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Butterfly Escape 71 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 71

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 71 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. There are 10 butterflies trapped in the room and you will need to catch them all. Start looking for hints and some objects that could help you to solve the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Yes!! Thank you Angelika!!

hi guys:)

butterfly behind cushion

sqaure hint behind couch

ohhhh Sneaky Hint behind the couch...

hammer from squares for safe

hi (again) all ☺

yay a live BF escape!

hammer for Safe

hi AO Superstar!

slow loading...

piano for the I II III

That final puzzle is a real swine!
Hi AΩ and Sharon.

well that was very tricky!

10 button hint are the cbs with puzzles,click those that do not have anything

       Anonymous  8/29/16, 11:29 AM  

excellent game, thanks

the Glasses are for the painting....

can't find where to use SD?

it goes on the brick

       Anonymous  8/29/16, 11:32 AM  

To Dazz Ley:

Check the red x top of word code.


the key is for the doll house

Ahh thanks Guri!

right on top of piano!

grab the cloth and use it on the side of the big cabinet...dirty there!

oh but make sure you dip it in the tub before you go

BALDWIN for letters on the house

Thanks for key hint Sharon,been searching

oh, I like the doll house ♥

ahh! word code needs 2 clues, check spot top left of piano

pen for note

And out!!! Thank you Angelika!! very nice game! pretty tricky in a few spots. Enjoyed it! ThxACxo :-D

note for phone, 5294 for safe

hint from bathtub:


4,1,2,3 from TV is combined with colored box for color code:


Oh and the last puzzle with the blue dots is NOT easy!

Mig Uri,Sharon I am very grateful to you for the nice comments!хо



flowers for vases

my hammer d/w on safe... (glitch?) :-/

colored box for final slider puzzle, count cyan position:


colored box for final slider puzzle, count cyan position:


thanks for another fabulous game Angelika! You're the best:)

could reach the safe to put numbers in without using hammer ☻

Dazz Ley Thank you very much for your kind words!хо
AlphaOmega (ΑΩ)- without hammer it is impossible, it is possible at you a glitch

zoom in on red X first before you can clean cabinet

ah, final puzzle behind painting with flowers

need a break as this puzzle is a PITA for me...! :-/

Could please somebody spoil the word-puzzle for me? English isn't my native language and this is quiet hard.

Why cant I find this elusive tub?

a break is really always good - back & solved final puzzle pretty quickly - BFs are free & stay alone again with the remaining glitchy hammer ☻

Спасибо за замечательную игру Ангелика ☺

& thx ppl for your hints, needed some of them urgently for this clever game

have a look on Nietzsche pic with 3D glasses & on top of piano for order - it's not a word, just a sequence of letters A-Z

unlock doll house, there's a bathroom

Thanks, Alpha! And i was wondering for an hour now...

AlphaOmega (ΑΩ)thank you very much for nice comment!

Well I cant seem to find a key and I have solved all the puzzles that I can I usually breeze thru having a tough one today not with it I guess

Loved the game but not the last puzzle.

LeAnn, the key is in a brick above the piano - see the red X on the mirrored cabinet. Use your SD

Where is this elusive SD?

SD was on side of the piano - use the open/shut cabinets for the 10 squares.

p.s. When you zoom in on the piano, you'll see a green side arrow

Thanks Janet!

Janet thank you very much, it is not to everyone's taste)

I am late again but if anyone happens to pop in, I need help with the letters. I have tried the letters themselves, using the alphabet (the second and third letters would be hand J and that is not a choice). I love Angelika games and am not giving up so easily!

The letters - there was a clue on the piano that said A -> Z. So you take the four letters from the picture and just put them in A to Z order.

Fabulous game Angelika - very clever! Always something new!

I thought I did, that would make it dhjm but there is no h or j. I think my brain is numb from the heat or something Janet! lol

Did you use the 3D glasses on the Nietzsche quote picture to see the green letters?


My four letters were t c d n.

That's what I used the first time! I used the glasses and checked the top of the piano also. Hmmm looks like I missed a tiny step somewhere or need to restart as my computer has a problem! lol

Yes now take those four letters and put them in A to Z order

Aha!! That was the problem!! After hours of my non thinking you just made me facepalm! haha thank you!

Needs a skip button for the last puzzle. Otherwise, great game!

Nice game. One thing, after using my hammer, it remained in inventory.

Last puzzle pretty tough, but an excellent game as always!

AmyElvis, K Stevens, Tiny Apple Slices, Maggie,smokehalo Thank you very much for the nice comments! I will consider your wishesэ.

Wow - that was a hard one for me!
Great game ty Angelika

Thanks Angelika for nice game :)

last puzzle difficult for me too
thanks all for help !

Rüdiger Lupp, seb thank you very much!

Great game Angelika
Hardest one ever
First time ever I needed so much help

I, II, III puzzle doesn't make sense. How do you know which piano key to start with? Someone help please.

For I II III you need the correct view of the piano keys....

Rington - you can zoom in on the left side of the piano keyboard (took me a bit to notice that). That's where you get the I II III sequence.

Where to clean the cabinet? I've zoomed in on x, and I've dampened the cloth.

Thanks Janet for your help. However, the only left zoom I get is a bunch of piano keys. If that's what you're talking about, then I'm not sure where to begin and end.

Janet, talk about overthinking it. I re-looked at it and realized I should be focusing on the tan keys, not the white ones...thinking I'm smarter than the average bear. Thanks again.

Good game, why only 3 stars? Easily a 4.5 stars game, I think. Everything's logical, but help was needed, though, I'm not good in finding hotspots.

Needed help 3 times -- never could find the hotspot where to use the damp cloth, then my last butterfly was behind the square puzzle but never could find the hint behind the couch, and the silliest thing was that I sweated with the slider puzzle half an hour or so, hopelessly trying to create the shape of the castle tower (434434, the pic above the puzzle), idiot me, finally gave up and came here to look for a hint, it turned out that the clue was somewhere else. After that I made it very quickly.

Thanks, Angelika!

Cyndee - yes zoom in on the red X and then move your cursor to the left. Very small hotspot there to get you to the cabinet side.

And also the strange thing that I got hammer from my last puzzle (squares), but couldn't find any object for hammering, so the hammer fluttered away with the butterflies, I think.

I read here that hammer was needed for the safe glass, I did break it presumably with some other tool, maybe the damp cloth, because at some moment the glass was gone and I could open the safe.

Never mind, I did find the place, but the blue ball thing is kicking my butt.

I went to the video w/t and the blue puzzle was not even as I had imagined (copying the picture), so all my effort was for nothing. Copied the moves and got out. Thanks for the help.

Gave up, I didnt like the last ball puzzle. I dont like random puzzles

Joe M, punnivinn, thank you very much!

Hey Lordesigns!

I clicked on the middle buttons and made 2, then went back to the last ones,then the first ones

sorry, in a game was a mistake, I will correct soon

I agree Punnivin
Not fair to rate a game low because it is more difficult than we are used to
I struggled
That was NOT the game
It was me. The last ball puzzle was NOT random
One just had to press the balls and see whhat happened
The quality of the game was excellent Angelika
keep it up
We just have to step up our thinking
5 stars from me

Joe: "One just had to press the balls and see whhat happened" That means random. Joe, always love your comments, but that last puzzle was random. If you have to press buttons just to see what happens with no clue, that is random and I have no interest.

Joe M Thank you very much! Similar puzzles met in other games, and it were pleasant to all therefore I have made, I won't do any more....

Angelika - please know I love your games. They are always challenging and we know you work to keep them original and fun to play. It's always a joy to see you've posted a new game. But yes, thank you, to work so hard to finish your game and then be faced with that last puzzle - it was a bit overwhelming. At least for me. But, so kind of you, always to listen to us. Thank you Angelika.

Janet Thank you very much for the nice comments and kind words! I have a positive attitude towards constructive criticism.

Lor Designs
I see what you mean
I phrased it wrong
There was a logic to the balls ..

Thanks, Angelika, for another beautiful and challenging game! Always worth the wait. I love your creative and difficult puzzles. Fun! Five stars!

FireFly Many thanks, I very much am grateful to you!

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