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Charming Lawn Escape Walkthrough

Charming Lawn Escape

EightGames - Charming Lawn Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a gardener trapped inside a charming lawn. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the gardener to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in. Come to my rescue, all you smart people!

Garden scene. Looks good, more beautiful than those abandoned messy houses.

hi again merit

here I am ☺

OMG - almost 22 min. of VWT - mean puzzles (sliders) in this one it seems... :-o

LOL collected hen just lied an egg ☻

Hi Alpha. I decided to go to the left first.

Clicking butterflies could make a clue for a lever.

Hello all
Hanging baskets go far left.

Don't overthing butterflies, just count.

Just wanted to tell that about the baskets now. Hi meth, good to see you!

Sticks for blue butterfly scene.

hi meth ☺

grid in forelast scene most right for button grid in cat scene

btw cats can't digest milk, they get scours of it...!

Oh, have you been to all scenes now yet? :-o

One to the right from start: Near the right-direction-arrow there are three holes in the pillar. Wooden sticks go into them.

Bugs go into wall above cat.

plant pots for most left scene

In last scene to the right you can zoom into the raised flower beds. Pipes go there.

do you also tried to give dog the hens or the duck...?! not ;-P

Hi AO and Merit.
Two bugs found in cat wants milk scene.

One scene before End: Place for brown eggs from hens and puzzle for green buttons.

Okay, end scene. No I'll go back and see where I can dispose my items (and hope to find the last wooden stick).

my last leaf was in forelast scene before end

Paper clue leads to four digits.

Blue mug is used in the pond in the scene where you can go down to End.

Hotspot on path in heron statue scene. Can't use shovel or knife there.

one stick in end scene

In the scene with the wooden trunks you can put the nest on the bench. White eggs go there, have four now and seem to need more.

Got that, Alpha. And one from the first scenes when starting and going to the left.

use crowbar in start scene

I keep forgetting about tab. Crowbar on path heron statue scene. Four gold coins leads to four colours and another pipe.

Yes meth, but tab doesn't work for items, just for finding puzzles, keyholes etc.

shovel is used in green bfly scene

Oh I hadn't thought of picking up the hens. Wish I could get my hens to lay to order like that. LOL.

Shovel is used in scene with green butterfly.

Duck eggs go in nest in scene with logs bottom left.

combo assembled paper with letter/number hint in blue circle puzzle scene for 4#code in scene with logs bottom left (where you place nest)

Oh, I missed your post on duck eggs Merit.

What duck eggs? My duck is still in my inventory. Doesn't go on nest, into a lawn area, the pond, or somewhere else.

in-between check
have duck, 4 coins, milk bag, knife, water jug filled - all items not used yet...

The four coins go that 4x4 colour board as meth mentioned. This gives you the 4 colour clue for one of the leftmost scenes.

my last bug was in cat scene

My check:

- duck
- kind of antler looking thing called stone, probably need more
- knife
- milk pocket (need a bowl?)
- mug with water

Bad thing: I need the last wooden stick and the last cat puzzle piece, the green one bottom right. Just find a green tile in these gardens!

Pour water down pipe.

Good find meth, I thought I needed at least one more pipe.

Kill the ball with the knife for a blue button.

thx merit, missed that post

that greyish blue on hint wasn't the same as on puzzle & I've got a perfect colour view

Hi Merit, I'm missing a different cat piece (middle right), so they must all be lying about in the open.

Forgot the bugs - need TWO more! :-o

Just found my last stick under navigation arrow red butterfly scene. Don't know how I missed it.

One more, got that in the scene.

Thanks meth - now it bit me right into my nose.

Merit, there were two bugs in scene where cat wants milk.

How many duck eggs does anyone have? I have 4.

Sweet Jesus - I pulled my notebook a few inches closer to my face and in this moment I found the cat puzzle piece! :-D

It was in the scene where leaves went.

It's not a stone, its a bone!

You mean with duck eggs the white ones? More than four...

right of logs where you placed nest, there's a A-Z hint...

missed that tile too, thx merit

but still missing top right cat tile...

now have only duck & milk bag in inventory...

No more bug for me in cat scene, had that already. Obviously we are facing a quest, you for the tile and I for the bug...

Maybe I'll find that second bone while doing this.

still need key for pipe scene & some green & blue buttons...

Hooray, found my last cat puzzle piece in end scene.

unsolved triangle puzzle, 10# puzzle, pattern symbol puzzle & the 2 button puzzles...

playing already for an hour...! :-o

Have green puzzle working now and no idea what to do with it.

meth, the top right one?

I swear if I find that bug...

It would make sense that if we got all white eggs we could place the duck on it. Yes I know, it's a male duck.

maybe the propulsive tune will help (unmuting)...

LOL merit ☻

I forgot about the hanging baskets. Did anyone get all of them?

Still no bug, going another round...

But what about the flower bouqets? I have two and that's not enough.

found my last cat tile just after unmuting in same scene I had open - forelast scene most left - tune really helped - self-fullfilling prophecy LOL ☻

I mean the green puzzle with lots of buttons AO.
Also I haven't used the grass patch in scene left of pipe scene.

LOL Merit, I've also been looking for a female duck hiding in brown bushes.

GOT IT!!! It was in the cat scene though... ;-)

Got all green pieces now but I'll leave this puzzle to the end as I have to watch the w/t for it. Bad if it got me the missing link for the rest of the game - meth, tell me if it's so.

need last blue button, but have to take a break (duty calls), so bbl, leave clear hints plz, CU ☺

So much still to do:
From left
1 only two hanging baskets
2 x
3 triangles puzzle not solved
green hexagons not solved
4 5 pink buttons not solved
5 x
6 (heron scene) x
7 only one bone
8 only 4 duck eggs
9 cat needs milk, I have half sachet
10 (going right) need 1 blue button
11 grass patch not used
12 (pipe scene) key needed
13 (down from 9) green puzzle not solved
14 (end) x

And I have a mallard.

Meth, same here. Have a duck and milk. Haven't any ideas.

Hi Graymalk, we can need any helping hand here!

What about that A -> Z hint? The letters/numbers from the LAWN puzzle don't work on the 10# hint, and there are only nine letters. What else could be sorted alphabetically?

Merit, IIRC I changed LAWN into numbers using code on green chair.

Yes, so did I but we need something which gives us ten numbers and we haven't used the AZ hint. There aren't too many puzzles without buttons, just the triangle colour thing and those ten numbers. So I think we'll have to sort either the colours or the numbers.

My English is not getting better...

I'll do the Mirchi now first, maybe that helps to refresh my brain.

Hi, watched the VW as I was stuck with you, so here's a spoiler for the 10 numbers:


No idea why though

OOps sorry, the last 2 numbers are 20

Hey Aridza, its numbers in alphabetical order. Thanks. I will resume the game if it lets me.

Items are rediculously hard to spot in this one.

Not working for me, Guess I never saw the A to Z hint. Can't remember. Do you know where it is Ariza?

The A to Z hint was near the logs on the ground in the nest and eggs scene

Thanks, I'd seen A-Z but not zoomed in.

Fifth egg, incubated by drake (!) gives triangles and my last blue button.

Flows easily to satisfied cat.

the numbers are not a-z as per hint on couch...!
it would be 2-5-9-1-6 etc. but that's not working... 8=W not A - just don't get it...

8-5-4-9-1 would be W-D-N-I-K & that's not in alphabeticall order...?!

& no zero 0 at hint, or is there another?
well, alas we will never know...

Eight, Five, Four etc Zero comes last AO

There must be some straightforward, foolproof method for getting these rotating puzzles right when just two buttons are out of position :(

I wasn't very clear there.

did you take the hint at couch in blue circle puzzle scene? if so A=2, D=5, I=9, but this d/w, but only aridza's spoiler
8-5-4-9-1 first row instead of

I'm going to grant myself an imaginary skip button and consider myself out.

Nothing to do with the couch AO, its just numbers 0 to 9 in alphabetical order.

sequence for this puzzle is about 2.5 minutes long in VWT...

2.5 minutes for them probably means about 10 minutes for me :). I spent long enough in this charming garden as it is.

ah, now penny dropped, thx meth ☺

Eight, Five, Four, etc. Zero as last

first letters

can't be bothered to do that blue circle puzzle atm - probably bbl to officially cheat with the VWT ;-P

couldn't work in peace, so solved the blue circle in a jiffy, without VWT btw, wasn't that hard ☻

gives grass cutter for forelast scene most right for pattern symbol hint

symbol puzzle gives last plant pot, gives

bowl for milk for cat, gives key for pipe scene, gives

2 bones for dog, gives

hint for green puzzle

but I really have to work now - CU ☺

well, took a work break & done the green puzzle, but after several tries in vain & even by following the VWT step by step (otherwise I would be still on it for sure) it was a real PITA...!
thx ppl for your hints & the nice teamwork & 8G for yet another fine game ☺
(as you know, I don't like sliders at all...)

Green puzzle (I used the walkthrough), if I remember correctly, is quite simple.
Imagine the dots to spin as number on phone:
Spin 123 654 789 or similar. That's all.

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