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Abandoned Beach Island Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Beach Island Escape

CoolGames8 - Abandoned Beach Island Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. This lottery is very exciting, vacation on an exotic remote island. You are interested to follow and lucky you've got it. But your luck turns into a disaster when you get lost on the island, leaving some mystery to be solved. Good luck and have fun!

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use air pump to inflate colored beach ball.

use shapes clue to open chest in far left scene, get telescope.

use shovel in 2nd room from last (on right) to get red worm for blue bird.

beach ball color clue opens chest in flamingo scene, get sunglasses, red paint.

use paint on pirate flag, then cut with sword.

use sword to cut open barrels to reveal number order of clues.

in case you didn't jot it down before cutting open, the barrel is 9.

use barrel number clue in scene with purple pail. get pearl necklace. be sure to check behind all chests for gold coins.

use telescope in last scene on right. place under inventory bar on top of building on left. gives number/color clue.

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long stick in purple pail scene can be used to pull down net in crab-6 scene. Use net to catch fish in crab scene.

give fish to flamingo for gold coin.

use long stick to get gold coin out of water in far left scene. There are 10 coins total.

Hmmmmm.....once you get the 10 coins you can exit game! Without doing the 6 roman numeral chest puzzle in last scene. If you open the chest you get a map. Many of the items collected are not used in the game.

the number of the shell is 7 - unable to zoom on shell on purple pail room, so I input all the other numbers and bf'd the shell number.

For the roman numeral chest puzzle, the correct color order for the numbers is Green-Red-Black-Purple-Pink-Yellow. We were supposed to be able to combine the telescope clue with the paper clue (pirate room 1, etc.,) but CG8 messed up again (!) and didn't put room numbers on the scenes. (Based on the previous game, Pirate 7 Escape, the rooms should have been numbered from left to right: 4 3 2 1 5 6 7, which I suppose might give you the correct solution.) Fortunately you don't need to do this puzzle to escape.

room colors from left to right:

Green, yellow, red, no color, pink, purple, black (last room)

in case you want to do the puzzle.

Very first hint Maximom, Use air pump. but WHERE is the air pump???

Alright, enough of this. This game was posted a couple of hours before the Tomolasido and Darekaguma games. Someone moved it to the top of the list again. CoolGames8 makes many inferior games, they're AdBlock fascists, and they cheat to get extra views. Go play the Tomolasido, it's a good one.

Jam) Ball colors with the color code to start? Any clue? Barrels I even when the poor see the letters. Shells can not increase.

The pump is in the last stage to the right bird. It is brown.

Please tell me the color code of the ball.

The code on the barrels 98 (7?) 564

To move a ball of color in a clockwise or counter-clockwise, to the box in a scene with a flamingo does not fit anything.

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