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Button Escape - Homework Walkthrough

Button Escape - Homework

TototoRoom - Button Escape: Homework is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Tototo Room. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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click 2x on carpet

use key (found in red safe) on white pic

check the lock after opening ;)

click on top skeleton head

Hi seb, will join you. Like those but I always get stuck.

This one's pretty easy up till the last button. I can't get the doll to hold still. I have a pair of apples is all.

Hi ! same here stuck with doll
and don't understand why 2x on apple

Use the apples to hold the doll's head still.

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Thank you Maximom. I swear I tried that, but I guess I just didn't hit the right place for them to work.

Thanks Maximom ! nice game

YW, it was a matter of finding the sweet spot for placement. I liked the game, too!

Thanks Maximom! I tried giving the apples to the doll but didn't put them beside the head.

I really thought I'd get out on my own this time but that doll thing got me. Thanks for helping!

like the sound it makes, when clicking a button ☻

thx ppl for the hints above ☺
still missing one (bottom left)...

Hi Alpha, let me replay!

Okay, if you open the red door by using the colours you can zoom into the thank you card. Then there's a button at the open door and one on the bow. You should need the door button.

hi merit
thx that was it - missed that bugger! ☻

did you already hear sth from Escaper re robot thingy?

Yes, check out your mail account in about five minutes!

ok, thx ☺

For those who have issues with that recurring captcha thing: I contacted Escaper about that, and he answered that this is an Blogger/Blogspot site owned by Google and he has no control about it. As far as he knows Google stops sending captchas when a user is identified as a real person.

According to some blogger FAQ it may still occur when IP addresses have been identified as parts of bot networks. If your address is on this blacklist you have to confirm every single comment. It should help to restart your router or PC to receive a new IP address. Another problem could be your internet provider but I don't have further information about this yet.

11 buttons

- umbrella
- 2x carpet
- card in red safe (bow)
- behind card
- behind key pic
- top of blue safe
- unlocked padlock
- moved top of skeletons head
- behind green button (watermelon?)
- doll (place apples right of head)

«Google stops sending captchas when a user is identified as a real person.»

not for me unfortunately, so I'm on the blacklist it seems, but I'm dead sure I'm not a part of any bot network & restarting d/w for me...! :-(

ok blaming my internet provider then ;-P

thx for the info merit ☺

Well I'm talking about matters I don't really understand but as far as I know your router/network etc. refers those addresses to your PC automatically and changes them intermittently or after restarting.

So it might be you receive an IP address which formerly has been part of a bot network. Then it might help getting a new one. Yet I know there are static and dynamic IP addresses but I won't talk further about it as that's something I am totally unware of it (I do see those nerds laughing their behinds off about my comment).

I know that, too & I have always the same IP address... oh alas

Nice game. Thanks Alpha for listing where to find the buttons. I completely missed the top of the blue safe.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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