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5n Escape Room 5 Walkthrough

5n Escape Room 5

5nGames - 5n Escape Rooms 5 is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. This is the fifth room in the Escape Rooms series. You find yourself in another room after escaping from the fourth room. As usual, you need to find the key to escape from this room as well. Make use of the things you collect in the room and solve puzzles to unlock the door. Good luck and have fun!

Play 5n Escape Rooms 5

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There is a knob on that annoying fan to turn it off.

I thought I had a shovel, but it was a fly swat.

Sharpen spoon on stone to open grate.

You can fill up the fuel can and start to make a torch.

Don´t know why I unscrewed the fan. Stuck with torch, fly and searching for fire.

found 2 coins.

Hi Roberto, Do you mean to sharpen spoon on that black brick? Not working for me.

Use water first.

fill bowl with water and fill spoon, so use spoon on stone to wet it and use spoon again to sharpen it.

Can´t find anything else to do.

Thanks Roberto
Now have fly and part made torch. Only one disc or coin. We need three.

No, 4. It's so dark I missed a slot.

I wander where is the fan grate?!

1 coin under floor, near toilet. Use coin to break it through.

2d disk under floor - with spoon

Found fan grate under cb. Turned on the light.

I seem to be stuck at same place as you Roberto. Perhaps the fan would have gone into the inventory if one hadn't already done the 3 digit puzzle.

I' ve light up lamp but code doesn't work ...

Time shown on clock doesn´t work in 4 digits! hmmmm

Darn! Refreshed wrong tab.

Roberto, how did you find fan grate; I can't fint it

Under the cupboard where the four digit number is needed Gazoline.

We don't know which way up the clock is, e.g. could be 7:30 , 10:45 etc.

Thanks Roberto but I click every where and find nothing :(

Ah, can see clock on shelf now.

Oh but is it what we used to light lamp ?

Left cb door.

Yes. The grate was there but you cannot pick it up again.

Gazoline, bottom of the cupboard by the shoes.
Clock gives coin and lighter.

Didn't like that fly, but even so!

You can click on clock in shelf now.

Looking for somewhere to use a magnet.

Take pic of fan, get the film roll from camera to see the 4 digits. Get a magnet, use it in toilet and get a key to escape.

Found it, but I'm not sure I want to touch the key.

Berk ! I'm out to !


even more disgusting was killing the fly - I have respect of every life whatsoever & a fly is a living creature!
dunno if I should like the new appearing hotspots during the game... anyway, thx 5n for a fine game ☺
but not one of the better ones in this series IMHO - like the cross line puzzle though

& thx Roberto & meth for your hints ☺

Bugged? Couldn't take bowl back from sink.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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