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Closet Room Escape

Gamemory - Closet Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape games. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Closet Room Escape

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According to WWWJDIC, 除光液, which is written on the purple container you get, is nail polish remover.

Ah... And it is used on the razor blade that originally read 8888 to reveal the 4# code.

The interface on this one was a little clunky, but I liked the puzzles and the length was just right. Thanks, Gamemory!

The underside of the stool in the center of the room explains how to interpret the 3# clue.

Hint: Focus not on the number of lines within each hash mark, but count the SPiOInLEtRSePOrILsEReSPcOItLEiRSoPOnILsER.

@Seraku, I have glass w/ water, knife, razor, battery and M*USE letters. Tried to shave sheep but no go. What do I do to get this purple container?

Oh, just found 5th letter. I guess you have to close curtains several times.

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@just1, you need soap for the sheep. But the soap is just out of reach. The A/C unit will lend you a helping "hand" once you repair it and turn it on.

Thanks guys, I got that far, it was the letter I didn't find that was holding me back. Now I have a new problem - codes from TV and from sheep aren't opening the cabinets. Don't know why. TV code should be turned to the R, no? and sheep is saying SP8OI1LE2R I think?

@just1, you need an additional item to complete the 4x4 square clue. It comes from opening the box with the 4# code if I recall.

You're right with the sheep, although it did take me a few tries to enter the combination for it to work.

For the grid on the tv, you need an overlay for what's on the screen. The sheep answer is correct, but the door stuck for me until I pressed the 8 again.

Thanks! That worked! Some little bug in that number box, so click on 8 twice.

...and ignore my post above, you DON'T turn the grid to the right. The black mark means nothing.

Blast! Now my red key doesn't work. This game doesn't like me.

@just1, the red key just needs a buddy to make it whole.

I like the game, if only it worked better...

Oh! Thank you again! Maybe I should just go get some sleep after this, you think? :)

Enjoyable game

SD under sheep shelf

LOL the sheep sound ☻

I have some troubles with the zooming out of the about item view, as that screen is smaller with the back bar...

ROFL the TV tune! ☻

put soap from under bed in glass with water

LOL now shaving the sheep, poor creature ☻

6034 from cutter doesn't open box :-o

try one number higher

there's more than 1 TV channel

put both keys together for

top CB, but also

r/l hint

what a brill game! funny & tricky - excellent, thx Gamemory ☺

graphics reminded me a bit of Gatamari, but this one was way easier, although not too easy

thx just1 & Seraku for your hints ☺

Would be a good game if it wasn't fatally buggy :(

had no probs with bugs...

Enjoyed that one. No bugs for me at all. Got stuck before I realised I wasn't hitting the correct place on the aircon

Lovely game.
Although many devs do submit games with bugs, I also see commenters complaining about bugs when they are not progressing in a game due to not understanding a clue.

very right re complaining Anita!
(but at some devs you never know...)

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I liked that game, despite the clumsiness and bugs. Hope the future ones work better.

Anita, that was definitely a bug that the door didn't work with the right clue (812) and you had to click the 8 twice.

Really nice game! Thank you for making it. I look forward to more. No bugs, but it was a bit clunky. There is a barely visible bar at the bottom in about view that does allow you to back out. Sometimes you have to zoom out and zoom back in to open door after solving. But not buggy. I liked the puzzles.

Oops, there was that one bug with the number, yes, but overall a nice effort.

Not sure if it was a bug or an error. Thanks for the hints.

Can't repair the A/C with tape? I tried cutting the tape first, no go.

There is a white wire...looks like a shoelace?

Then apply tape.

you say "Although many devs do submit games with bugs, I also see commenters complaining about bugs when they are not progressing in a game due to not understanding a clue. "

I was one complaining about bugs in this game. Let's see - just so you understand it's not because I couldn't make progress:

1.) the 3-digit code didn't work right away - i had to put it in at least a dozen times to work.

2.) the 4-digit code never worked for me. I checked, it was the correct code I got from the cutter blade after washing it with the nail polish. I tried it at least 20 times, never worked.

3.) the cutter didn't want to cut the tie around the wardrobe door I had to do it about 5-6 times until it decided to do it.

4.) At first, I couldn't change channels on the TV.

I hope now you see i didn't call bugs because I couldn't make progress...

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