-most column.

And make sure to help out that poor kitty out in front of hospital when you find a bandage.

Hi seraku.
what to do with dropper (+ink), chemical, microscope glass and letter?
I am so tired of this pixel hunt...

Some sneaky hot spots for alternate zoomed in views in this one.

The wheel and key (from cat) go to a safe that you can find in the scene right of the one when you first enter the hospital. Click on the top of the slightly angled table.

@Hotz, Is there another letter besides the half note then? I must be missing another hot spot.

and POP. Found the letter in the right-most scene.

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a very easy Mirchi game ! :D

Ah, you can find a key on the steps leading into the hospital.

ok, dropper for opened box in third scene...

@Hotz, the one with the four colors? Haven't seen any clues for that one yet.

And this darned key doesn't fit the only lock I have found. /:

four colors ---flowers :P

@PeteBarbu, No, that one is much too far right in the game. The one with the thermometer-looking things is what I presume Hotz was talking about.

i am already out,i will enter once more to see

where you found ink,you can find clue for the four colors,using a key

Filled eye-dropper with hydrogenperoxide before I dropped ink in chest for color-code. Now I can´t get the color-code...


The key found on stairs doesn't work on box in scene #4, but it should.

@PeteBarbu, thanks for the assistance, but I am afraid this one must clearly be beyond me. I have a key that, by all accounts, should open the only lock that I can find (which just so happens to be the exact box you mentioned). So, either I am a complete dunce or there is a bug in the game.

Either way, sorry, Mirchi, I am leaving this one early. Not a fan of the illogical pixel hunt.

sorry about that Seraku...lets play Zombie mall :D

Video walkthrough shows key from front stairs opening the chest at bottom of CB in 4th scene to get the color clue for 3rd scene...but my key won't open it...I probably did something out of order...not restarting

Keys from shoes in the front door steps does not work in the safe cabinet.

Please Mirchi go back to the old style games. This one is horrible. Not going on.

from good games to just bad games

Filled eye-dropper with hydrogenperoxide before I dropped ink in chest for color-code. Now I can´t get the color-code...

Hello Mirchi, I never post, but I need to tell you that the quality of your games is getting very low, please go back to your old style, we love them and they are not so dark, having to start a game over and over because some cliché is annoying. sorry I like to be honest with people.

What a load of crap!

No fun for a Mirchi Game. The same as FEG. Now the sound when you collect an item disapeared. 0 stars.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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