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The Cube Hotel Escape

T34 - The Cube Hotel Escape is another Chinese point and click type escape the room game by T 34. In this game, you are trapped in a house and you have to search around to find some clues and solve puzzles to escape the house. There are five possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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The Cube Hotel Walkthrough (Lost Ending)
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To play click left chinese writing then type your nick

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Interesting game. It's a pity that I don't know Chinese.

Good one

The game is long and interesting. In the game you can continue,taking pictures,move around the map. The Crescent in the window turn it over.On paper with A=1,b=2 enter the word.This paper should be wet after the passage to the third room ,the stairs in the pool.One triangle to look behind the right chair(can't remember which floor)On the TV to watch the sequence,then click on the panel

Code of the TV to enter in the panel next to the room number 6 (where is pool)On the card mirror the code in the panel,where to insert the orange and the pink triangle.

You gotta love when most of the comments are positive - and yet it has a 1-star average score after 5 ratings...

blue triangle is behind R chair on 2nd floor after you find the stairs

I blew up Playing again. Wanted to take key number 3.And accidentally took . With the third key I don't have time to see the bar in the billiard room. And then with 4 triangles did not know how to show it.Now again trying to play on the new.I wonder who puts the points? Does anyone have passed all levels?

bio this game is super-complex and difficult - that scares people. They should refrain from rating a game they don't intend to play, but they never do.
btw, the 3 icons at the top of the screen are: look at your photos, take a photo, menu. On the menu are (under the green letters): save game, load game, sound effects, music, one I don't know (the third checkbox), and go to main menu. On the main menu, at the bottom: start new game, load game, see your progress. There are 9 possible endings, depending on decisions you make in the game. (some will be ways to die horribly I'm sure.) Not sure yet what A-G means. You can click on characters to the right and see some statistics (in Chinese). So far I just have the main character and a demon girl. Also from there you can load a game or return to the main menu.
The demon girl locked me into a room I can't get out of in one scenario - it pays to save your game often, even though it will autosave for you. i.e. you may do something you'll regret.

She locked me in again, but tis time I figured out how to open the door - use triangles as Nafanja said above, and enter the year

I already managed to die)

Wet paper is a code to the door ,where to insert 4 triangles.In the billiard room there is a bar(can't see it) is the code to the correct setting triangles.The game has been updated. I played the old version.

Hi Nafanja, I just got main ending #1, in the room that says 'BOOM' - now have 15% progress

Hi) Strange,now I could see the bar in the Billiards room,but I didn't have my key. Without the key number 3 seems can't get any further. In the pool, I came across the room 3.

Yes,exactly. First, to see the room,then take the key to room 8.

On TV code

Have to go do other things, but I'll be back! The previous game by this group, the Rosefinch Curse, took weeks to play. If we wait long enough, there'll be an English translation, but it might not help very much...

Yes, I noticed that TV code is the same in all games. Other things change, like the letters on the clocks and the first 4# code.

Somebody opened a 6-digit code in the F2?

7. don't know how in the circle to press. The tips are not seen.

On the floor where is room 9 (where blow) six-digit code on the wet paper of number N, each multiplied by 1.5, and Z is necessary to multiply each by 3.(peeked).Triangles are inserted in the panel in the billiard room(read color vertical) the First two numbers of the code are already(set).

I don't know how in the forum to insert the screenshots. Without them it would be difficult to understand the explanations.

Nafanja, you can use this:


You have to create a free account. Then you can just post the address of your picture here.

On the 2nd floor of table with numbers and directions,if you pass the path of the selected number of steps and direction ,you get a number code. (each group separately)

just1,thank you very much) I'll try)

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I finally got This code will be useful for the panel where to insert the Crescent.Code left and right=0 and to the center of the insert 4 numbers with this code.

Well, well ,well... The first game by T34 has rating of 4.5 stars and 1582 (!) comments.
I am impressed.

Internal link:

Understand how to solve the color code(9 colored squares).On the principle pyatnashek.Vertical,horizontal,diagonal=15.

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Another T34!!! @just1, are we up to it? If I could only get the game loaded...

Hi zoz! I thought you'd be along for this. Of course we're up to it! But I don't have much time right now - I'll work on it a little every day till we get it cracked. Nafanja's already blazed a good trail.

I can't get the #*#^! game to load! Is there some secret I should know?

ZOZ,I quickly loaded.Don't know how to help. The game is long.Can clean computer,cookies,cache,history? I badly understand in a computer.I have Yandex browser.

@Nafanja, thanks for trying to help. I've cleared cookies and local storage and still can't seem to get beyond 4% loaded. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow?

Finally! I tried "one last time" before heading off to bed and... it loaded! Now I'm afraid to close it, but I need to sleep. Hope to see you, just1 and Nafanja (and whoever else decides to give this a go), tomorrow!

ZOZ ,I'm glad you did it) I have the game and passing on the forum threw in bookmarks.Convenient.Only in the game I'm stuck. White and red squares and quadratique and palm in the center on the monitor in kompyutornoy room. Haven't opened the 3 and 6 digit codes. There is a panel where the Crescent was inserted 5 digit code . It is necessary to convert probably. Don't know how.

In the computer room at the monitor with the palm, perhaps the palms on the walls scattered in different rooms to press boxes. For this we need all the palm to take a picture.I'll try to make a diagram. On the map, you can check boxes to put on the iconic places.

Got excited with the palms of your hands) Not all the rooms were,where the palm is.

Been trying to play since yesterday but the game won't load, it stays at 0% :( in chrome, might try it on firefox

Maybe my link will help?

Nope, still not loading for me, sucks!!!

@aridza & zoz: I'm using FF on a Mac - I had to try 3x but it finally loaded - took a half hour or so; but now when I close it, it loads quickly again

Ok, I'll just leave the window open for a while, tried a few times leaving it open for a few minutes and it never loaded (0%)

10 min later and it still is at 0%...

@aridza, it took all day for me, but as you can see (above), it finally loaded around 12;45 this morning. It works in both Safari and in Chrome and loads quickly now. All I can tell you is Keep Trying!

to start game I go thru 3 screens where I click on purple circle then green words then ok.
When I get to what the 1st comment says:{ To play click left chinese writing then type your nick } The ok will not click for me to go on. Any help so I can start game?

I start the game - click the pink circle,then the bottom green characters in the box,then OK.Then the lower left character.Introduced in the number and OK.Then at the bottom in the credits by the green arrow.And if the inventory appears white sheet and a black screen,then error. Have a new try to load the game.I was so.

Sue ,I enter the nick you entered the numbers ,not the letters.

In the room with the big bear is better not to go through doors. Kill.

what do i put in the box? ok is not clickable. i tried random letters/numbers

Top right click the label and enter in the saved game.But first, start,dark screen. Maybe the game broke down from overloading?Change nick and a black screen.

@nomelted Yes, the Dream House is an exceptional game, huge and detailed, with several possibilities. But very difficult to figure out how your decisions create "branches" in the gameplay, without learning it from all the comments (including the creator who explained a lot).

@just1, You mentioned Rosefinch Curse, which I never got to play since English version came out, and now that site is dead:
Does anyone know if that might come back online somewhere? The creator is apparently still making games, since we have Cube Hotel now.

@KRL, I went looking, but could only find it working in Chinese:


You're right, the T34 site doesn't load any more.

I seem to have misplaced my thinking cap, and I definitely need it for this game. I did get the "Boom Room" ending, but now I'm stuck. I can't back out of the room the girl locked me in (the one where you use the pink and light orange triangles and the year), and I can't seem to go forward through the door that takes four triangles and a code starting with 03. I entered the N and Z values, as Nafanja posted, but I must be getting the triangles wrong. Now I can't get back to the starting place. What am I missing? ( also can't do the wheel/cog puzzle with "N" on the left, and others).

AhHa! POP! It's dark B, light B, light O, dark O. And onward.

I lost my thinking cap years ago, since then I've been using one I found at a garage sale - @zoz, could you give me a boost through that door? I don't understand Nafanja's hints. My #s start with 27, which is 1.5 x 18, but beyond that I can't make sense out of it.

btw you get locked in here even if you don't have a wet paper - what triggers it is going to the 5th floor. So I think we haven't found any divergent paths yet.

Also, my paper has the big Z followed by N, but the triangles will only go in the door the other way, so it looks like NZ. And I have only 4 triangles - blue, cyan, orange and pink. Do you have another?

@just1, I clearly need to frequent the yard sales!
As for the way through the door, I think I put (after 03) 27, 09, and 18. Then the triangles as I said above. That got me through the door but I couldn't do a thing in the next room - not even see the pad beside the next door.

Have you gone through the 2,3,1 < door? I had to give up yesterday because of a killer headache that kept me up most of the night and made me sick to boot. But it's mostly gone now, so I'm going to see if I can make ANY progress.
Let me know how you're doing!

oh, I only have the four triangles, as well.

I think that next door (the library) takes a red key, at least according to the map. But I don't have any colored keys :'(

omg, all I had to do to open the door from the library (through the door with the NZ code) is wave the 2041 card over it! I swear I tried that before. Anyway, onward!

OK, I found the red key, just through door 5. "all" I had to do was solve the grid (9x, each way=15), then the 2R, 2U, 2D, 2R board, then go to another floor (4?) and enter the code on the digital wall board (code is 0xxxx0 where xxxx= the code from the 2R board), which I think is where I got the #5 key. And now I've run out of steam. I may be forgetting some steps but I'll try to fill in for anyone who gets stuck.
Oh, I got another ending, this one was the first of the "Other" endings.

The colored squares are solved with the hint.Try to give the link.


Don't know this code was on the 4th floor

I Decided code 6-digit)I give a link. Solved in the same way as with a Crescent moon) Left and right =0.

Z and N can be solved as follows.

I got Caught up myself in another new window of the game. In the computer room to open the code back up.Does not work. Like you with the upper palm on the wall and on the decline.Don't know how in the screenshot to group images.

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If anyone has found the red key,it is not for doors and Windows. 2 times I used it.

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@Nafanja, thank you so much for the links! I have reached a point where I suspect a bug: after successfully doing the 3x3 grid computer puzzle, I get a code 0000048, which I enter in the box on the wall of the lower left room on 4F for a second battery. Going back to the 3F computer room, both computers are flashing 000048 and the "hand puzzle" had disappeared. I've played 2 different games with the same result. Have you gotten through this point?

@just1: for the sequence of four triangles where the NZ code goes, each game has a different sequence. Once you're sure of the NZ numbers, brute force the triangles.

for the 3x3 computer grid, look at the top line and see that adding two grids will add a red box where there is a white one and remove a red box where there is a red one, so
xox (x=red and o=white)



Each number is represented by a red box in the corresponding grid box, so

ooo = 1

oxo =5

Add the five digit number from the wall (where you entered the code from the 2R, 2L board) to the five grids along the bottom of the computer screen.

So my five digit number was 20010, so I add



to get

and I add nothing (i.e., 0) to grids #2,3, and 5. I add 1


to get

and then I get the flashing message with 000048.

But I lose the hand puzzle on the other computer.

Hi, I'm restarting so I can try to understand everything...I just realized what Nafanja meant earlier by colors on a panel - ifyou look around the rec room before picking up the key, the lock on the opposite door has letters of four colors, sort of: blue, fire, pink, cyan. Probably different order in a different game. But this should be the order for triangles in the stairwell with the Boom Room.

the RFP,triangles not brute force. I wrote about it. In the billiard room is a panel with the letters. And if you read vertically,read the order of the color triangles.

ZOZ ,I just stuck with the codes in the computer room. Code by hand in the monitor and the white-red squares on a different monitor still does not fit in my head)the man with two Brains)

And according to other reviews I understood that if you first solve the white-red squares,then the monitor with the palm can not be resolved. In this case, I suspect there must be another game. I try to deal first with the palm. There are 7 rooms on the map ,where there are palms in different height levels.8 room is not open. She's in the top row in the middle. Have already pressed the square. And here it is top down view of the map(put a tick)to number the rooms from top to bottom. So far I have failed.

Translation difficulties and peculiarities of speech can create difficulties of understanding the comment.On the monitor in the center of the palm and one square is already clicked. On the map you can view room with accommodation on different levels with his hands. Understand that you need to set the order of pressing the square. I will try)

@Nafanja, I just played yet another game, this time doing the hands code first, before the grid. And I even discovered the vertical clue for the four triangles in the billiards room (Note to others: explore that room before taking the 3 key!)
For the hand code, look at the positions of all the hands in all the rooms on 3F. The 8th position is the bottom, and the first position is the top. You can fill in the missing room after getting the other 7, but on the hand computer screen I think it's already white. Just click on the squares in order 1-8, using the map positions as a guide.
I hope that helps!
Now I've played quite a bit and gone back to the computer grid puzzle, but I cannot seem to get it. Time for a break!

It confuses me that the code ZN peeped. I haven't seen the clues. There were several doors with three-digit,six-digit and more-less sequence. And the code that ZN is opened by brute force. The game is certainly difficult,but there must be incorporated some logic and common sense?) зоз

ZOZ , I left the middle square down and on the map top middle room is not open. And where to start and how to not count the open room.. not clear.While the room is not open,it turns out that, again, we open with brute force?..

Some rooms include buttons and on the ceiling there is a star. In the aisle in the computer room there are green and red buttons. I guess green is the enabled button.What gives?

I also took pictures of signs in different rooms. It seems in the room where the card is inserted(use code 2014 is a sign of the Chinese type h=10 .Chart hell ... what's all the hint)))

@Nafanja, for the hand puzzle
1. determine the position of each hand in the rooms around the center (computer) room.
2. for the top middle room fill in the missing number.
For example, I had
7 __ 6
8 [ ] 4
2 3 5

(the [ ] is for the middle room; the ___ for the top middle unopened room).
So the top middle unopened room must be 1.
The hands are numbered according to their vertical position on the wall:
| 1 (top) |
| 2 |
| 3 |
| 4...etc |
down to
| 8 (very |
| bottom|

As for the green & red buttons in the panel on the bathroom wall by the mirror entrance to the computer room:
1. solve hand puzzle
2. click the white writing under the cube that appears on the computer screen.
3. Use the stairs to get to first floor. On the wall at the foot of the stairs (right wall) is a diagram of the buttons. Solid circles and dashed line circles indicate green & red (or red & green, I can't remember.) you'll need to look elsewhere for what the correct order of buttons does, because I did not write it down!

You can explore the building once the cube is activated, then go back to the computer to deactivate it.

My goodness, I write looonnng comments!

Cheers) I opened the palm)Found the key to the chest. Couldn't find the room key 7. But I haven't opened the red-and-white squares. A hint on the stairs saw. Tried to press red and green buttons.Failed. The link to the hint.
Played a few times and a five-digit code might be for this picture

Opened the red-and-white squares. I put first all the squares in the first upper example.Top left =0.Once you click on the square =9.2% =8, etc. and thus exhibited a five-digit code. It came with batteries. In the basement(toilets and showers) are unable now to pass.What to do next I do not know) became Entangled in the rooms)))

the era ,please,where is the machine room? And buttons at the tip of the stairs I pushed this way and that,and nothing happened. In short I'm stuck)

hi everyone. I managed to the computer room. still can't solve the palm puzzle and the red & white grids =$. Any hints? I read zoz's comment but don't quite get it��

@hoo uno, I'm not sure I can explain the hand and grid puzzles any better, but if you have specific questions (about the puzzle or my comments), I will try to answer
@Nafanja, I will try to figure out what it is that the green/red buttons do

is the palm puzzle an order of clicking the 7 squares according to palm positions of each room, staring from room 302 going clockwise? Eg. room 302 is top right corner? Are the colors red and white of the palms relevant?

I found a major change; once I had completed the hand puzzle, I just could not get the grid puzzle to work. The secret was to add my 5-digit number to the upper left grid on the map.
So for my 5-digit number, 34988 I added




to get


I don't know if my previous hint was wrong or if doing the hand puzzle first caused the method to change, but I hope this helps someone!

As for the green/red buttons, the dashed lines on 1F (after activating cube) are for red and the solid line circles are for green. Once you get the pattern right on the 3rd floor wall, you'll be able to go right at the bottom of the stairs on 1F and you can take the 7key.
(I had to cheat and look at a walkthrough for this!)

I MAY have found a link to play the Rosefinch Curse. Try this: http://www.4399.com/flash/139455_2.htm

Happy news: Rosefinch Curse and Cube Escape are both on Steam in English versions, since Sept 2016.

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