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Asian Forest Temple Escape Walkthrough

Asian Forest Temple Escape

Games4King - G4K Asian Forest Temple Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side a Asian forest temple. You need to get escape from this Asian forest temple by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So, there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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pick up the stone head again, place it in scene with golden egg and move it...

where in the scene with the golden egg do you place it i tried every spot.

olivey, in the empty window, to the left of spikes in background

sorry, oliveya :)

don't miss to click on dark spot below circles picture for a key...

cannon ball for left pillar in "HOAT" scene

stick and bird(s) (I just have 1) go in second scene

Done with the 8Game. Moving in...

5 numbers in second scene for shapes on letter...

place 5 of 6 yin-yang symbols to get something...

same here Lizzie

Number on door is for pink shapes in next scene

You guys are lightyears ahead of me. Have buddha head (used once) and a yin symbol. Bunch of clues but el-stucko.

21342342 for 4 birds

put statue head on concrete (below pink circles shapes)

Ugh, pie chart puzzle , stupid me. moving on.

Woo! Beer!

Stuck with cannon ball and ying/yang

Don't understand your clue to place it in HOAT scene

What does HOAT mean?

for rotating yin-yang symbols: the thin black peak should point to the directions...
eg for first symbol: the thin black peak should point to east...

stuck with wheel and yin yang

Jo-Ann , spell "thank you" by clicking on letters...

This comment has been removed by the author.

wheel is used in scene to the left of egg scene.

"HOAT" scene is after scene with 4 woodpeckers

The 325 614 is for first scene right??? I am stuck

I don't have any clickable letters yet

I'm stuck, too.

Gika, 325 614: click on third, second, fifth... button

The door that the wheel opens has a clue for the lights all the way to the right (which gives 'degree' clue)

The numbers on the door 1-4 can be clicked for color puzzle, which I *thought* the cloud for was the pink yellow words clue (if it is, i can't figure it out).

ok, I am much farther behind. I have a cannon ball and a ying/yang symbol

I have two color puzzles, one is 4 colors one is 3. I have a color hint with two sets of colors, none work

Missing something

Doh thank you Hotz I was missing how to click the 6 button puzzle. I was going the other way.

Ahhh, use number on coin about HOAT door (click the number)

Thanks Hotz---I tried a couple times it finally worked.

Working on yin yang puzzle and clue,

where's the cannonball

I stuck with a thread, 2 color codes, degree clue, left/right below wheel (no clue yet) and 4 black squares beside a door...
I am missing 1 black-green doll

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I found 3 colors clue but the puzzle does not change the center color?

Amanda ----you have to place the statue head in scene with golden egg.. to get the last pink thing. Then you can open a next scene where you place the wheel and get cannonball.

drlu clue is for arrows in last scene.

Roberto, first do all outer colors...

4 colors note doesn´t work in puzzle in scene where you use bottle?

btw, we can change some numbers on "degree" paper, don't know why...

I only have the two pink stones from the buddah head where's the other

I think 1 doll was from the birds and 1 from the scene with the circle picture puzzle.

Thanks Hotz, realized we need to click the outer colors to change the center colors.

POP, use pink cake charts in third scene for degree paper...

1 pink stone was above door in first scene

Amanda --there is 1 pink stone in the first scene above door

hi (again) ev1 ☺

still live? joining in that case, but just starting...

Pink stones were in the start scene, the 3rd scene and the scene to the left of the 3rd scene.

thanks Deanna, I think, I have this 2 dolls...

Alpha--I am still here, I am very slow today. You might even finish first then me.

magnifier is used next to door in third scene for left/right clue

Has anyone used that kind of bowl incircle puzzle scene?

yes, use magnifier, left/right clue and magnet to get fourth black-green doll....

Nice, thanks Hotz. String + magnet used at start next to arrow for key.

Need a clue to solve 4 letters in cave entrance.

Use wheel from color dolls in room with 4 boxes on wall, new 1234 color puzzle emerges.

Roberto, my comment @12:17 PM

This comment has been removed by the author.

Got it!

Thanks friends!

and out!!!!!
what a great game!!! thank you G4K!!!

Ahhh, go back to LR puzzle/mummies, close door, use clue from room on 1-4, gives new color clue.

Out, this was a good one.

my yin=yang doesn´work. Did like Hotz said but cant get it.

Tried using as reference the black part and black dot.

spoiler for 6 rotating yin-yang symbols:

the thin black peak should point in directions:
east, north, west
southeast, northwest, southwest

dunno which is the next step, so jumping in with a question - where to use coin hint?

have egg & string in inventory, missing 2 yin-yangs & 2 green dolls...

That´s what I did. Puzzle stops rotating after that but nothing happens. It only rotates again after zooming out and back in.

AO, JackAttack @ 12:23 PM

POP coin hint for above HAOT - couldn't count the first time LOL

thx anyway Hotz

now didn't understand hint for lights in comment above
14352 on door is for the 4 square lights?

My ring-yang not working

AO, that is the last clue you use...

Thanks Hotz--Thats helped, finally got it

need magnet & magnifier... where they came from?
have ♥ paper, where's hint for that?
where's hint for l/r figurines?

so many question if one is stuck ;-P

& have only 1 bird...
clickable numbers behind buttons not solved yet, nor colour code...

I ask so much cuz dunno which step is the next...

AO, 5numbers in second scene for heart paper.
magnifier comes from using pink cake charts clue in third scene on degree paper....

POP 38642 behind buttons for ♥ paper, have yin-yang hint

I replayed and my yin-yang symbols are working. use thin black peak or black dot for directions (my comment @12:58 PM)

Please STOP telling me where to use things and not telling me where you got them in the first place. It is so frustrating.
where is there a magnet and a magnifier???

jenny, 3 or 4 comments above...

I think I need a screenshot for the yin-yang, Hotz's spoiler won't work for me (do sth wrong for sure)...

I have a pape hint for that yingyang thing but still need 3 more symbols for it.

I did the pink pie charts ages ago it just opened the door did not give me a magnifier.

what clue do I use on the door in mummies scene?

POP, change #'s on degree paper to match pink pie charts. gives 4 colours and that give magnifier. Which is useless because I can't find a magnet.

o-oh, only now found scene right of pink pie chart scene :-o

ctrl+F with typed keyword help to find stuff in comments btw

hint on door is for the lights right of pink pies

Where is that magnifier??? No one ever said.

mummies scene???

Hi AO, I've done those lights, not getting no's for degree paper?

still working on yin-yangs (what are you doing wrong ΑΩ?)...

The magnifier might be from the 4 color puzzle where the gold egg was.

Hi jenny, should have said scene with the wheel you use to open door :)

Hotz hint at 12:58 worked for me on the Ying Yangs!

but still no magnet.

I am missing one green doll too and L/R hint and one key.

IIRC magnifier was from colour code after doing degrees
mummies are those r/l figurines

look at pink pies, one pie is 45 degrees, now do the maths, change number order left side on paper

Hi Yvonne, I just realized you can put that door back down again and click 4 0f 5 #'s to change colours. Don't know why? or what colours they should be though.

jenny, my comments @ 12:44 PM and 12:46

acc. to Hotz spoiler I made that, but it d/w...


Finally got that pesky magnet!

R/L clue is to the left of the scene 3 door using magnifier.

AO, the sixth yin-yang symbol is wrong, the black dot should point to southwest...

Got the magnet from the 4 dolls. now where does this wheel go??

where's hint for colouring dolls?

POP found it. Forgot I could go through hole beside the head we placed. I am finally OUT! What a long game.

It is on a paper tacked to the wall somewhere near the first Alpha.

In the second room left side. red, pink, yellow blue.

ah, thx Jenny, forgot about that paper in DRLU scene

wow, such a great game, long, pretty tricky & with clever puzzles - thx G4K ☺

& thx ppl for all your hints, esp. Hotz for staying after playing & helping us/me to proceed ☺

This comment has been removed by the author.

can't wait for the walkthrough.

I think the bird hint was from the figure puzzle in the scene with thank you on the doorway.

thanks.... and where the clue for the door of numbers 14352 on it?

The door is a clue for lights in the room to the right of scene 3. The door opens when you place the wheel from the 6 dots on the wall in scene 1. The wheel goes on the post on the right side.

This comment has been removed by the author.

does anyone know where to find two more yin yangs?

also does anyone remember what the haot word is suppose to be?

Oliveya---You have to click on words until you spell Thank you

Video walkthrough is up if anybody that is trying to play don't understand hints left here.

thanks i finished it. thats a tricky and challenging game!. enjoy it ! love a good challenge.

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