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Avm Manor House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Manor House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Imagine that you have trapped inside the manor house. Now, you have to escape from the manor house before someone sees you. Use the objects and clue in the villa to unlock the door and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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I got exactly 18 minutes left, don't think it will be enough.

Hi meritneith, give 2 apples to bird s8

Where'd you find the second apple? Have the one from start

Lightning goes in flower 1st scene. Brown ball goes in rounded frame inside house.

Got one apple too, missing second one.

1 apple right side of staircase.

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coins go on spots on wall in bird scene.

Ah, there's a hidden panel, right of the stairs. There's a leaf too, missing one more. Thanks!

Good Mr Woodpecker!

That puzzle is hard - modern art, LOL

Still working on the puzzle. The moving mode is... special.

What do you need to do to access the sliding puzzle? Clicking on it does nothing?


Hi ev1 - joining late, but still ...

After you place all the leaves, the puzzle becomes active.

Got it at last, there are two horse heads, one blueish at the left side and one brownish on the right side.

Must leave now, good luck!

hmmm. Suddenly it worked! I had put all leaves but only now the line appeared.

Joining in. I hope I can catch up!

Leaves go in S5. Need one more.

Check window shutters on house tower S5

Hidden panel on wall in S8

Joining in too, and searching for 2nd apple. There are so many staircases!

nvm Found it in scene 9.

Searching for last leaf...

Lizzie, thank you for pic :)

You're welcome. I'm stuck now. :/

My petals colors doesn´t work?

when coloring the flower, swap sides (clue bottom of right column s11)

Stuck. In inventory: brown ball, blue flower/star, 2 brown shapes, one sun face. Have placed 2 apples, one coin, needing one more leaf.

Discovered various puzzles/hints/hotspots but can move no further yet...

sysin, thank you )

I can't get the petals to work either.

Found place for brown ball but puzzle needs more...

Thanks sysin!

Use shovel by the bird.

Got last leaf, finished pic, got key. Phew.

Have only a blue flower in inventory and stuck!

used shovel in S8. I am probably behind

Key and brown ball from petals

Swap sides for direction arrows puzzle as well. (scene 9)

Smiley suns go in S6

2 swords go in scene 6

There is a coin in the wall next to the door, in the bird apple room

Swords on shield give 2 more brown balls and brown shape

In same place as you Roberto

Where did you find second sword? Have 1 from arrows.

sword from statue in scene 3 Roberto

lol! I´m blind! Thanks!

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thanks for you hints above. any idea for "letter count" paper?

Haven't got that paper Hotz.
Still trying to do something with blue "flower"

Tried to use 'daisy' colours from S7 on symbols in S11. Doesn't seem to work there.

I still have this "flower" in inventory too...

I think, this paper came from placing 5 brown symbols in S10

I´m missing 1 symbol.

I tried that too Zuleika both as they are and reversed. No go.

I think, 1 symbol was in background of S6 or S3, but can't remember well...

Yes I'm also missing just one brown symbol. Can't see how directions clues in S3 works on the compass dials there. Have tried various combinations.

last symbols comes from copass puzzle?

Got to go. Good luck everyone.

the directions are for the blue arrows in s9

I haven't yet solved compass puzzle...

hmm. Don´t you remember where your symbols came from? :)

cant figure out the letter count puzzle:(

@brett - oh god forgot I used then in S9 already. lol.

Still don't know what to do with dials though...

I opened a new window and 5 brown symbols are:
S1, S11, S3, blue arrows S9, placing 2 swords

@Hotz: does the S11 symbol come from one of the puzzles there?

s11 is in the middle of scene on little statue

I´m missing from s3. where?

brown symbol in S3 was on a candle in top right corner

Ty Hotz. Been in all those scenes, did all relevant puzzles ... hadn't picked up symbol from arrows in S9. Facepalm!

You got a symbol from blue arrows? I got only a sword.

lol. My symbols was there too. Just waiting for me. I´m afraid I´m really being blind!

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did anyone figured out the letter count? and what to do with blue star????

I counted the letters and tried on numbers in S6 but it didn't work. I am stuck

I think we're all stuck on letters Gika. Seems related to 5-number clue. But neither number of letters in words nor number of letters in colours works.

Thanks Zu! Hopefully its not a glitch, and someone can figure it out. I am still missing a tone of gold coins and 4 brown circles

oh and 2 suns. And I only have blue star and paper in my inventory.

couldn't solve the daisy colors till I went back and looked at the column...then pop!

I tried to brute force 5#code in S6 with the numbers 35677, but no luck or I missed a combination...

Maybe the paper clure is for the gate in S11.


It would be nice if someone from AVM would drop in to say 'Hi' fairly soon, lol

hi (again) all ☺
still live? just starting...

Back from supper and we all seem to be in the same place as when I left!

AO will you save us all???

LOL Gika
can't promise anything...

AO I believe in you :) :)

So much still to do in this game and we're stuck on one clue!

Need to go to bakery! Hope for good news when I´m back.

ok have caught up, now have the blue sun & this ominous letter hint paper, but no idea yet how to apply...

or better said no more ideas, as I tried the same stuff as you I bet...

The saying actually goes "You do not aspire to poverty" and 'to' is missing from the paper. The word 'poverty' also appears two times. I therefore tried incorporating 14 (2 x 7) into the numbering but .... nothing. And it seemed so promising. (Sighs)

I've bfd the middle three digits with 7 top and bottom and with 6 top and bottom. No good. Also tried with 536 in middle and with 355. No good either.

S5: leaves can change direction. Anyone seen a hint that relates to this?

Not unless its the purple balls in scene 6 Zuleika. Don't see how though.

Oh no! No progress?

So after an hour I have the blue star and (useless) letter count clue in inventory. Have no clues for solving the following:
Sc5 - colored dot grid in window
Sc7 - colored plants
Sc6 - 5 digit # and purple dot grid
Sc3 - compasses
Sc11 - symbol puzzle and eagles

count letter>> scene 11 for pict.

if anybody still there,
letter count clue is for scene 11, for the shapes. they are already in position 1. count the words letters and apply them.

what do you mean Svetiana??

I've already tried that and it didn't work. I will try one more time

ohh it's already on 1..so I had to click 6x. Thanks Glisounik

horse goes on Scene 2

now, what to do with match?

Use name on wall in s4 on squares in s2

dont get it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Roberto---the symbols in s11 is already on 1..so for example the first number is 7( so you click on it 6x because it is already on 1)

Oh! I see. I thought you´re referring to the eagles on gate. Thanks.

another gold coin on hotspot in s4

hint for S2 after placing the horses is in S6

I can not find the fifth brown symbol. In stage 9 blue arrows give the brown ball. Symbols I found only in the scenes 1,3,6 and 11. Where is the fifth?

Thanks Svetiana. After placing the 4 horses in grid in Sc2 light the dots as in grid in Sc6.

I can't get the flowers color right!

Use the clue on flowers in Sc7, top to bottom.

Clue from S6 doesn´t work on S2?!

use brush on wall s9, gives leaves clue

Got it....use the colors from top to bottom. it will give you paint brush and other symbols

It worked!

Use paintbrush on wall in Sc9 for clue to leaves Sc5.

working on that colored ball slider in S5

looks like every time you close and open the colored ball slider, it starts in a new random position

the balls can jump diagonally from left to right

There's no way to solve that slider with only one open position!!!

No way to seolve this puzzle?!

good find Gika. not solvable without that

I can't get them to jump?

they jump to empty diagonal corners. still looks difficult.

Got it! Thanks Gika!

Use the goblet in bird scene.

No good when puzzle resets when you check the clue.


got a key from slider and opened a chest in s4

Phew!!! Finally Out! Thanks for you help!

Please tell me how to get to the scene 2 and 4? What I have done ?. 4 She put the brown symbol 4 brown ball, horses puzzle assembled, put the blue arrows, colored in 1 stage, put their swords.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Roberto---are the color symbols in s4 used in s2 or its the clue for colors in s11???

Nafanja you have to reverse the colors for flower petals in s1 (the reverse clue is in s11 bottom of symbols squares)

I clicked on paper clue for ball slider after I finishing it and It won't exit out anymore. I clicked the x and it won't work so I can't continue the game.

So frustrating especially because I was so close to making it out. And if I refresh the page I will have to start the game all over again :( :(

Гика ,I do not understand. I'm in the stage 1 made of color on the petals. And the puzzle assembled. In stage 11 on the gate it is necessary to make the colors of birds? And in reverse order?

I only have a blue star.

Nafanja--No the reverse order is only for arrows and flower petals. The paper clue with poverty, do not, you, aspire, poverty is for symbols in s11 (count the letters and click on symbols/ all of the symbols starts on 1) so for example the first is poverty=7, so you will have to click 6x on first symbol)

Sorry for you Gika!

Thanks Roberto!

and the blue stars goes later in the game in s4

But, you can consider yourself out, because is easy out from where you are. Not fair because you are in the game since the begining! Pity!

The petals have three different blue colours


Where to read the letter? I do not have a paper ((((

Yes Roberto. We all have been here for a long time!

how to put the leaves in stage 5?

I do not know where to get bukvy- Paper key to poverty, not you, aim, symbol of poverty in the c11 (count letters and symbols, press / all characters begin at 1) For example, the first is poverty = 7, so you have press 6x to the first character)

nafanja---paper comes from opening chest in S7 (I think) the room with flowers

In stage 7 has pressed flowers. But how to press them? Where a hint? As a flower in one scene?

This comment has been removed by the author.

The tip for flower colors will come later...You have to open the box/chest in S7 to get paper for s11

I do not have a key to the box in the stage 7.

Sorry Nafanja I don't remember where I got it from.

Гика,Thank you for your support) Wait videoprohozhdenie) Compasses I have not done. The leaves are not turned. Colored balls puzzle is not active.

Nafanja---you get the key after placing all brown shapes (they look like a star) the clue is in S6 (on bed) and the puzzle is in s10

Ghica, so I did and wrote about it, that there is no fifth brown stars. I have found these stars in stsenah- 1,3,6,11. And I ask where to find the last one.

In stage 9 I just blue arrows made and received only the brown ball. Do not I have found in the scene of 9 star.

the fifth one is in S9

This comment has been removed by the author.

okay so the fifth one will be after placing swords!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Placing things in the stage 6, I took a star.

Nafanja----right scene of stair in s9 it's not empty you get an apple and a leaf from there.

clue for leafs are:


thanks, Gika

In stage 9, an apple and a piece I took. Where in the fifth stage 9 star is? All my ninth stage mouse clicks!

I can't get the ball slider to work in S2. I see it as 853764. Has anyone solved this?

I spent some time in that
I work starting from left to right and then I clicked on the first

place trophy in S8 get green symbol and clue for grid in s4

Grid in s4 gives you clue for birds in S11

I little tricky on S2 brown (after doing all-redo first 1). It gives you gold coin, and compass clue in S3

placing all gold coins will give you key and you can get out.

(And I didn't have to do anything on 2 brown buttons on pillar in left scene from S11)

Puffin I saw 853764. It didn't happen. 8 7 and 6 left fiwed the others I've tried the hard version. Again not

Please, help. I collected these horses 7 raz.I I have only blue star. I made . Stage 1 - Collect the puzzle and put the color. Scene 5 put all green listya.Stsena 9 - put 4 brown bowl, put blue strelki.Stsena 6 - 2 put the sword, put two figures solntsa.Stsena 8 - gave 2 apples, put 2 monety.Stsena 10 put 4 brown snowflakes .All! Stupor. I do not know how to proceed further ((((

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

the game crashed. No new game or continue options. I don't want to start again.

finally I could continue with playing the game

that goblet Roberto mentionned is actually a lamp, light it

swap the symbols in s4

had to adjust pipe sliders several times, esp. the first (full) till puzzle worked...

finally out - thx ppl for all your help & AVM for a fine game ☺

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Perhaps after all there is a man who clearly explain to me what I need to do to keep playing?
Scene 1- two puzzles are made.
Scene 5 - put all the leaves (not turned) .Tsvetnye balls in the window shutters are not active.
Scene 9 put 4 balls, made puzzle Blue arrows.
Scene 7 do not know how to press flowers. Closed box.
Scene 6 set 2 sun. 2 Insert the sword. Blue balls do not move .Not know the five-digit code.
Scene 3 - I do not know how to set the compasses.
Scene 8 - put 2 coins.
Scene 10 - put FOUR brown stars in the net.
Scene 11 - are not made eagles and symbols.
In the inventory, there is only blue star.
Thank you very much in advance!

Debility Google translator !!!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finally I found a fifth element. Perhaps the game was broken. He was really into the blue arrows. I poklatsala on them, and he jumped into the inventory.

We kindly request the developer of the game! Attentive to test the game! Levels in stage 2 also did not immediately work!

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