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Avm Escape From Mystique Forest Walkthrough

Avm Escape From Mystique Forest

AvmGames - Avm Escape From Mystique Forest is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are trapped in a mystique forest and you want to get to back to the real world. The only way to escape from the mystique forest is through a exit gate. First, you need to get into the cave and escape through it by opening the exit door. Therefore, collect objects that will be helpful to you in solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  9/1/16, 9:52 AM  

hiyo AVM!

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 9:54 AM  

coin under EDR

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 9:56 AM  

iron ball in sc6,use in sc10

you can click in sc6 for new scenes folks

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 9:57 AM  

brb folks, something came up

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 9:59 AM  

just an egg insc9 on roof

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 9:59 AM  

hope someone's is here when I get back, hate to be alone

Joining... hope I manage to finish this one.

Hi Dazz : )

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:04 AM  

OK, here's what I did so far:

got knife from sc4, cut rope,bound it with a screw? found in sc3 I guess,can't remember who gave it to me...and used on vase insc1 and got an eye

Hiyo Zuleikha how's it going?

Taking ages to load

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:06 AM  

eyes for sc2 but need another one folks

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:07 AM  

it always take 15 in to load for me Zuleikha!

Game not opening in Chrome, trying Safari

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:08 AM  

Lazy boy AVM must be sleeping))

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:08 AM  

I'm playing it in chrome duddette

It starts off okay - does the 0 to 100% thing quite quickly but then just a black screen. Forever.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have game loaded (apparently) in both Chrome and Safari but just a big black screen for both now. will wait a little and see if anything happens ...

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:12 AM  

why don't you guys try in their site? shut down ABP if it's open

Hi yvonne : )

Hi All :)
opened in Chrome and Firefox. Just now checked.

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:13 AM  

ZUleikha sometimes there's an ad in black, I wait till skip ad appears

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:14 AM  

tut tut tut AVM you bad boy! you musn't keep ladies waiting)))

Good idea- trying that now Dazz : )

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey Everyone!

Got an purple key in S10

Yes I've seen the 'skip ad' thing other times but it's not appearing to day. Went to AVM site via Chrome and after loading to 100% ...I've got a big black screen again, lol

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:16 AM  

welcome yvonne! glad you're in with me

click sc10 for 11

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Gika :)

got 2nd eye and 4th egg

Hi Yvonne :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:20 AM  

my other eye was in 11, this will give you candles to light in 9 for letter code


light up candles in S9

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:21 AM  

I hate it when it's like that Zuleikha

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:22 AM  

key for sc9

Trying in Firefox now...

This comment has been removed by the author.

key in S7

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:24 AM  

check both windows in 7, I stole a key and a hat!!

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:25 AM  

clue for 7 in 1

the key in S7 opes the box in S3

I think we are in the same spot Dazz!

Witch hat goes in S5...still missing 3

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:31 AM  

the paper I got from diamonds is for b/s buttons I think numbered 1-9, but can't find that puzzle

Did it work Zuleika??

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:31 AM  

yvonne took them Gika)))

Yes she did. did you find where to use the paper clue Dazz!

Button puzzle on left house in S3

I mean Right house (for paper clue)

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:38 AM  

hi (again) all ☺
still live?
shall I play? I'm still stuck in the previous one LOL
is there any odd stuff in there?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:39 AM  

jackpot!! insc3 Gika! don't mind the colors

SN---but how does it work ?

I'm stuck with a paper with maths of some sort.

Gika The buttons are nimbered 1-9 (that one that says 26 is actually 2 and 6) Press in order

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:41 AM  

Don't look at me, that's not my house in 8

*numbered (sheesh my typing today)

ohhhhh Ty Science Nerd

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:42 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Does anyone have a clue on the 953 paper?

Hi, the paper with math is for sc2 the numbers, just do 953-106= and use the first 3 numbers and the one you found

aridza, thank you :)

I am still missing 1 hat

The 4th cat is number 5

Thanks Aridza!

Gika, you get a hat from doing the 6 no's

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:51 AM  

not getting the solution adriza, what do you mean one you found?

Why do I think that the letter in S6 are colors??

Dazz use 953 and the last 3 numbers are the solution

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:54 AM  

NVM, thanks:


       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:55 AM  

where do yin-yangs go?

I was right...it is colors! :)

Alpha S4

Dazz, I mean the missing number 953+ (that number)=106

For the colors, it goes from bottom to top (tried it multiple times before figuring it out)

When you have the clue for cats, look at where two cats have dots, they are for 5 and 6, cat with dot at bottom 5, I hope that's right as goes as soon it correct, gives hats

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 10:59 AM  

colos from bottom to top,thanks guys for your help in replying!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I refuse to play a game that insists you disable ad-block. To many virus/phishing in ads.

still missing 1 star

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:04 AM  

caught up thanks to your hint - thx ppl ☺

my colours in s1 d/w from bottom to top...?

The pink ball puzzle is a pain

NVM....and escaped!

Great game guys. Thanks for the help

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:05 AM  

POP purple & pink are very very similar!

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:05 AM  

right Science Nerd! still missing 1 more coin, did you take it Gika?))

Science Nerd I agree. I had to screen shot it.

my coin was in S8 (your house) Dazz

I meant not you house!!! LOL Dazz

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:08 AM  

thanks Gika! didn't see that one!

No problem Dazz!

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:09 AM  

I've adjusted the sliders in s5 correctly in vain several times - is there a mistake in the hint?

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:10 AM  

nice game and great help folks! hope to play with you next time!

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:10 AM  

(I have to ask that from experience ;-P )

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:11 AM  

I had to use snipping tool for that one alpha, note the last one doesn't go all up

No Alpha! The hint is fine. I screen shot so I would get it right. I tried doing it by memory and it didn't work.

AO, It worked for me

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:13 AM  

ah, top left one is a bit higher than the neighbour

Hi Avm, apart from having problems getting the game to load, it was a good game, thank you )

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:14 AM  

still missing 1 coin...

AO check the puzzle on snail

       Anonymous  9/1/16, 11:19 AM  

ah, haha sneaky one in plain sight LOL - thx yvonne

compared to the previous one was this one pretty easy & straightforward - missed at least 1 hard pic puzzle - thx AVM for an enjoyable game this time ☺

nice game went in late, sorry missed yall thanx ppl for great hints thanx AVM

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