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Wow Vampire House 28 Olympic Medals Escape Walkthrough

Wow Vampire House 28 Olympic Medals Escape

WowEscape - Wow Vampire House 28 Olympic Medals Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, the concept is find 28 Olympic medals and escape from there. Can you able to find all hidden Olympic medals? Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Vampire House 28 Olympic Medals Escape
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hi (again) all ☺

taking a break from a PITA slider in new ENA - hope this one is easier

wow 28 medals...!!! :-o

Hi AO! Have a brown ball, coal in a tray, torch, card with yellow circle and hammer.

and 4 flowers for 1st scene.

my fifth flower from 5 numbers between 2 vampire heads (I brute forced the fourth number)

Stuck in ENA game too, so why not join you?

so you ahead of me Roberto,
only have 3 flowers - torch used on flies, hammer used on skull, no card with yellow circle, brown ball, coal in a tray...

LOL merit, welcome here ☻

Check walls and bed parts carefully!

ah, 4 flowers (one under piano)

you can move 2 tiles in bathroom

Have 5 flowers now by hammering skull in bathroom, but still missing 2 numbers (3 and 4)

Got red liquid from bathroom (wall), poured it on the mirror in bed scene (going upstairs to the right from start scene)

use torch on vampire lady picture...

Do I really have to collect another 19 gold medals???

Is that Michael Phelps?

BF´d 4th number and got a key I don´t know where to use.

Roberto is the king of BFing ;-P

coals and yellow card for skull in tunnel to get 3 colors clue

Robert, 3 comes from pouring red liquid on the mirror as I wrote above.

Use the tongs to rip of two teeth below the vampire lady.

lol. Hotz did it earlier than me.

Tunnel? Where?

Found 3 meritneith, thanks. Only missed 4.

Don´t know where to use my key from flowers.

tunnel scene comes after opening the door behind phelps

paper ball and torch for starting scene

Ah! Behind Phelps.

Got all flowers now for a key. Slowly but making progress!

Dip brown ball in red liquid.

Key from flowers used behind medal statue

feather with honey(?) goes in 3x3 grid...

First room to the left in tunnel/room behind Phelps: use hammer at the wall to the left of another vampire lady for a statue.

what's a phelp?

my fourth black bird was behind wall in scene with red liquid

Michael Phelps is a US swimmer...

what´s a phelp? lol AO

poison bottle used in pic in bedroom.

sword in room with red liquid flask.

HA! I've killed that fly which jangled my nerves for hours! That b*** flew right into my face a hundred times.

Alpha! ROFL! Where have you been during the Olympic Games! In a deep cave?

coals go on skull head and then place 3 circles for 3 eye colours

ah, LOL, thx - but I didn't watch the OG...

paper ball go in first scene. burn it to get another medal.

Golden ball goes into piano.

golden ball for piano
silver ball is a pistol bullet

theres a room that's easy to miss, click stairs by the 3x3 board

pic go in coffin for another coin.

I took a break to finish ENA, now I'm way behind...

missing one flower...

poison goes to vampire girl picture

shoot bulb to get last coin

In head part of the bedroom first room left behind Phelps check the head part of the bed for a green gem. Should go into the book in the fireplace scene right stairway from startscene.

my last flower from numbers (never found 4)

Used hammer on bed to get another mace.

don't miss hidden panels to the left and right of mouth in second bathroom

Roberto, where was that bulb too shoot at?

What I thought was a bush is actually a dragon head.

After Phelps, click rightest door for bulb scene.

It´s actually a chandelier.

Hm. I have combined pistol and bullet but I can't shoot. You mean the room with the red liquid I think.

meritneith, in bottom left corner you can see a shadow

Things to be done: Got four birds, two crosses, sword, bust statue, and a dragon medal. Where do I use these?

Place pistol under red liquid.

That shadow almost bit into my nose now. Thanks!

After solving 3x3 grid you get a key for another room to use those items.

rod is used in coffin scene for my last medal...

where's bust statue from?

It's okay, I have opened a new room, so maybe things will get going from their own. Thanks.

Alpha, good question...

circle papers for coal skull for skulls in piano scene - get medal (not for Phelps LOL)

Maybe from there:

First room to the left in tunnel/room behind Phelps: use hammer at the wall to the left of another vampire lady for a statue.

for bust statue, use hammer in vampire room where you use poison on vampire girl pic above bed

(again using everything on everything...!)

medals go in bathroom (reachable by far stairs)

I´m stuck with 2 maces, dragon head, 2 crosses.

Cut the coffin lid in scene behind the door left of the Olympic rings for another bust.

Still missing 8 golden and 1 silver medals.

dip feather in pot in that bathroom

Where´s the clue for colors in birds scene?

maces go in scene, where you can place black birds...

my last medal for bathroom came from little men puzzle - have key now for door I assume

tadaaaa! Thanks. Those shadows were so visible. Can´t believe I couldn´t see them.

where is the cutting tool (knife?) for coffing behind left door?

it is a sword, Roberto @ 6:13 AM

sword in wall in chandelier scene.

Roberto 8/29/16, 6:13 AM
sword in room with red liquid flask.

Hi AO sword

will thank you all at the end to not to disturb the play process with not necessary comments ;-P

I could need the second maze (think I got that from bed, checked them all), and still have a dragon and two crosses left. But I have to leave again, so please leave more good hints!

hmmm. Missing 1 medal, and cannot find any unsolved puzzle.

missing 1 bust statue & 1 round badge for cut coffin scene & 1 mace...

we surely have to open right door, too for even more rooms I assume...! :-o

This comment has been removed by the author.

my 2nd mace was from mouth bathroom (on tub)

Roberto, have you used the rod?

Do we have to do something with those 3 squares above Phelps statue?

Yes. I did.

dragon head go in fire after crosses (after right door)

It´s gonna be hard to find my last medal, since I solved all puzzles already. Maybe I forgot to use hammer somewhere?

missing 1 cross

need 3 gold & 1 silver medal for Phelps...

where's hint for colour circles in bird scene?

POP 3 leaves for pool in mouth bathroom

colors clue by throwing 3 leaves in water tank in statues scene.

have key, rod, hand not used yet...

key for box in bird scene

now need only 1 gold & 1 silver medal for Phelps...

hand for mouth. rod used in cut coffin scene

Can´t remember have done something with pic above cross in bedroom, pot on top of tub and 3 squares above Phelps statue.

thx all for your help, much appreciated! ☺

wow, Wow, what a game! thx ☺

Guess I have to leave without finding my last medal. Pity :/

did nothing with 3 squares, pot on tub in medal bathroom scene was for dipping feather for little men grid

Yep! I remember dipping feather on it.

And now blog is asking me to prove I´m not a robot and have to select images to do it. I quit. Thanks all.

unfortunately can't remember where my previous silver medal came from... :-/

I have that robot c.r.@.p. thingy almost all the time...!!! :-(

Replayed the game and missing last medal again!

how did you solve the 3x3 grid with little men...?

a bit too long this game

use poison on vampire girl pic above bed for hint

oh, no Roberto :-/ - you have my sympathy...

my last gold medal left above the bath

Roberto, did you check the panel in the door opposite the fire bowl in scene also with the tree where you take leaves?

Well, it certainly makes you appreciate all the medals Phelps has won during his Olympic career. That was a lot to find!

lol yvonne!!! That´s it! So many many thanks.

Roberto, you're welcome, you spent so much time on the game and leaving hints, I know it's so frustrating when you're missing one thing. :)

The last medal for me was in the bathroom wall on the left from the mouth. Dont know how I missed this hot spot before. On the right from the mouth is a red ball, to be used above the birds.

Love the long games, and this one was excellent. Thanks WOW!

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