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Toon Escape - Lake Walkthrough

Toon Escape - Lake

MouseCity - Toon Escape: Lake is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are stuck in the toon world at a Lake! Look around and see what you can find to help you escape! Good luck and have fun!

Update: The link has been updated, sorry for the inconvenience!

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Link takes you to Mouse City. This game is easy to find right now on the home page, but will slip down soon.

Looks like the link here is not correct. Try this one:


Huh... the color-letter puzzle is not working. I'm pretty sure I am following the clues given the letters on the sign and the colors on the box. Am I missing another part of the clue?

Everything was going well up to the color/letters. The word I got doesn't seem to work. All I need is to get the knife out of the box for the rope and I'm done.

Meanwhile, check the picnic tables for the 4-number clue.

There's a missing color on the clue add pink after the G and before 2nd B

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A bit of irony here too - because SD will need to do what the word says to this game.

Thanks, Janet! That worked.

@Janet, thanks! That was all I needed. (:

Yes, I was thinking the same thing, lol. Easy game up to that point.

Aside from the color clue whoops... A nice quick game. Thanks MouseCity & SD!

thought that word looked funny lol! my clue following skills are rusty today, so for those like me who don't quite understand above hint at first

(SPOILER: add "t" after the "s" in word)

thanks Janet!

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Thanks, Janet, for the missing T. I was typing in 'REPOSED' over and over again, not thinking of what that should mean.

Escapism, I was trying all kinds of anagrams with the available letters, including "repossessed". Should have gone for the more obvious.

Wow. Took the non-direct link to MouseCity and clicked on the game title. I then got 22 warnings from my anti-virus program about the various ads and popups they were trying to display. I know you need to make money, MouseCity, but could you pick some less shady ways to do it?

Help please, I am stuck with the rope and a yellow key??

I am sure the rope is for the car but I can't get it to work.
Can anyone help?

@Jenny, use the rope on the front part of the vehicle. Then the gold key should start the vehicle and pull it out of the mud.

You should be able to place it on the front of the car, then use the winch to pull it out.

Fixed the color clue! Thanks everyone!

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The baby beaver is so cute!

I've used SD and penknife and 1 key. I've done the color clue. Left with the rope and nothing else - need boat key and something to lure the baby beaver???

Boat key is under orange bedspread in bottom bunk

I was sure I checked the beds! Obviously not!!!!!


Just incase anyone have the same problem I had, the word puzzle at the last scene is ( gravy), thank you all for all the help.

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