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5n Challenging Night House Escape Walkthrough

5n Challenging Night House Escape

5nGames - 5n Challenging Night House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. It is a dark night and you are trapped in a house with is filled with utter darkness. Escape from the dark house using objects and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play 5n Challenging Night House Escape

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

light switch at right side

thx for the game, 5n ☺

corkscrew to open cupboard in right corner

use rope to soak up black oil...

So here we are again?

yep, but soon new Mirchi out (already on their site)...!

Bird heads are hint for wooden arrow puzzle on stove

pour pink potion in white powder (not baking soda), dip brush and use pink brush on jug in far right. don't know what to do with this clue...

Underneath the table there's the clue for the little box between barrel and table. For the order count the amount of "petals"

Just will play the Mirchi quickly to have done that.

Stupid me, the puzzle for the table hint is not on the box! I think it's the door near the lightswitch (four wooden circles). But it might have opened that box for a gem.

meritneith, blue box and cupboard left of switch are the same "shield" code. the clue for blue box is under table, for cupboard I don't know...

Back again. Sorry for confusing, Hotz, I was surprised too.

Picked up a lemon from the fruit basket!

I think, painting on jug means: 4 times flower/leaves symbol for 4 shields on cupboard...

Indeed! Who would think of that? Thanks.

And a gazillion of new items.

many new items in cupboard, spoon for baking soda. put more than 1 spoon of baking soda in wooden bowl...

Well, I have to leave now, sorry. Best of luck and thanks so far for helping!

I'm way behind now after playing Mirchi

where comes corkscrew from?

CU merit ☺

combine bolts on big wheel with clock (you have to see the clock in cupboard) for 3#drawer

corkscrew is in right drawer under bird dolls. you have to find 2 red handles, 1 is under rope

missed the other draw handle behind pot

hammer for jug, wrench for mirror...

I wanted to cut lemon with mirror shard but it is used on 3 hanging pans...

I was overthinking 3 wooden balls: just put all 3 balls to the right...

you will get some kind of lighter from 3 wooden balls, use it on oily rope. put burning rope in broken jug for 4 color clue.

This comment has been removed by the author.

bird dolls are the clue for 4 sliders on barrel: just highest and lowest positions... (ignore the numbers)

and everything else fall in places...

nice challenging game, thank you 5nGames!!

well, that was a toughie for me, hence thx Hotz for your hints ☺

Game is not working properly at all.
Red X here.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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