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Avm River Tile House Escape Walkthrough

Avm River Tile House Escape

AvmGames - Avm River Tile House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you have a tile house in a forest. That forest also has few farm house as well. When you visited your tile house in the forest, you noticed that your tile house is locked and you couldn’t find your servant in your tile house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the forest to find and escape your servant in the forest. Good luck and have fun!

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really hate that tune, hiyo folks:)

hi (again) ev1 ☺

loading... (very slow internet here atm...)

Hi AVM - Hi Dazz : )

Hope I can get into game today!

colors on roof are for 4 colors in S3, the third color is pale green

Noooo - getting blank white screen today : (

color code from 1 for 3


Use your broom in S5 unzoomed for spider that goes down hole in S5

Hello everyone! Joining in...

Oh c'mon zuleikha! not again

Hiyo bandy and Gika!

still loading (white screen)...

paper from color code for @s,shovel used in 2

Why is this suddenly happening to me - only with AVM? Tried 3 different browsers. Jeez...

When using the 3X3 grid on the door, don't click the top middle one as it's not highlighted on the paper.

My white screen has now turned black in Chrome and Firefox. Still white in Safari ...

never had probs till now, it just doesn't want to load today...! :-(

thanks for broom bandy, thought I'd have to do some cleaning

ah, finally!

feather duster for inside house on wall.

Zuleika, I got a white screen too, but after a few minutes the game was loading...

get shovel after using the paper clue in s4 and use shovel in s2

Alpha: after your game loads to 100% do you get straight in? That's when my screen goes blank.

Welcome all :)
changed game tune.

when doing scream masks, do the colors 1 thru 6 then 6 thru 1 as noted on the tree in S4.

My paper won't work on door, or I am doing it wrong?

where to use clue paper from spider? it doesn't work on 3x3 clock-grid in S1

the yellow symbol found in 6 goes in 3

Finally got in via this link:

Hotz that was my thought also ?

Bandy, don't click the top middle one

Terry ---where did you get feather duster??

thanks Dazz, I tried it 5 times with same click pattern and suddenly...

Gika everyone jumps to scenes some do not have yet.

Same here Hotz so keep trying LOL

I just cried out "OPEN SESAME!" and it opened hotz!

Bandy, click all except the middle top one

how's the pattern Hotz (where to start?)

scream masks aren't working for me terry?

I used the shovel now I am stuck!

start from the top left

Gika did you use broom?

AO, start at top left...

AO left to right

yes Dazz. I have the spider

MOP magic of posting from others - finally it worked - thx guys

Don't miss flower in window S6

Gika my dear, use it on the hole

Gika use it in same scene on the hole zoomed in

I've tried...it does't work!

third flower in 7

Gika I think Dazz messed it up :P

Zoom on the hole on the ground Gika

still have shovel in inventory, although it's also at the digging place... :-o

OMG finally...the hole didn't want to zoom in! Ty Bandy and Dazz

Don't look at me, I didn't scare it away))

Well now clue on TV in S7 is froze?

last flower in 10

This comment has been removed by the author.

glitchy stuff again in this one...! :-/

Everytime I play AVM games my computer gets super slow

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok, I had to see the color clue first (use duster)

that is a nasty pic puzzle

Well I can't get back to TV clue in S7 so no restart for me.

Wow - can't believe that after placing all those arrows on purple grid I still need more, lol, Yes I am way behind you all ...

I am with you Zu

Does anyone remember to clue from TV in S7 I saw it once and can still use it ?

where is duster from?

This comment has been removed by the author.

bandy it was like this:

Pink , green with 5

green with 3 , pink

pink , green

pink , green with 9

pink with 7 , green

Hey Gika : ) Used broom, spider, clue for door in S1, shovel (once), used colour clue, place 2 flowers, lots of arrows....

No masks clue yet, no hint for sliders or any of the numbers puzzles. Shovel still in inventory plus funny yellow face. Stuck ...

duster from the flowers to put in 3

ditto here Zu, I'm behind, too with that awfully slow posting...

you will need shovel in last new scene

Thank you Dazz that worked!!

I can't do the jigsaw, it's so colorful

yellow face goes in S3

missing last flower then...

can you help me bandy? how to do it?

shovel for S8 too

my last one was in 10 alpah

I have a lot of arrows, a shovel (used) and a clue paper that doesn't seem to work anywhere. I'm stuck

why my vases does't want to work??? :( :(

Ty Gika for yellow face hint - would never have seen that : )

I am still working on it Dazz LOL

& how do the masks work? tried loads of combos - it's just frustrating & no fun anymore... :-(

Were is this shovel?

I am with you AO this one getting old fast!

Hope Alpha like colourful jigsaw

AO, you have to find 4 flowers to get a duster, that gives a color clue for masks...

You're welcome Zu

guys you need the duster first, place all flowers and use it in 7 on wall, click following the color:


then reverse

This comment has been removed by the author.

that's my prob, still missing 1 flower, got the one from s10 as Dazz said I think (see nothing there)

hint for vase please!

bandy, I can't remember where I got the shovel but I think it was either in 4 or 5 peeking out from behind something

hi AVM - thx for the game
sure, I like all sorts of pic puzzles

I am missing 1 flower too

(when I once get there LOL)

the jigsaw was a challenge thank you AVM

is 1 flower from a puzzle?

Could someone post some hints for the gap in the big jump from the start scenes to suddenly being in the house?

Not getting clue from TV right (for vases?). Not understanding Dazz hint either...

Thanks Science Nerd still looking.


Science Nerd> have you got paper from spider? Use that in S4 - the @ puzzle on French windows

Zu-- Use numbers from vase in S1

Yes Zuleika, I got that one. And, just now I finally got that grid on the door to work after doing it several times

Science Nerd The paper clue with dark spots is the code for door Click in order

I guess we need to number the vases

shovel came from the @s

AO--I finally got the vases thing figured out. I am still missing 1 flower

where to use that clue from the tree???

Gika - vase in S1? I must be blind today. No vase ...

my dear Zuleikah, in sc8

Gika, for the scream masks

Use the vase clue(numbers) from tv in S1.. Sorry I didn't explain it well

good job Gika - plz share re vases

Don't have a S8 yet, dear Dazz : )

I give, This one is just too frustrating. LOL GL EV1

TY Dazz I am not there yet..Still missing 1 flower

ah, ok, thx Gika (slow posting here still)

still missing that darn last flower, puuhlease!

Gika - u mean TV in S7? Yes I'm trying to use that clue on TV but can't get it to work. Maybe not interpreting it properly.

4 fowers are in: dig in S2, window in s6, S7, S10

Picture puzzle. http://i.imgur.com/h62jMb7.jpg

4 flowers, sorry

I used the colors starting from the bottom from left to right.....Pink, gray, gray, pink and so on

Where are you stuck bandy?

click alternating on vases on TV to get number hint from bottom to top for s1

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

thx a bunch Hotz the window was
finally I can proceed! ☻

Has anyone got the stick in front of the vases in S6????

Science Nerd Thanks I Xed out as I can not get back to TV clue to figure it out. LOL

Alpha - yes I've got that hint. But it's not for S1, it's for vases in S6, no? Can't get it to work on vases.

wait what?!?! the numbers on grey vases on TV are for 4 numbers on purple gems in S1???? how??

Hotz Yes... the number are...


This comment has been removed by the author.

Why can't I pick up the stick in scene 6?

and use the vases colors from tv in S6

nope, 7935 and 9735 aren't working for me...

I can't pick up the stick either. Stuck after putting code from vases on house. All I have is the shovel now,

Okay - used the S7 clue in S1, AVM being naughty there and misleading us by showing vases for hint!

Think I'm still stuck though. Needing one flower and a bunch of clues.

Bear---I didn't pick it up either . I was just checking to see if it was just me.

oops It's 7935. That should work. A little dyslexic today I think

I'm out, and never touched the stick in 6. *shrugs*

This comment has been removed by the author.

duuuhhhhhhhhhh! that jigsaw is driving me nuts!

Hotz S7 tv clue is used in S1 on purple gems and the numbers that worked for me was 7935!

Two of us posted jpegs for that, Dazz.

I take it when we find cloth we use it on wall stain in S7?

I'm losing interest in this game.

I am stuck...I don't know what to do.

Zu---from reading comments we need a feather duster for that wall

duh, I missed to press 1 more time on TV buttons, so there are 12 vases...

(Sighs) I wish that the clever people who have finished the game wouldn't just tell us that they've finished but would leave a little hint or two...

Yes u r right Gika - I read that somewhere too. I'm in same place as you at moment...

what to do with grid in S10, S2, S4 and S5.????

Please help

great pic puzzle - thx AVM ☺

bear, no peg is here

Has anyone found a place for Tweetie Pie?

ball from pic puzzle goes in s7, click it again for tweety

Yeah Zu we are on our own. Nobody wants to help!

tweety goes in hole in s9 for just another button

now missing 1 button...

POP! Tweetie goes in same scene as picture puzzle, over fireplace, retrieves another one of the pointer things.

Zuleika, what do you need? the duster? find and place 4 flowers, see my comment @12:33 PM

Zu & Gika
where do you need help exactly?
(sorry still very slow internet combo with robot thingy...!!!)

@Gika: I think I'll have to go. Just wasting time here. It took so long to get into game as well. Hope you get a 'team player' to help you soon. Bye for now : )

Hotz---I seen your comment but I am too missing 1 flower.

giving up on this one folks, this is stupid

Gika, look in the window in scene 6.

Ty Hotz - totally missed your comment re flowers. Placed the all now - just before I closed tab on game, lol : )

check window in s6 (Hotz listed all flowers)

Gika did you check 3? 10?7?

After used the Tv clue (number and vase) I don't know what to do.

for 3x3 grid in S10: note the grey and black dots on picture in S8

Dazz, is this link not working? http://i.imgur.com/h62jMb7.jpg

Yes Dazz

thanks Bear!

blue flower for roof in S4

Ah the lovely pic puzzle!

You're welcome.

I feel stupid.....Thanks Alpha it was in S6

fourth one was from shovel for 2

Thanks Hotz too. I didn't see you comment about flowers

I overlooked that same flower, Gika, like a million times.

cyan flower goes in s4 on roof for symbol hint in s8

btw, for flower in S6, bandy gave a hint @ 11:52 AM

very cute animals in s2 give letter hint for s4

bulb from letters for s9

thank you AVM Games, for me this was a confusing and tough game.

Need one more arrow for purple grid; two more 'eyes' for S1.

Plus slider clue etc

my last arrow button was from tweety (see comments above)

stuck with only shovel after placing bulb...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Placed all arrows and blue flower. New hint (if I can remember where those symbols were)

This comment has been removed by the author.

AO, the shovel is also used in S8

Got that Hotz - ty anyway. Your help - and Alpha's - is much appreciated : )

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ohhh My eyes..that puzzle was a pain in the ....

Holy cow! I made it out! Thanks for all the help everyone. The hint that helped me was the one by Hotzenplotz at 1:02 PM. After that everything fell into place.

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