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Barrack Escape Walkthrough

Barrack Escape

MouseCity - Barrack Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. You are stuck in a barrack alone. You must find a way to escape! Collect items and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Happy Sunday - and hi Mouse City : )

Hi, Hope this one has no bugs!

Coins for drinks machine

Hi Jenny : )

Scissors on green can for key.

Navigation is a bit weird ...

I don't understand the XYZ paper hint ?

BTW I have put 4 coins so far in machine, Don't know who many we need ?

In drinks machine view click on doorway edge (right-side) to get rear view of room, then click on down arrow to get back to initial scenes.

Ok we need 5 coins

Use key from can in first room. Count no of socks in each colour.

hi (again) ev1 ☺

didn't we play this before (or was it buggy & this is a fixed repost?)

Jenny, I think we might have to combine all 4 grids to complete grid on wall. Haven't done it yet.

red square is at top row...

Where is green can to use scissors on??

what a dirty stove! :-o

Jenny soda machine use coins

If red square is top row, there is 4 red squares?

Acid from XYZ puzzle



Jenny - can is from drinks machine.

Red square in the position of the starting X (as the grid moves)

TY ZU I don't get it but it worked LOL

Use acid on fridge chain - get chess Knight and cheese.

Acid eats metal

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I stuck with a paper with a bottle and a chess figure on it. I thought it could be "sea horse" but it doesn't work on number pad door

Mouse eats cheese to give key

I made a drink at the bar but ?????

Use key on cupboard with green keyhole for blue drink

Ok missing OJ for class to mix with drink at bar ?

Have put 2 colours into cocktail shaker ( pink and blue ) - maybe green too, I forget - looking for orange juice.

Thanks for can help. Now where do I use those counted socks??

You think it be in icebox but noooo! LOL

where's pink bottle?

for orange juice: water the plant next to bar

key is used right of xyz grid (no hotspot, only after use...)

How do we water the plant??

Trying to remember where I got pink drink Alpha ...

Jenny - me too. Thought it would be on door with 5 colour puzzle but colours don't fit choices.

key from cheese that is

Hots: how to water plant? Glasses open in zoomed view - can't get the to the sink

gives blue drink

one drink from fridge, one from pop machine and one from shelf behind bar. sorry don't know which came from where.

glass seems to be for juice as per poster...

I think, water bottle came from placing chess figure behind 5colors door (count socks)

Hotz. how do those socks work on the 5 colour door? We have been trying.

Jenny count how many of each color for the order. I can't figure out the number code from the paper

1 orange sock, 2 pink socks, 3 green socks...

First color is more red than orange

orange sock = red at puzzle

Jenny: use pink instead of purple, blue instead of cyan, red instead of orange.

oh wait, I think orange was red on the door...

to save you loads of clicks (didn't see a hint)

knight on


ok, got water and did plant and made juice. took cocktail shaker and took water back. now what??
water has H2O on label.

Hmm - shaker won't come to inventory. Cocktail glass won't go to counter. How to fill glass? Did we find green drink (not green can) - can anyone remember?

Alpha, I've tried that. H20D2, water horse, water knight... nothing is working on the number pad

where is the cocktail glass??

btw bandy, how was the colour vid for you? have it reveiled sth new or the known already?

how to squeeze orange?

Jenny, fill the martini glass with the drink that's in the shaker for a color code

Thought H20 might be for phone but can't get correct combo if it is.

I need the 4 colour hint for 1st room please?

I don't have the martini glass Miles1 where is it?

I just zoomed on glass then put orange in it ?

- Cocktail glass just lying around somewhere, I think.
- Just zoom in on glass and click on orange, Alpha

lucky person who has an eidetic memory for these games - unfortunately it's not me, hence can't remember where green drink came from Zu... :-/

4 colors came from drink glass

I seem to remember having green drink in inventory - maybe put it in shaker already, idk

I'm sorry Jenny, I don't remember where I got the martini glass.

I'm sure I did that re juice Zu, but it didn't work the first time, only after your comment... MOP (magic of posting - of another player ☻)

I can't find any cocktail glass. Been over every scene quite a few times.

Jenny - have you checked shelves behind bar and tables in drinks machine room?

I am giving up.
have fun everyone.

Has anyone figured out the number code?


you need to count positions of the letters/numbers of H2OD2

maybe you have picked glass already - did you scrolled down inventory?

How does O come into play ? I got H2 D2 but ?

on bottle is H2O = water (chemical sign)

H2 is hydrogen gas, breathing not required ;-)

Oh well it is last puzzle thanks for the help

I don't think that's the question ppl. The Q is : how do those numbers and letters translate into something to be keyed in? It's clearly not by punching H (i.e. 4) then 2 etc.

H is on the 2nd position of the button, 2 is on the 4th position etc.

ZU don't look at me I gave up on it LOL

Ty Alpha but --button?

same question here Zuleika.
it's not the old trick like : H is the third letter on 4, so click '4' three times, either.

H is second letter, sorry.

my comment at 8:09 AM

H is at the 2nd position of phone number button, so click #4 2x
2 is at the 4th position of button (after 3 letters), so click 2 4x

the O is on the third position.

what do you mean 2 is on the fourth position? of what?

Ty for explaining Alpha - will try that.

Hi Carrie : )

oh ... lol, that's dumb.

shows I never had a phone like that :-)

out. thanks for the last hint, alpha.

of the phone button, first come ABC (1x2x3xclick), then the number 2 as quasi 4th position, hence 4x click

Oh - and that was it. Surprise ending - thought there would be some more to the game. Nice to hear that lock opening though.

Didn't even get to drink that cocktail!

Ty to ev1 for help : )

it's a U.S. phone where you very often use words in phone numbers as I know - e.g. 555-COCKTAIL

pretty nice game, MC, tricky final puzzle - thx ☺

Sorry, but this game has no logical progression and the walkthrough comments indicate common confusion. Bad game.


Zoom in on bed on the right = scissors.
Zoom in on bed on the left = mouse and coin.
small cupboard needs key and colororder.

Go right.
take coin and paper.

Go through the dooropening, click second dooropening, which gives another view of this room.
Zoom in on poster at the wall to see what's needed.
The machine needs 5 coins.

Now go through this second dooropening into the kitchen.
zoom in on the hanging cupboard.
About item the paper. The red square means that's the top. So the right paper has to be turned to the left once, the left paper to the right once, the bottom paper twice = acid.

Zoom in on the box next to bananas = coin.

Go right, zoom in on the counter. Take = glass and coin.
Zoom in on shelves behind it = coin, cocktailglass, green + pink bottle.

Go left twice, zoom in on fridge.
click acid and chains, it opens = cheese, chess-piece.
Doors in the back : one needs colourcode, one needs number/letter code.

Back to the machine, throw in the 5 coins = tin can.
About item cheese, use mouse, let him eat = take key. use key on hanging cupboard (can't zoom in for that) = blue bottle.

About item tin can, use scissors = key.
use key on drawer in start-scene = socks.
(there's no arrow to go back, just click on the right side where pointer changes into hand).

Count the number of socks per colour.
use this on the door in the back of the kitchen = go through, place chesspiece on D2 = bottle of water.

Back to counter, but don't zoom in.
empty the bottle on the plant = orange (also take back the bottle).

About item the glass, put in the orange, take glass.
Remember the poster, put those liquids into the shaker, take it.
About item cocktail-glass, put the liquids in.

the order of colors will open the drawer in the start-scene = paper with clue to open the number/letter door in kitchen.

Read Alpha's hint above about H2O + D2.

Water knight! What a night!

ΑΩ, I don't understand, are there really in the USA such kind of phones like in this game? With letter dialing before numbers? I mean, if you have to call 911, then you need to press four times 9 and eight times 1 or something like that?

I'm always been sure that with these phones you have to press everything only once, e.g. you don't need to press ABC button 3 times for C etc. When it's 555-CAB, then you dial 555-111, not 555-111-1-11. OK, ABC were with nr 2 in this game, if I remember correctly, but the idea is the same. Never been in States, maybe I'm wrong.

punnivinn, we would only press the number once (555-HOME would be 555-4663) but for the purposes of this game we have to press the button according to the position of the letter/number on the button. For "H", press 2x.

For "2", press 4x (ABC2, the 2 is largest number and is counted last, or as the 4th in line)

For "O", press 3x...

Way back in the ancient history of SMS texting (think 1990 or so), the way to get a letter was to press the number according to the position. To get the letter C, you'd have to press the 2 key 3 times; for Z you would press the 9 key 4 times (because 9 has WXYZ). IIRC the digit would be the next character after the letter group e.g. ABC1. So it does make some sense, it just is older knowledge.

There was quite a clear hint for the placing of the knight chesspiece. Each black piece in the lower half mirrored its white counterpart in the top half, so the gap where the black knight would be a reflection of the white knight was pretty easy to find.

But apart from that one, I needed every hint you all gave, so thanks very much, everyone!

But apart from that one, I needed every hint you all gave, so thanks very much, everyone!

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