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Colorful Feathers Escape Walkthrough

Colorful Feathers Escape

Games4King - G4K Colourful Feathers Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side a abandoned garden house. You need to get escape from the abandoned garden house by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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Alive G4K - great! Currently with a black screen. Hope I get in.

In. Scenes not numbered today, sadly.

Hi, don't miss sneaky yellow feather between flowers in starting scene

Key in basket left of start scene. Opens door same scene.

Hey Hotz : )

4-numbers in start scene give red flower

Also a key hidden in those flowers in start scene

in scene, where you can put wheel and get shovel: the bricks beside the door are clickable... (no clue yet)

Place wheel above door - in scene with 4-letter puzzle - for a shovel

Use shovel in same scene where you get it

POP, 8 letters in starting scene are the clue for bricks.

4 leaves are the clue for 4 arrows (top to bottom)

Colour clue (from using shovel) is used in scene left and two down from start scene (left room)

Hotz: I already tried that with the bricks, not working for me. Tried thinking of A to D as top to bottom left side, etc. Also tried with letters going across left to right (so ACEG on left). Did you get it to work?

Four flowers (in scene with arrows puzzle) give clue for 4 buttons in twisted tree scene

Footballs go above left door in start scene

Zuleika, use the order as shown in starting scene and click A-H...

stick to break mirror

Yes Hotz. I;ve got that. But are you clicking A then D then G then E etc? Or are you going AGCH etc? I've tried all the obvious ways and nothing is working...

This comment has been removed by the author.

just click on bricks A-H: ABCDEFGH

Hi Zu :) how's your hand today?

Lol Hotz. We're talking past eaxch other here ; )

Bricks are like this - yes?

Left Right

So ...would I click A then D then G then E etc Ii.e.e the paired letters in sequence) OR A then G then C then H etc (i.e. the columns of letters)? I've tried both and neither works.

Hy yvonne. Ty for asking - it's playing up a little. Using keyboards doesn't help of course : )

1 4
7 5
3 2
8 6

Stuck with ABC clue...
not used vase, flowers and stone head

Ty Uknown xxx

Zuleika, the bricks are as shown in starting scene

now click on bricks A to H...

Zu I can imagine, you've got to play your games though :)

no clue how to apply ABC clue :(

In roughly same place as you Unknown. Also in inventory have 'GOOD' paper and 3 feathers


Zu Good paper is applyed to paper clue above chest (8 colored balls )

GOOD is for colored balls on a wall

no idea yet for ABC cue :(

'GOOD'paper is used on colors in scene with 4 arrows...

A belated ty Hotz. I got it using Unknown's hint - even though E isn't in place where clue says it should be, lol.

ABC Use the A1 A2 B2 C1 and C3

looked like a paper on a wall cant find it anymore. maybe its gone after solving

Sorry that was a spoiler LOL

thx bandy. bad clue... but understand it now

thanks bandy

Yes I though GOOD clue was for that - but just not getting the sequence. Feeling really dim today...

Anytime ! The soccer balls go over door in start scene

ZU use G Colors on top and bottom the are for the first row then ect.

Any one use water jug yet ?

arrgh stuck again... 21221? 4 letters? 532? 4 #?

Ah ty bandy. Didn't realise we could move colours along as well as up/down

where does the statue go and the log?

Hi bandy :)

Well I feel like a dog have water everything I can think of LOL

Hi yvonne!! :)

Colours from soccer balls go on right side in twisted tree scene. Opens left door in start scene.

bandy? did u use 21221?

oliveya22 the log will break mirror

k thanks!

Unknown I have not got that clue yet. But they use 21221 in a L/R puzzle ?

3-number puzzle through left door gives another feather (purple)

532 is for the scene with 21221 clue. stuck with 4 feathers and jug. need one more pink/red flower

where do flowers go?

I know bandy but we already used l/r hint

How did you guys get in left door ?

21221 is used after putting second stick in door with A-H blocks

I guess I need 1 more soccer ball I have red and green ?

place 3 balls thenn use the ball color in scene right dorr that opens left door

bandy, after placing the colored balls go through right door and use colors on right headstone. that will open left door

then you need blue

The 2 red flowers go on central bush in twisted tree scene. gives knife. Use knife on shield beside ABC puzzle for key.

OK Thanks I am one the hunt for blue 1 LOL

has anyone found where to put the statue or water jug. ?

Green candy gives 4-letter hint

thy Zu

Four numbers from egg

* on LOL

Lever from using 4-numbers in harp room. Place lever beside door with flashing bricks. Opens new scene.

21221 used on l/r boulders

big progress... now also need 2nd red/pink flower

Stone statue goes on stand by golden doors

Need another stone head. Need place to put feathers and red/pink flower

LOL - second head from using key I already had!

bandy do the the arrows for blue ball, Hotz's comment 9.34

use water jug on left flowers, where you used 21221-clue for second pink-red flower

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 10:33 AM  

hi (again) all ☺

still live? just starting...

Red/pink flowers go above stone heads.

All this tuff must be used passed Left door in start scene but I can not find last soccer ball ?


Zuleika, thanks for red flower place

Bandy blue ball from 3 signs in room with abc puzzle

bandy did you see my comment 10.33?

hint for the 3 signs from 4 arrows

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 10:35 AM  

no autosave in this one & no numbered scenes...

Ty for water jug hint Hotz. Place feather on golden door and out. A big ty for all help ppl. Very nice game. Ty G4K : )

Hi AO :)

where are the golden doors at?

yvonne Thanks got it!!!

out, thx all.

Where is soccer ball that everyone is talking about? I only have 1 red volleyball

@oliveya22: golden doors are at very end of game, final scene.

@Gika: I think we mean the same thing : ) You will get 3 balls (red, green and blue) to go above the left door in start scene.

This comment has been removed by the author.

are the numbers 3185 for the arrows or something else. ?

Thanks Zu :)

oliveya22 those are 4 digit clue, Arrows were from plant leaves

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 10:52 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

AO last room left from start By mirror that needs knife

This comment has been removed by the author.

I never used it that I remeber LOL

so happy to be finished! :)

Ok guys got to rock back to work Thanks EV1

I haven't got GOOD paper, and I don't know where to use egg numbers

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 11:06 AM  

dont quite get the hints after opening left door beneath 3 balls
what comes next?

Hi Gika, what have you got in inventory?

and where is the clue for ABC 123????

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 11:07 AM  

have vase, feather, 2 red flowers, 1234 grid paper & pink flower in inv.

Yvonne--I got statue, 3 feathers, stick, placed 2 volleyballs, jug and 3185

AO---in scene where you used 2649. There is a key hidden on bushes (top right)

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 11:11 AM  

thx Gika
have that used already

This comment has been removed by the author.

not ignoring you, game crashed, reloading

AO 2 red flowers is placed on top of twisted flowers the one that the green leaves gives you arrow clue

AO use the 1234 grid on that new door. Click and hold the number on paper you will see the lines

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 11:16 AM  

thx Gika, now can I move on

Yvonne- my inventory comment @11:08

Gika what colour ball do you need?

I thought that the stick would go by the door where you place wheel..???? still stuck

Yvonne---just the green

Gika have you used stick to break mirror? scene with the armchairs and two pots on floor

Oh please tell where I can find that stick...

breaking the mirror gives the good clue, sorry have to leave for a bit gl

Yippiie! Left bush twisted tree scene

Oh Thanks Yvonne.

Sorry Rudiger I don't remember where I got it!

       Anonymous  9/22/16, 11:27 AM  

oops, suddenly out after placing feathers

thx ppl for the (needed) hints above & G4K for an enjoyable game ☺

oh missed you all was playing wow game

and Finally Out!

Thanks Yvonne that really helped me to move on :)

ridiculous twice I've lost my game some sneaky popup taken me out big complaint G4K 1st time I had just solved the 1234 squares that wasn't asy


The puzzle that gives the purple feather took me a minute to figure that I needed to turn the lines to make 532. Very good game G4K.! Thank you all for the hints !

Thanks for all the hints, guys!

These games would be much better without thosse horrible pixel hunts.

played again today & got straight through very nice game I found the puzzles interesting & easy for me to work out except the abcdefgh took a bit to get into the right order but managed, easily figured he 532 very nice game

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