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September 6, 2016

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Avm Escape From Zingy Garden Walkthrough

Avm Escape From Zingy Garden

AvmGames - Avm Escape From Zingy Garden is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are inside the garden and you are not able to go out as the door has been locked. Your objective in this escape game is to escape from the zingy garden by finding the key to unlock the door. Search for objects that may help you in solving puzzles and finding the key to get out. Good luck and have fun!

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See how long till I am stuck LOL

hi (again) all ☺

still internet probs, so veeery slooow loooading...

Hi AO HELP!! LOL I am stuck with a apple

well, afk for a cuppa & hopefully it loaded meanwhile...

same here too,help is on the way bandy!!!

Hi Dazz I see a big L on the castle but ?

LOL bandy
ditto here...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away ;-P

got 6 letter clue but gate needs only 5 ?

hello all...the "1" and "2" arrow line clues are for the 5 pears...plug in the first one and then the second clue.

Back again and joining you :)

What does it take to get the white screen to go away?

spoiler for pears....a total of 12 clicks.

352412 125345

The game never loads.........

thx cate for the spoiler, just don't see how...

Thanks cate

AO It was over my head too! LOL

@alpha...look at the dots. there are 5. start with 1 at top and 5 at bottom. follow the arrows and note the path the line follows through the dots. :)

Forgot about slow (sometimes impossible) game loading I have with AVM. Looks like I'm not joining. Have fun : )

Hi cate :) too thick to follow, thanks for spoiling

POP we have to see the dots horizontally

hello bear...i have the same problem all of the time...for me, i have to get out of private browsing and turn off my adblock. hope this helps. sometimes i'll go to the ainars or wow site to load the game.

hello yvonne! :) you are most welcome.

Got key from letters above gate

I turned all my ad blocking stuff off and I am not in private browsing, but the game will not load. I guess I'm not joining this one either. Thank you anyway, cate.

Spoiler KVLRU

same here bear, mine doesn't work at all,giving in

thx bandy
but where came the L & the order from?

Mushroom in S6

AO The castle Big L

So Down is from the eyes L is in middle and up is the 3rd clue

ah big L on windmill - now why this order...?

well, AVM logic is not mine - following the arrows, for me it would be UKLVR...

Paper clue is for window in S13 but how to work it?

maybe the letter height on arch...?

btw, you have to zoom on letters with up arrow to make puzzle work

Yes AO KU is lower L and R, upper is VR L middle

I have no idea about paper clue in S 13 ?

where is s13?

ah, window in s7

s13 only shows up with looking at paper ☻

This comment has been removed by the author.

& at window

Well if there is logic in that puzzle I can't find it?

Evert puzzle and clue when viewed in is S13 ?

* Every

AVM logic ;-P

I tried several combos with no avail - tricky is, that there are same symbols, only mirrored...

well, I'll go to new G4K fo a while to get stuck there ;-P

Hi ppl bit late lol just going in

Someone will get it moving on to something else

game a bit too illogical for me would need just to copy answers

Hai to all

it was working

wait for the penguin hint

even more difficult

This comment has been removed by the author.

do the apples go in the bucket of water once you find them all or where do they go? i could also use help the window puzzle in s7

apples go in s 13 leftside

lost internet for a pretty long time so couldn't refresh to see new comments, only could play the game, as it was already loaded - almost figured out the leaf puzzle - thx Lerol for the screenshot

it seems nobody finished the game (me neither) - that's new for AVM but not a surprise with those obscure hints à la AVM logic - sorry AVM, but you can better
missed a pic puzzle (maybe it would have come later, but I got stuck earlier in the game...)

Penguins Clue;

S = six (2)
F = five (1,6)
O = one (4)
T = two (5)
4 = four (3,7)
3 = three (8)

Line them up;
O T 3 4 F S = 123456

Bracket digits give order.
Click 5th guy 1st, 6th guy 2nd,
4th guy 3rd, 1st guy 4th, etc.

Get pink flower and green yinyang

Hey A-O, Lerol posted a link
at 1:32pm, showing the solution
to the leaves & trash can puzzle.

THANKS Lerol !!!

Not so bad from there, 'til you
hit the pingu clue, hopefully
my post above helps.

I still need 8 green yinyangs, and
I'll plug away at it a bit longer.

Red ladybug goes on leaf
below chess puzzle, gives
clue for birds in S-12.

fill jug (from last pink
flower) in S-7.

Go to S-4 with full jug.
gives clue for slider
behind chest in S-9.
Get rake, use on rocks,
I got 5 so far, still have

Drop 5 rocks in hole in
S-13, get KEY & 2 yinyangs.

Key for chest, gives OH-OH!!
--- AVM logic algebra!

Hmmm, 5 letters, ABCDE

Do the maths;
A = 8
B = 9
C = 5
D = 9
E = 8

Bingo! penguin scene!

Green yinyangs give
chess clue.
Get key for S-13


Bandy, Cate and Lerol put
in some really important
spoilers early on!

Decent game, AVM. A few stiff
puzzles, but we did it!

Thanks all!

a hint from bug poo ☻
completely missed s13 in sommer house first...

thx ppl for the hints above - esp. Kev, you made my day ☺

& thx AVM for yet another challenging game, must get used to your logic LOL - plz next time a (hard) pic puzzle, I just ♥♥♥ them ☺

btw my last pink flower was in s12 (in summer house, birds)

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