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Avm Motel Mushroom Escape Walkthrough

Avm Motel Mushroom Escape

AvmGames - Avm Motel Mushroom Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are trapped in a motel mushroom and you want to get to back to the real world. The only way to escape from the motel mushroom forest is through a mushroom. First, you need to get into the mushroom and escape through it by opening the exit door. Therefore, collect objects that will be helpful to you in solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

an AVM on a saturday afternoon (for me)?
let's load...

o-oh, bug

cannot exit view with puzzle for colouring numbers at door (no red x there)...!

ok, let's go to new sniffie - yay!

Hi AO if you are still around. I can't back out of that view either.

Talk about early. Good morning, everyone.

Same as usual I see. The game doesn't load.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I found the arrow to the clock (do not understand how and where). For these hours, I opened the door to the stage 2.

same issue here, waiting to be fixed

The red x for backing out of door scene has now appeared.

Again, crude game released. Open the game in another window and the arrow has not found.

Overload the game. The arrow on the right of the fungus in the stage 1.

On the right fungus.

thx meth

hopefully no more bugs in this one...

Key in the stage 6 by the numbers in 2543, the tip on the roof and the bottom up.

I apologize to the stage 7.

Thanks Nafanja

In stage 4 Press the right 1 time, left 2 times and 3 times the upper hand. (On the right shelf in stage 3)

Bears in the stage 5 on the chair.

I make it 2534 going from bottom up, flowing direction clue on roof.

Owl inserted into the scene of the arrow 6)

as English isn't my mother tongue, I hardly understand Nafanja's, um, special comments (sorry Nafanja...)

can you interpret them for me plz
s6 & s2 open already

Eyes tree in scene 1

Balls in scene 3 give clue for yellow buttons in scene 4.

Have you found the clock pointer in opening scene AO? It is black and was on or by a mushroom right hand side.

I stuck with 5 colors in stage 7. Any paper PGRSB.Ne understand color S

yep meth
& already solved puzzles in s2, s6 & s7

Also I can't remember how I got into the house at scene 6. Wasn't the door already open? Let me know what it looks like to you AO, and that may jog my memory.

it was the star slider in s6

Then you are further on than I am AO!

Oh) opened in stage 1, a color code. The paper has disappeared. Ignore S. Last light blue.

colour S is sky, i.e. cyan

Nafanja, I guess S is for sky (blue), i.e. cyan. But I don't have the paper yet to check.

huh meth? :-o

me neither, meth, but AVM has his own colour logic ☻


I must have missed something really obvious. Where is the colour code paper from?

Oh, it was the bears. Dumb of me.
Visitor, got to go. See you later.

CU meth ☺

now how to proceed (alone)...?

Red stone in the stage 9. In the white statue.

Eyes tree shows up, down, left, right. There 5,12,10,8. Jam. The inventory is empty.

AlphaOmega ΑΩ, need help?

Can 5,12,10,8 numbers refer to the letters on the roof of the stage in 6? Only I did not know they belong to any language. To Latin?

thx, Nafanja
later, playing the new Wow atm...

letters in s6 are Greek

I open the form in stage 5. This 8,10,12,5. 10 is a 6 star corners 10-- 5 star angles. 8 Star 4 corners. 5 is simply pyatiugolnik. Top left and clockwise to expose 8,10,12,5.

Any paper with chemical elements. Can not understand.

Greek letters I have already opened.

I got to the shelves in the stage 4. I'll try to find out)


Do not forget to pick up a bottle 1.

Again he stuck with 2 papers. Color does not work. Levels too.

On the lines opened up the levels in Scene 8. Do not pay attention to the line, only to a point.

Probably the game did chemist))) solid chemistry) Again it is necessary to wrestle)

Color code -lampy

Stayed four-digit code in the stage 9. Help !!!)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm stuck after opening door in S7. Placed bear in S5 and have nothing in inventory. Is there a key somewhere in S7?

Do you mean you have reached scene 3 Puffin? If so, you can use the balls on shelf as clue to yellow buttons in scene 4.

At one game already met such formulas. But I do not remember how to open the code on them.

Petrel, the key to the balls in the scene 3. I wrote 9/17/16, 5:39 am

There should be pressed only 3 balls. Lower ball not press.

4213 or 2143 doesn't work on levels ??? Help please

4# no in footballs room is 2543. Seems to have come from the book, but I'm not sure why unless it was a combination with the tree eyes.

Thanks methanwy and Nefanja!

Gazoline, I can't remember whether the sliders had 4 or 5 positions, but I noted down:
middle, top, 1 up from bottom, 1 down from top.

I tried to find a name formul- water, sulfuric and phosphoric acid. Formula H3PNO3 name I could not find.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Levels set in 2514

Thanx methanwy ! I found it :)

Now I have book but don't understand hind.
I miss number code in S9 and 1 cercle with numbers ...

No ideas what to do with the dials. Off to put my chickens to bed and perhaps when I get back someone will have worked it out:)

She opened the code in stage 9)

code 2543

My good chickens had already taken themselves to bed, so back quickly. Number is 2543. I think it comes from the directions shown by tree eyes, i.e. up down out in, combined with nos in book.

Hooray !!!))) I passed the game)

Nafanja, don't go! Help with dials badly needed.

Drives a) It is necessary to put the same number, which is in the center. 1.2 to 1 to 2 and m ... D.

nvm I was overthinking it. I didn't realise the central dialcouldn't move.

1 to 1 from outside to put in the center. 2 2 to the outside to put in the center.

Did anyone understand the order for the chemicals, which are, btw:
SO2, NH3, NaCl
Mg(OH)2, C, CH4

Thanks Nafanja, got there in the end.

methane, move only external drives.

where is the clue for the greek letters

what was the sliders in scene 8 position

Why does this developer continue to put a 'walkthrough' button on their games, when there is never an actual walkthrough? Instead, it just makes the player think it is loading one up, sitting through several ads, only to just get another instance of said game loading up. Kind of annoying! I can understand the author *not* wanting to take the effort to upload a walkthrough, no issues there. But stop saying there is one in the game if that is the case.

does anyone know where the key is suppose to go or the jewel?

I cleared yandehs drive and erased screenshots. I do not know whether you have opened my links in the previous comments. So I re-inserted. The signs on the bottles and the color code on the lamps.

oliveya22, what key? They have been in the game a lot.

after i did the all the pressing on that one door in the bathroom like scene i got a key and jewel. i have no idea where they go.

jewel go in the white statue with the ball on the wall room

how do you get that book?

where does the key go? and what wall room? i don't see any wall rooms

Scene 7. Put the boom in the watch. Code
4 green-yellow-2
6 blue- red-9. It is for the stage 2.
Scene 7 code 4352
Scene 3 look on the right shelf (X) On her bottle. On this shelf click the yellow balls in the stage 4. Press right 1 time, 2 times and 3 times to the left top.
Scene 5 to put the bears in kresla.Est key stage 3.
Scene 6 to plant 2 trees owls.
Scene 9 put 2 eggs. There are paper.
Scene 1 on the paper put .Rozovy color, green, red, nebo.Est key scene 5. Put the eyes in the trees.
Scene 9 - put the red crystal.
Scene 5 set pieces. My comments
9/17/16 8:44 AM
Scene 4- find and put all the blue flowers. There is a word in the paper stage 8.
Word gives a clue to the Greek letters in the scene 6.Skrinshot not work, the letters disappear. You can get Greek letters proguglit.Ot paper. The paper can be flipped. Paper use in stage 4. See my links.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i appear to be stuck as well i cant get the levers and the 2514 doesnt work is there something else you have to find first to get it nor does the code for the numbers in scene 9 also where do you find that book ???

oliveya22, you have a paper with 5 colors? If there is,
Bottom left - purple left up- yellow. The right medium - green, right upper red, the bottom right- sky (blue)

where do you find the piece of paper and where do i find the word for scene 8?

also where do you find the other two big mushrooms with faces on them?

This comment has been removed by the author.

In stage 4 Press -vpravo 1 times, 2 times and 3 times in the upper left.
In stage 5 - figure on 9/17/16 8:44 AM

is there a clue for the mirror in scene 5 anywhere?

nafanja im stuck on the heart levers i tried 2514 it did not work is there something you have to find first before it will work??

Bottles set in places?

Hook for the figures in the stage 5 is the number of 8,10,12,5.Eti door tumbochki.Smotrite above. 2 times wrote about it.

Мои последние ссылки открываются?

don't forget one of the bottles than formula. I missed the comment about it. I've been through a lot.

f the bottles properly placed in the scene 4. It is necessary to take one bottle and open it.

where are you finding these bottles?

ok nafanja i totaly missed the diamond in the bottle tyvm.

so where is the key to the bathroom left door?

Cheri MacKenzie, is the door to all of the items put vyhod.Nado. Balls set ?. It is necessary to solve all the codes. Excuse me. I've got to go..

ok anyone are the lights set as p g r lb b or p y g lb r? and the far right are a triangle shape how do they go

nao consigo o cod da cena 9 e os coraçoes deslizantes

also where do you find last number disc. not sure what i have not completed yet seems alldone but not getting disc or key

i have the color code from secen 9 but its not working

could really use a walkthrough.

@Unknown, we released walkthrough for all our games. Instead of release immediately, we have saw user thoughts and then publish.

when will the walkthrough be released i could really use one.

Already released and published in website.

i think i would have gotten this yesterday quit and went to bed, but the game was runing a click speed pausing between steps it was very slow. good game though

came back to the game & only finished thanks to the hints above, hence thx, esp. Nafanja ☺

& thx AVM for a challenging game ☺
there were some wild guessing where to place teddies or owls or some AVM logic stuff (e.g. shapes in pic or the sliders), but also great puzzles like the chemistry bottles one

Thanks everyone..😀

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