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Cosm Escape 1

Fossa - Cosm Escape 1 is another point and click escape game developed by Fossa. In this game, you are a space ranger and you have lost your space ship after a big party. Now it's time to find it and escape from that space. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Angelika]

Note: This is this developer's first escape game.

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found 2 orange cones (behind yellow tubes and behind green diamonds with brown things on floor)

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purple stars gives number clue

Purple stars number order is not working for me.

Didn't like this one. Not understanding these clues.

3672 not working ?

Game is real lagging for me

Plus game has my mouse jumping all over the place ?

Yeah I am done with this one :(

On the map at the bottom of an orange-yellow stripes. Open buttons on them. And to the code with a star need to find more zvezdy.Bely stone painted in the fountain. You can fly to and rznye planet.

bandy, good morning to you :) note this is the developers first game

you get more stars form red-blue arrow box and then star clue works. I have 3 cones and one white diamond. Got some symbols from creature living in orange pipe and diamond goes on top of flute thing in first scene. Now stuck.

Well I can't keep mouse still long enough to try #'s so I must go to

Managing transitions from scene to scene uncomfortable. In Yandex game so slow. a blue and a red triangle for the box.

Maybe the first but if I can't keep mouse still hard to play.

FPI, okras white crystal in the fountain and put on the black column, click the button. There is another planeta.Ya wrote about this already above.

Blue triangle around the tornado.

I think this is a great game so far.

The white stone will be after the code from the stars.

Stone (who painted) luchshea naosaiat an ace)

Next to the fountain there is a yellow stone on it tip to the chessboard.

Nice graphics, nice idea to turn and turn and turn. No mouseproblems here. I just can't do much with it. Just1 will like this I think.

The film reels go on the safe, along with the purple handle.

The metal rod can be put into the holes on the green planet.

It forms roman numerals with the green shapes. I haven't written them all down yet.

Spanner for black ballona.Nadut ball. Raise the dumbbell.

I played this game yesterday. It is very interesting but it tires a little to have to wet the stone each time you want to teleport and there are worlds that are not directly connected.
I could not finish the last world (extra) because I could not find one of the diamonds(red, at the very end).
You have to solve puzzles on the different worlds.

Nafanja said, use the wrench on the black helium tank on the green planet, then blow up the green balloon, and tie the balloon to the large iron ball to raise it to reveal a red fountain.

4792 are the numbers from the rod I think, but I can't find a spot to use them yet.

You need 12 red cones which are used on the animal at the red world. My last one was in that world amid the different hues of red.

Bear how did you get a rod and film reels?

Arrie, I was liking it quite a bit, until on the 2nd planet, I input symbols that came from the alien by the chomping plant, and the game snarked at me, accusing me of brute-forcing! Maybe it's the wrong code, but I'm put off by the attitude.

Amy, you have to use the white gem at various fountains to give it color. Then you have to use the gem on the electric device and push the button to travel to that colored planet.

For the life of me I can't find a translator or a dictionary for the flesh eating plant puzzle.

Just1, that puzzle says you need to find the translation first before it will work.

I found two film reels on the red planet, I need a third.

moved on to the 3rd planet to see what else there is...just take your stone back and change its color in the appropriate fountain, you only need 1 stone.

Also, missing 4 orange cones.

Just got a wrench (spanner for you Brits) from putting 2 blue spheres together

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 10:50 AM  

Does anyone know where the telescope is?

I stuck in the beginning with some cones, blue triangle and a clover.
where is red triangle to open the box (ipi 9:56 AM)? and I can't find anything by fountain...

I have not seen a telescope yet.

on green planet, use black cylinder to blow up balloon (need wrench 1st)

Blue worls (alpha) The sign has 2 clues: the Y/O one and how to put B/R triangles.

ccpc vpvpv Should be the clue for the reel but I can't find the third reel.

purple lever goes on safe on the desert planet (yellow) - don't know how to open it yet

tie the filled balloon to the black ball to get to the red planet

You can't open it until you have all three reels. I think I'm calling it quits on this one. I'm going 'round in circles. Have fun everyone.

Translator I have received from the code on the red planet. But there does not undertake an orange cone. Code 7492. The order of the numbers on a white stolbe.Ryadom seems a safe.

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This game kinda reminds me of Renegade's games. Anyone else remember those? That would explain the snark.

red triangle is in orange-yellow arrow safe. the clue is on sign in scene1.1

«You are saved!» ☻
not yet - stuck with you Hotz...
(hard to understand Nafanja's hints...)

Want to help, Hotz, I'm pretty sure it was in the orange/yellow box. Clue on sign w/ planets. If not there, don't remember

got it, but thanks anyway :)

You get the translator on the red world. With it you have to use it on blue world on the creature so you can put the symbols beside the flying saucer.There is the third wheel.

ah hi (again) all ☺
it's still live then...?!

blue/purple/pink signs on red planet must somehow be the clue to open safe. Time to try to make sense of these symbols.

Look at the blue symbol position, just1

There are R/L arrows for each wheel.

In that safe is the telescope. You need first the cat but take note of the fishes. You'll need one.

Clever! The valve wrench (long pole w/ handles) gives you Roman numerals.

Thanks Magda I'm on my way back to there - haven't seen cat nor fish yet

After you finish (when the creature in the red worl moves) you may return to the blue worl and talk to the blue guy on the yellow "room".

You can go to a new world.

The cat and fishes clues you see with telescope.

nice to read it all ... curious to see if you all will finish the game.

My Roman numerals aren't working - going back to recheck them (you're right, travel is a little tedious)

You have to put the roman numerals in the order that is on the collumn with keyhole, just1

took me some tries to place the ladder and get the key: bottom left of sign post

Thanks Magda! It would have taken me forever to figure that out. :)

LOL "yesterday I had great fun, today am tired"

for second ending: after you have found the space ship, go to blue planet and talk to alien in orange sculpture in scene 1....

Finally! Just entered the same sequence of symbols I did at the 1st, but now I know what they mean, I guess...? Anyway, ready to tackle the safe.

Btw Hotz where did you find a ladder? I haven't gotten that key yet.

whoo, you're out already! My laggy computer makes this travelling bit go real slow.

I am on second ending. you will get to a pink planet with some riddles....
I think, ladder came from flower name (you have to find translator)

or ladder came from 3-wheels-safe...

for 4#code (antares) on pink planet: note the poster behind scientist alien and a pink sign in ship scene...

got the telescope talked to the blue guy in the yellow thingy - now how do I get to new world

POP placed telescope and looked through it

AmyElvis, telescope is used on green planet, between the lists of zodiac symbols

for green * math clue, you have to solve yellow slider on pink planet. the clue is in chess board scene (note palm trees...)

Hotz, did you find red diamond?

for 5letter safe in fountain scene on pink planet: you have to find 4 math formulas (the clues are on pink planet) and use the results on periodic table of elements to get 5 letters...

Magda, I have found 7 diamonds: 2 blue, 2 green, 2 yellow and 1 pink diamond...

ok, I am missing 1 diamond and no unsolved code. any idea?

back - was playing the new SD now you guys are way ahead of me...

anyone remember where I can find the green balloon?

green balloon maybe from box that you open w/ cloverleaf? Not sure.

thx just
but I already opened that box - no balloon...

Hotz, that's what happened to me yesterday and I went to other sites and nobody have a clue on the last diamond. I guess it is red,

I'm off to play the new SD game - will come back to this later, my safe won't open, and I'm getting frustrated. Tried top to bottom, and in ascending number order, no good.

AO, did you opened the chess board?

nope, didnt see the hint yet...

Spoiler for safe Blue Pink Violet


The hint for chess board is on a pyramid left on the back in scene. It has nothing particular, kind of greyish.

ah, thx Magda
now that you mention the pyramid, I already saw the hint - doh (only my STM short-term memory on LOL)

is metal rod the same as the valve wrench? & where from?
where is ladder?
is the translator the billboard on red planet?
asking so much while skimming thru comments & dunno what my next step is...

Hi Alpha, just back after a good break - the valve wrench is by the volcano, red planet - and no, the translator comes out of the symbols box on the blue planet. With it, you can turn all that gibberish into English, some of it quite entertaining...

Hi all)
I am the author of the game and that's my debut...
Thank you all for your patience and interest.
Sorry for some bugs in the game, I am not good yet in game making.

magda, red stone in in the pink planet. Just without any code. Look for one more location ;)

The main problem is the last code (to exit). I was sure it was logical. But some players told me it wasn't))

It is impossible to change the last code now...

Just try to follow my mind - there are 5 planets on the wall and there is a pair of stones between every two planets. 5 pairs of stones. Like stones in teleports...

And sorry for exhausting jumping between planets. )

Thank you all once more.

Also I'm pleased to report that game save works perfectly!

Hi Fossa, I'm thinking this is a very good game with good new ideas in it, and your next will be much better even. Please keep it up. :>)

Ah, you follow the signs from bottom to top (but why?) - thanks Magda for the spoiler

hi Fossa
thx for such an interesting game ☺
I second just's post

thx just
I put the seemingly correct solution of the symbol puzzle in, but I was told to get the hint... :-o

@Alpha,Oops I told you wrong! You need the translator before that box will open. I think it came from somewhere on the red planet, but I'm not remembering now. Sorry!

That box will give you the last wheel for the safe, which gives you the telescope, which by a very clever clue, gives you the ladder. That's where I am now.

Fossa, could you give a little hint for this 'one more location' in pink planet? I clicked everywhere and used tab key in every scene to find this last hotspot, but nothing...

I had to leave. Now he returned. I went to a normal end. When there is a translator, I talked with all the creatures and characters from the code worked. As I exhibited signs of green. Bell, flower, sun, circle with a dot, diamond. Being who sits in the yellow garbage and says that it is necessary to return to it. I have to find a good end returned to him. I have bypassed all the planets and found that it is necessary to be done.

I'm out with the Star End :)
You gotta zoom in on an object in Epsilon world and look up.
Walkthrough on Nordinho

This comment has been removed by the author.

is the translator on red planet the billboard? I also saw the blue page, but puzzle still tells me to get the hint...

no Alpha, I think you get it from he floating safe on that planet. Then use it on the billboards. And all the aliens esp. the one in the tubes on the 1st world.

Hotzenplotz, look carefully around the fountain ;)

ΑΩ, have you got Roman numerals? Use the to open the safe in the red planet and you'll get the translator)

I was immediately given a key man sitting in yellow) .Mne had to replay in Google, Yandex in I was never able to take one orange cone.

Translator lying. I wanted to say that I was not able to take the key from the guy in the yellow. He gave the key when all the planets and all obklatsala run.

LOL Nafanja
blaming the translator ☻

is the safe on the red planet in the sky or behind orange creature? (need 5 spikes more) - if sky, the 4792 d/w for me there...

Someone spoil the last egg number and the barrel word - please

Alpha, you need a different order, it's on the column w/ a keyhole in it

By color paired figures should press the colored balls. As the fish in the telescope click the table with the yellow barrel tochkami.Po word. But 5 letters code .. do not understand yet.

thank you Fossa!! I am waiting for your next game :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Amy, what last two puzzles?

okay got the egg number and purple gem - now I just need to figure out the barrel clue

for barrel with zodiac symbols: you have a symbol and a number, so you know which letter of symbol name you should use.
eg: Aquarius 5 = R

okay the barrel has Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio on it as well as numbers by each one - I tried using the first letter of each sign in the order outlined on the puzzle but that didn't work - am I close?

Many thanks Hotzenplotz!!!!

Yippee - star end!

ladder from cat dot puzzle

nails from keyhole on thick pillar on yellow planet (the pillar for order for sky numbers on red pl.)
but where to use them?

Not missing a pink stone. All codes made.

nails for orange creature on RP, but still missing 1 cone...

I really liked this game. It was well thought out and logical and the graphics were fun. Keep up the good work!

My last cone was hiding in the volcano.

On the red mountain where took a stick looked? There is little noticeable on yellow somewhere do not remember. Studded with whole pink planet, I can not find the last pink crystal.

that was the rascal, thx Puffin ☺

finally found an end, the normal one
now how to get started for the 2nd end...?

AlphaOmega ΑΩ? I blame Google translator. I have tried different interpreters, no one understands me))))))

For the second end of the go-to guy that sits in a yellow thing. To his left is the key. He really did not immediately give it to me)

Finally I found the red crystal. He flew away. The game is interesting! .To Start very cool. Despite the fact that we had three times to replay and bustle of course tired, the game impressed) thanks to the author) Let's wait for new games!)

I'm not yet out with the second ending. I need one more diamond on the pink planet and don't know where to look. I think I've completed all the puzzles.

where to use the key from blue alien in orange device on BP?

Use the key on the geodesic dome

me not yet on pink planet - how to get there?

(I'm tired of flying around on the planets...)

ok after using key, there's the pink fountain

rose d/w on letter chest...

a pisces not the third letter - duh, I think brain eclipse here atm LOL

pink gem from 4#code on PP - on RP there are signposts, find the correct one combo with scorpio (sco) constellation poster



Found red diamond and out with star end! See Fossa's comments at 3:14 for red diamond and 2:28 for final puzzle.

Petrel, red stone above the fountain, on a pink planet.

click the atomic model as per coloured numbers on the wall

I will try this game again. Maybe with the hints left in here I can make it out.



take coloured numbers in shapes

green asterisk - (45+3):2= 48:2=

blue pentagon - 18:2-1= 9-1=

red star - 37x2=

yellow star - (26+2):4= 28:4 =

now look at the periodic table & find these numbers in the squares
take the chemical abreviations/letters for puzzle


green -- 24 - Cr
blue ---- 8 - O
red ---- 74 - W
yellow -- 7 - N


order of the gems


as per fountains on planets

e.g. blue planet has a green & a pink one


star end with Star Wars tune LOL ☻

wow, that was an epic game, even more for a first one! thx Fossa ☺
liked a lot of it e.g. the travelling, the translator, the riddles at the end etc. - just brill! last code wasn't so hard for me

& thx ppl for all your help left here ☺

thank you, fossa. you should be quite proud...it was a wonderful game. clever. different. thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to your future efforts. ;)

Greetings L&G :-)
Although I do not comment anymore, because I hardly catch a game live, I had to put in my two cents, as this is a really excellent game for a first creation!

I got out thanks to all the hints the players before me left in the comments. Thank you very much for the help.

Dear Fossa
You created a great game: Logical, funny, with clever puzzles, simply something different!
I look forward to seeing more of your creations. :-)

Great 1st game Fossa thanks !!

and thanks a lot all for good help here :)

Thank you very much, Fossa. It is awesome.
I thought I had clicked everywhere for the red diamond.

LTNS - I'd like to thank you very much for all the hints and WTs you gave/make in the past
you've set a great example (for me anyway)
good to see your nick pop up ☺

Fossa - thank you very much for your wonderful game.
It was clever, imaginative, absorbing and best of all, fun! Hope to see many more from you. :-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't know the code yellow bars on the pink planet. Sorry, my enghish isn't very good.

I need a green gem that is in the puzzle bar between two palm trees on the pink planet. Please.

David Franco, look carefully at palms in gamma 1.1
There are 4 yellow palms and 2 dark ones (left & right). You need 4 yellow palms but the dar one also are important.

Thank you very much for your help, Fossa. Great game!

great game! I escaped with the Star End. Only the teleport method is time consuming. Thank you Fossa!

Excellent first game.

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