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Boring House Escape Walkthrough

Boring House Escape

GamesBold - Boring House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. You feel bored in your boring house, but when you get into a warehouse, you feel something magical, and suddenly all the rooms in the house turned into beautiful and antique, you marveled over it and feel excited, but also became worries because you have to immediately escape or you can not go back to your boring house. Good luck and have fun!

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Let's see how boring this one is.

I dunno. It's full of beer, wine, & cheese. Sounds like a party to me!

Hi Lizzie haha last find out how boring this is

ohh Yes. Lizzie doesn't seems boring

Tables & chair in room 2. Hi Gika!

I don't have space in my inventory! Need to find a place to put all of these things

there is a sneaky bottle in room 2 on picture frame

placed a wall menu in room 4 on pillar

found a place for a menu in room 2. Some plates & 2 menus in room 4 so far.

I put a cheese on the back counter in room 4, too.

place 2 beers and bottle in room 6

Plates & wine on table in room 5.

placed wine 2 glasses in room 5

placed beer and bottle in room 2

I put a cheese in room 2. Where does the bottle go?

room 2 - bottles on 1st and 3rd tables

NM found it.

also table in room 2....And I am not a robot, so annouing

What is this robot thing? I must not comment enough to get that problem.

Anyhoo...Mad Hatter here: where do the teacups go?

all 4 tables goes in room 2

All teacups go in last scene, pile on top of 2-cup stacks, none on top row, only 1st and 2nd.

menu in room 1.

Blech. Dropped out for a sec. Where did you put the menu in scene 1?

So Far:
Room 1 - 1 menu, 1 bottle
Room 2 - 4 tables, 2 bottles, 1 cheese, 1 beer, 1 menu
Room 3 - 2 beers, 1 menu, 1 bottle, 1 cheese
Room 4 - 2 menu, 5 plates, 1 cheese, 1 bottle
Room 5 - 3 plates, 6 wine
Room 6 - 1 bottle, 1 cheese, 2 beer
Room 7 - 5 teacups

Still have 2 beers to place

Menu in room 1 goes on the left on the bottom picture

I think I'm just going to drink the 2 beers and be done with it!

Last 2 beers in Room 4 on the right

Thanks Puffin!. I'm a couple drinks in already & this is definitely a boring room escape.

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Ha ha Lizzie, yes it did live up to it's name.

Lizzie I agree, I thought we would have fun with those drinks

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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