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Avm Hunter's Room Escape Walkthrough

Avm Hunter's Room Escape

AvmGames - Avm Hunters Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you went to hard and dense forest for an adventurous trip on a vacation. As you went alone to the forest without a navigator, you lost your path. But fortunately you found a hunter's room in the forest. The hunter's room is vast and locked. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the hunters room to escape from the forest. Good luck and have fun!

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christmas balls in S5 have 2 reds!!!

Hi Hotz : )

Hi AVM - looking forward to your game : )

note the blue fuzzies and the four numbers above hearth in scene 1 for puzzle in scene 2.

hi (again) all ☺

Hotz you already finished G4K?

yes, I will give some hints, if needed...

hello all. :)

sneaky green gem under tiger head in S9, red gem on clock in S8

Nightmare of game 'disappearing' (blank screen) after seeming to load as normal. Have tried from wow escape site too. Will try another browser...

Finally in - from Ainars site, lol

       Anonymous  9/4/16, 9:53 AM  

Placed stars and out, good game

thank you AVM Games for this very nice game.

Don't miss crowbar in S2

I can't get blue fuzzys to work?

OOOHHH #''s from S1 also!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

bandy, combine the clues with 4 numbers in S1

Use crowbar in S7

Thanks I did not # from S1 LOL

enjoyable game. thank you avm.

Cate it was 7564 LOL

just a nudge on the yellow flower pots...the two in the foreground are 4 and 3 with 4 being on the left. in the background are 1 and 2 with 1 being on the left.

Switch goes in S10. Get hammer, jewel and colour clue

i should have kept my mouth shut, bandy. sorry about that. ;P

Use hammer in S5

No Cate love your help !!

When using colour code in S8, start from bottom left, go up and down - finish bottom right.

only have used hammer in inventory
where's hint for clickable trees?

Colors on Xmas balls not working. I tried postion of colors and the words Notta?

bandy, see the letters position:


there are 2 reds btw

light red, not dark red

Hammer suddenly disappeared from inventory - or are we only meant to use it once?

Good grief 2 reds !! Had to get some help GRRR

AlphaOmega ΑΩ, I was in the previous game gave a hint to the trees and card suits)

And lovely more colors UUGGG

for the closet


sorry! think it was rbc ,not rcb

which previous game?

Stand code 4675 for 4312 (on the wall) -7564. Trees in the press in 2314 and 3241, if the trees are numbered
4 3. Click the second, third, first, fourth, and so on. D.

Card suits to expose the top 4 groups on the paper with an arrow up, following 4 groups of paper with the arrow down.

btw a funny tune but not for accompany the playing...

not understanding your hints nafanja?

Nafanja looks this you found a great translater this time!

I don't see those numbers on the wall, which scene Nafanja?

thanks for red gem place hotzy!

Jackpot! alpha, give worm to frog

Colors from left to right (upward left to right and top to bottom), pink, yellow, green, red, blue, light blue

worm comes from shovel from6#

This comment has been removed by the author.

AO I've been waiting in g4k for you, and here you are LOL

Hmm - missing a diamond and missing hammer

how to click the plants?

where's hint for 6 numbers (scene)?

hiyo Zulaikha, did you get a green one from plants scene?

alpha that came from the 6 gems

playing both games simoultanously ☻

zuleikah, did you place your switch button in sc10?

I still have my hammer ( used once ) ?

zuleika, there was a sneaky diamond in scene 8 in clock face on mantel.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

AO and you told me you couldn't multi task lol

well missing 5th gem then...

Got the green one Dazz, missing the middle one on right side

nope playing one game & when stuck I change to the other, then 1st game surely someone has given hint meanwhile ☻

ditto here Zu re gem

AlphaOmega ΑΩ, on the wall near the ceiling (I think in the scene where a table with card suits) number for the numeric code. A number the trees
Press on the tip of the frog. At first, a second tree, then a third, then the first, then a fourth, etc.

- Lol Dazz - look back at comments. Done all that stuff...

- cate: yes got all the obvious ones
- bandy: u still have hammer after using in S5? I did for a while the it suddenly disappeared. Bet my last diamond is hiding behind something hammer is meant to break through ...

Alpha: u still got your hammer?

I still have mine LOL

Stones in the scene about 9 tiger and stage 8 - clock on the mantelpiece


color code in 5
switch in 10
clock in 8
color code in 8
scene 9
scene 6, use hammer on statue

The hammer is used in the stage 5 and 6. At 6 in the ottoman as a hippo

anyone got the plants?

Ty Nafanja. Think I will have to give up then. Hammer definitely gone - don't want to restart.

GL everyone : )

AHH Thanks Nafanja hammer is used 2 x's

i'd give you my hammer if I could zulaikha, sorry about that:)

ah hammer on statue in s6 that is

Dazz plants worked for me ?

Ty Dazz - I know you would honey : ) See you soon xx

AlphaOmega ΑΩ on a black ottoman) On behemoth like)

Jackpot! count your plants from left to right: 1,2,3,4

43213412 i guess

I'm wildly sorry. Translators different samples. But translate delirium any) from 04/09/16, 10:29 am my comment I wrote about the tip of the frog) I wrote about a hint that gives the frog)

I am not doing math on a Sunday LOL

I clicked my hammer on hole on ceiling in 6 and it disappeared.

don't look at me Stevens! I didn't take it))

Dezz lei, I wrote about the trees 09/04/16, 10:29 am. Probably not clearly explained (

it's Ok, nafanja, figured it out, thanks for your tip:)

idk, dazz...from left to right, my plants were 4132, or 1-4 starting at top left and going clockwise. then plug in frog clue...23143241.

Lesson in life "Be careful where you hammer when you haven't done your research"

well cate, I counted them 1-4 from left to right

LOL K stevens! mine disappeared after using it twice

Thanks avm, but I thought no game on Sundays?

another phew (the first was at G4K), that was a toughie for me, hence thx a bunch ppl for your hints above & AVM for a challenging game (at least for me) ☺

have 2 toadstools, a crowbar and need lots of stars and a sun, as well as some keys. Can only access rooms one, two, three and ten

ah, last sun on sofa

Souless Minion, I am stuck in the same place.

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