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September 19, 2016

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Avm Escape From River Hut Walkthrough

Avm Escape From River Hut

AvmGames - Avm Escape From River Hut is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you have a river hut in a island. That island also has few beach house as well. When you visited your tile house in the island, you noticed that your river hut is locked and you couldn’t find your servant in your river hut. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the river hut to find and escape your servant in the island. Good luck and have fun!

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don't miss the stick in top right corner of Scene 12

Loading up..

Sneaky jewel in scene 1.

use the stick im S1, under the umbrella, on the roof of the house

thank you Sisli.
second jellyfish just left of house in S3

Green jewel in bush, Scene 10

arrows for levers in 8

picture pieces from 4 jellyfishes in S10 and in left window of S4

tempted to wait for ΑΩ to do the pic puzzle ;-) that thing is nasty

WHEW! That was a mess.

Oh no! There's another one later...

yay Lizzie ;-)

hi (again) all ☺

just starting...

sneaky goggle in sc13 on roof

use a knife in S6 on the pillow

knife in sc13, use in sc6 on cushion

kife in S9 is used in S6

sorry, knife...

my third & last starfish from bush in s12

Trying to figure out the [Hi] clue...

paper with missing letters, LDUR but no idea where to use

where is scene 13 and what to do with 2 crabs?

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crabs go in pool in S9, I need some more...

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Lizzie, thank you for the pic :)

Dazz, where have you found a paper with missing letters?

it's the the very first time for me that I have to rely on a model at stone pic puzzle, otherwise I would be here till tomorrow... thx Lizzie

Welcome! If I can get to the next one soon I'll post it, too.

Joining very late. Will try to catch up ...

my knife also was in s9

I assume the figure in sc2 for the buttons in sc8, but there is just one

finally, my last goggles was in a hot spot on roof in scene with second jigsaw.

yes scene numbers are messed up...

sorry hotz! didn't read your question:)

it came from placing hearts I think

I have no scene 9 or scene 13. Still looking for last jelly fish.

they will come after 2nd unlocked door at hearts

I'm stumped. There's a bracket clue on a pillow. I can't figure out how/where to use it with the fuzzy guy holding the sign.

So scene 5, and 6 are in there too?

I am stuck, have goggles (1) and 1 crab in inventory and can't find anything else to do.

(Sighs) Game not letting me in - its hit and miss with AVM these days. Have fun : )

where is sc13? i am past the hearts but cant go past sc9

where to apply that missing letters paper?
it's the only item in my inventory...

so sorry for you Zu...

Where did you get hearts from??
so many puzzle but no hints anywhere for me.

I never got a paper. :/

JACKPOT! combine HI with paper clue for letter code

Zu try getting in on sniff

Aaaand crashed.

got shells clue, third crab and crowbar

Dazz, some more explanation please. for what letter code??

Have you used the key from pic puzzle? if not use it on the door s7

nice find Dazz - thx

Can anyone help me get moving please?
I need one more jellyfish, have no keys or hearts. no knife etc. Need hints for all the puzzles.

still missing one pic. tile too.

Hotz, the letter code in sc7, the arrow indicates the word HI goes first, then input the missing letters in paper

jenny, have you found the jellyfish in S3 (scene with 6 blue circles with fishes)

Yes, thanks Hotz. I have that one.

thank you Dazz!!!

sorry Jenny
but my LTM (long-term memory) is offline again, so I can't remember anymore where my last jellyfish was from...

POP got the last one. It was from placing the 6 coloured stars. I was missing the one in scene 12 in the sky.

Jenny, my second piece was in sc8

hint paper d/w yet on shells...

crowbar for sc7 on hole

What do I need to do to get the paper clue? please

Placing the hearts didn't give me a paper. Just a scuba mask & life ring I think.

combine arrow clue in S3 with paper with shell clue

paper clue from placing 4 goggles

Hi Hotz, thank you for replying, need 1 more

switch goes beside bulb in sc8

for 6 white flowers: click


yvonne, do you have the one from roof? my comment @10:46 AM

2nd pic puzzle was way easier

for flowers

shells, runs backwards, left on the right, the bottom-up and so

lantern about top right

Hotz, thank you, that was the one I was missing :)

I guess we need another paper for the buttons

now have paper with 5 words on it from corals & askin myself how & where to apply...

alpha, where is the missing piece?

AO, you can count colored letters for 5 color code...

Hi, playing along with you.
I'm now stuck with a paper with 4 kind of wheels but don't know where to use it, I counted the bar thinking it could be for the 4# but nope

I can't do that jigsaw yet folks, missing a piece

aridza, there's 4 dials s4

Solved this one a while ago, that's not it

aridza, count strokes and combine it with 4 letter clue in S10 for 4 #code in S5

stuck there, too aridza...

any idea for safe in background of scene8??

placed 4 crabs and stck with clue paper for buttons, alpha posted image for jigsaw but no piece

thx Hotz
which wheel on paper is A?

Been trying that Hotz but don't know how to read the paper, left to right, up down??

sorry Dazz
can't remember where I got the last pic tile...

from left to right DBAC.

Dazz, what clue paper for buttons?

Then it should be 8567, but not working :(

help me hotz please!

I'm stuck with paper with button clue for sc8 I got from shells but no go, can't do anything else

wheels from left to right

8567 but d/w...

This comment has been removed by the author.


that puzzle should be:


Did you zoom on the paper?

the strokes are: 6578 and the letters are: DBAC,
so the clue is


ah, the other way round - thx Hotz

or any idea for road runners in S5

Thanks Hotz but it just doens't make sense to me, NVM moving on

it's not working, I zoomed several times





missing 1 crab...

I got it, just doesn't understand why but nevermind, thx for the spoiler.
No to figure how to do the next puzzle with the fishes and stuff...

how did it work for you guys? did you have to do something?

Dazz, I just clicked 4 buttons in top grid and 6 buttons in bottom grid...

I just pressed the buttons and got the reward (don't remember what though)

This comment has been removed by the author.

JACKPOT! thanks hotz and adriza:)

been clicking on the buttons that were already black in the image

I have to go, thx

This comment has been removed by the author.

CU aridza ☺

still roadrunners & wheel in s8 to solve...

really AVM are torturing their players with obscure clue and long ones. is it necessary for the fish to do twice?

I have done the shell puzzle, what do I do next? please

paper for roadrunners from crabs, follow the line starting from botom

what have you got yvonne?

Hi Dazz Ley, nothing in inventory, only got coral from shells

Dazz, where was the last crab??

pop, my last crab was in hidden hotspot on curtain in scene with 5 shells (scene11)

Hotz! there was a sneaky one in curtains in sc11

yvonne, what puzzles you didn't get?

for paper with arrows and numbers, move the yellow line

Lol Dazz Ley loads, the fish, the flowers, dials, no puzzle pieces

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and finally out :)

thank you AVM for this long and great game!!

and thank you all so much for your hints and teamwork!!!!

nvm, out!

yvonne, shell puzzle should give you paper clue for sc8

for roadrunners

start with the bottom one

shell puzzle only gave coral, so does that mean I can't do anymore?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm missing 3 corals

Where is the crowbar please?

thx AVM for an enjoyable game & ppl above for your hints ☺

I can't remember well, but crowbar comes 1 or 2 steps after solving 6 letter code...

ok, what stuff you still miss?

I remember 2 more will come from other puzzles

I am missing a ton of things - piece for 2nd jigsaw, a bunch of crabs, 3 corals, 4 digit number clue, clue for roadrunners and clue for white flowers. I solved the 6 letter puzzle and now have nothing left in inventory.

I've done the 6 letters, I can't find a crowbar

I think the second piece was in sc12

Also, I don't have S13 yet.

yvonne crowbar from the 6 letters

I don't think there's sc13

crowbar and clue for shells come from placing 5 safety rings

Thanks Hotz, I didn't see the crowbar there.

I placed 5 rings no crow bar for me

found it, nose to screen, on one of the rings!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for the help :)

That was a hard one. Thanks to everyone who left hints; I would have never found the Crab in the curtains in S11, the stick on the roof in S12 (or where to use it in S1), or the Snorkel Mask on the roof in S9.

Special thanks to Lizzie for posting the picture of the first pic puzzle...

Clue for colors and shell clue are in scene 2. # clue and flower clue are in scene 4. Letter clue, fish clue and clue for 1 puzzle .in 8 are in scene 5. Clue for dials in 4 is in scene 8. 1 clue for 6 letter puzzle and clue for road runners are in 9. 1 clue for 6 letter puzzle is in scene 11.Clue for 4x3 grid in scene 8 is scene 12.

Whew! Had to put this one down for a bit & come back. Thanks for all the great hints!

Can someone give hint for the shells please ?
I have paper and have sen arrows, but I don't understand: nothing works !


Oups, I got it ! My question was magic :)

How does one do the last paper
Could not make it work

Joe, starting from the red button get the yellow line to the first number on the paper, hit enter then do the same with green button for the second number

Thanx Dazzy
this was a good game from AVM
The flowers remind me of how I feel after one of the AVM games!

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